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Advanced Guide to Evil Fuzzles From Beyond the Stars

by aquariss


SPACE STATION - You must be wondering why I am starting on a guide for a game that has been out for so long already. Well, a guide can never be too old, right? You will be glad that I am sharing my advice on this game which earned me a gold trophy. It is possible for you too to get the golden trophy if you practice enough and follow my steps. However, I must apologize that I do not know how to get a higher score such as those around 4000 points on the high scores boards. But this guide alone will be able to aid you in earning a shiny golden trophy like me.

To start off, I shall explain a bit about the game.


*KABOOM* *BANG* - Mutant Fuzzles are attacking the Virtupets Space Station!!! You play Zygorax, a third class maintenance worker responsible for waste disposal... but instead of Neocola cans and juppie stalks, today you have to dispose of something far far scarier...

Hop inside your X-Scrub 4000 Walker Bot and patrol the outside of the space station, using your laser cannons to shoot the enemies. Earn points for each kill, and spend these at the end of each level to upgrade your walker.

Basic Instructions:

Playing as Zygorax, the game guides you to walk towards your space station. You will encounter mutant fuzzles and mines along the way. The objective of the game is to clear these enemies and shoot them with your laser cannon. Once your target is in range, just click to fire a shot. The objective is to protect your health from the enemies and reach home safely. If your health goes to 0 before you reach back, GAME OVER! The distance you are away from the station is indicated in the top left hand corner.

There are a total of 8 stages. The score you will need to get a gold trophy at least is usually 1999.

Steps to achieve a score of 1999.

When I first started the game, I was trying my best to find the best combination and to make full use of the weapons sold. In the beginning, my highest scores were less than 1000 points. I had no idea how everyone was getting points higher than that. So after numerous practices, I came up with the following steps to guide you in buying of the weapons and maximizing the scores.

Step 1

Start the game in the lowest quality and the smallest size that you are comfortable with. This is to aid the game’s speed in producing enemies so that you can kill more and get more points. You must be thinking “YOU ARE CRAZY! THAT SPEED IS INHUMAN!” At first I thought so too, to juggle myself between the mines, enemies and my health points and the FAST approaching fuzzles. But I realized that this was not a problem if proper planning was done for the game. You will see what I mean.

Step 2 (Optional)

Switch off the sound if you find it distracting.

Step 3

Start the game. Click on all the mutant fuzzles and IGNORE all mines. The aim of this step is to be as fast as possible and ACCURACY is a MUST. As a guide, you should try to kill around 40 mutant fuzzles on level 1. If you can’t reach anywhere near that, that means either you are too slow or your computer is not fast enough.

Also, remember to only click the bonus point button after every 10 fuzzles. This will give the bonus points of 10*3 instead of the usual 10*2. When you are approaching the station, kill another 6 fuzzles and click on the bonus button. If you are fast enough, 8 is a good number too.

***Point to note here. Notice that fuzzles appears in pairs. To facilitate counting, you should click on the bonus points after 5 pairs. You can also accumulate until 10 or more pairs, but I would suggest every 5 as a good habit.

Step 4

In the first visit to the shop, upgrade your Mega Gun up 1 level and maximize your Hull. The rest are not important yet to what I feel. Note again here that these steps are just my opinions and are not guaranteed the best steps. But it is good enough a guideline to hit 1999 points.

Step 5

Still ignoring the mines, hit the fuzzles for speed and accuracy. If you are hitting the mines too, it would slow down the killing of fuzzles. A fuzzle is worth 4 points while a mine costs 1 point. So of course we should kill more fuzzles! Anyway, do not worry about your health yet. Unless your computer can go a lot faster than what my Pentium 4 does, I highly doubt that you will be killed before I tell you to start buying shields.

Step 6

Repeat step 4 and 5 until you finish level 5. The cost of upgrading your gun should be 250 now. Here, you should buy at least 3 shields and activate one in the beginning of the game. Once it is used up, click on the next shield and continue playing as usual. Just remember to always ignore the mines.

Step 7

Since you cannot buy any more guns from now on, start buying shields, hulls and repair droid. Also as a gauge, you should hit around 1.7 to 1.8k points at the ending of level 7.

Step 8

Start calculating how many points more you will need from 1999. Remember this number and also the number that you need -40. Note that you may need a few stun bombs and shields here.

E.g. I have 1800 points now. I need 199 points more. So while killing the fuzzles with the bonus points after every 5 pairs, I start to kill the fuzzles slower at a score of 1959 and below. This is because 10 fuzzles with the bonus points can earn 40 points. We wouldn’t want to exceed on these points. So from there, we can start to kill fuzzles and even mines 1 by 1 or even with the *2 bonus points. Once you reach 1999, stop killing any more enemies. Using your shields to block all enemies and bombs will help too since they will not add on to the points accumulated.

Last note

This is how I got my score of 1999. There may be other versions around, but my basic theory is to ignore mines and concentrate on the fuzzles. Also, I only start stocking up after level 5 as before that there’s no need for them. Practicing will eventually get you a score of 2k and above easily.

However, just to aim for the trophy, you should play the game on the 1st of the month when the scores reset. A score of 1999 will guarantee you a trophy. Also, try to submit the scores as close to 4:30 am NST as possible.

Last but not least, good luck for the game! Now get moving to kill those evil fuzzles~

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