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He Stole IT!

by uniepuppy225


Kayla, the green Wocky, squinted as the sun shone through the window. Happily, she smiled and hopped out of bed. Today was another beautiful day. Quickly, she scurried to her closet across the room. She picked out a spiffy pink shirt with a blue flowery skirt. Humming, she skipped to her dresser which was covered in cookie stickers. She opened the drawer right at her waist level and peered inside. Still humming, she searched for her favorite pair of socks. After searching her whole drawer, she was only able to find one sock of the pair. Frantically, she began to toss all of her socks everywhere. She wasn't interested in her yellow, pink, purple, blue, or orange socks. Nor was she interested in her polka-dotted or striped socks. She didn't even bother to notice her white faerie or green Mortog. The only socks she wanted to wear today were her favorite pair of Cookie socks. However, one sock had seemingly disappeared and would never be found ever again.

     The green Wocky sat in the middle of her room with all of her socks sprawled all around her. When all seemed lost, she quickly thought of who would be the obvious criminal. Angrily, she stomped to her brother's room.

     "Where is it!?!" she demanded as she slammed his door. "I know you have it!"

     "Have what?" asked an Electric Wocky as he tied his shoelace, "And why do you only have one sock on?"

     Kayla crossed her arms and scowled, "I'm not stupid! I know you have it! Give me back my sock!"

     "Um, yeah. Whatever, munchkin." Seth pushed her head to the side as he passed to leave his room.

     Kayla sadly walked back to her room. She knew he had it, but how would she prove it? "What are we going to do?" she asked her petpet Angelpuss, Mr. Squiggles.

     His answer was nothing but the flicking of his food pellets. As if a light bulb had gone off in Kayla's head, she had just received a brilliant plan. Hurriedly, from out of her closet she grabbed a detective hat from her Halloween costume. Now, she was ready. One way or another, she was going to prove her brother guilty. Her first stop was the bathroom.

     Entering the bathroom was a whole new experience. The laundry hamper had now become a long, dark, and cold chute that led to the end where Seth's pet clothes monster hung out to eat all of Kayla's clothes. Though she was scared, Kayla had to be fearless. Taking a deep breath, the green Wocky dove in head first. Thus, her search began again.

     She moved aside Seth's fire boxers and her blue Tooth Faerie socks to get deeper and deeper into each layer of the monster's breakfast. She was making progress until the door slowly creaked open.

     "Kayla!" Seth exclaimed as he pulled her feet first out of the laundry hamper. "What the heck are you doing?"

     "Searching for clues!" she exclaimed.

     Seth rolled his eyes and shoved her out the door.

     "Sus-pi-cious," Kayla said as she walked on to the living room.

     She needed more clues to prove Seth was guilty. Better yet, she needed a witness. Kayla skipped over to the sofa and plopped on the sofa right by an electric Wocky. "Hi, Daddy!" Kayla greeted him. "Guess what?"

     "What, Kayla?"

     "Seth stole my Cookie socks, and he won't give them back."

     Dad folded his paper and placed it on his lap. "Can you prove he stole it?" He raised his eyebrow.

     "Yes, because he denied it. Besides, you're the man of the house. You can prove he's guilty."

     Dad lifted the paper and shoved his nose in to continue his reading. "Kayla, there are better things in life than socks."

     Kayla moaned as she headed to the kitchen to eat breakfast. When she had seen her favourite cereal, Faerie Flakes, on top of the refrigerator, her stomach began to rumble. Unfortunately, she was still too short for a young Wocky and could not reach the top. Quickly, she glanced around the room looking at her resources: the trashcan, a stool, Seth's beach ball- a stool! Kayla used all her strength to move the medium sized stool over to the refrigerator. Though it wobbled, she was able to climb on top of the stool. After a few good seconds, Kayla was finally able to stand up on the stool. No matter how hard she tried, not even her full height could help her to reach the cereal box. When she stood on her tip-toes, the stool began to shake like an earthquake. A scary shiver was sent through Wocky's spine. She felt as if she was falling; falling so far and deep into a pit so below that only the hard wood floor would break her fall and split her in two.

     As if in the nick-of-time, Seth picked her up by the waist and grabbed the cereal box with his other free hand. The stool crashed sending sound waves throughout the trailer.

     "Kayla!" Mom sighed inrelief as Dad went back to reading his paper.

     Seth shook his head as he handed Kayla the box. Mom grabbed a bowl and the milk from the refrigerator with a spoon from the drawer and laid them on the table in front of Kayla. "Kayla, sweetie, can you be a good little girl for an hour?"

     "Yes, ma'am," agreed Kayla as she poured the cereal into the heart-shaped Valentine bowl. Slowly, she began to munch on the flakes. Somehow, she would prove her brother guilty.

     After breakfast, she entered her parents' room where Mom was exercising with her petpet Faellie, Jumpy.

     "Mom, if you were a boy, where would you put a Cookie sock?"

     "In the trash is where your father would put it."

     "Yeah, but where would Seth put it?"

     "Seth wouldn't move it, sweetie. It's just probably misplaced."

     Kayla sulked out of the room. Passing by the laundry room, she noticed a white mesh laundry bag. This had given her another grand idea as an evil sneer grew slowly on her face.

     According to plan, she would make Seth confess. The lights were off as she quietly stood on his night stand with the mesh bag over her head. She remained quiet as Seth entered the room. As soon as the light switch was flicked, Kayla sprang onto the top of his shoulders. She covered his head and dragged the Wocky to the ground.

     From the mesh bag, she could hear Seth's muffled voice, "Kay, 'et off me!"

     "Kayla!" Dad hollered as he threw the door open. "Go to your room, now!"

     "He… he-"


     Depressed, the younger Wocky released her grip on Seth's head and scuffled her feet to her room.

     Dad demanded, "And clean this mess up!"

     Unwillingly, Kayla picked up all of her socks and rearranged them in color order neatly into the middle drawer of her cookie covered dresser. Kayla sighed as she collapsed on her bed. She watched Mr. Squiggles sleep in his colorful petbed. Too bad she couldn't sleep right now.

     "Kayla, dear, I found this behind the sofa," Mom said as she waved the long-lost Cookie sock in front of the doorway.

     "Yay!" Kayla exclaimed happily as she sprang from her bed. Her smile continued to grow as she pulled the sock on. She wiggled her feet to show her joy.

     Though she was filled with glee, her sadness seemed two times more elaborate as it began to overshadow her heart. She had thought that Seth was always the one who would steal beloved things. It turned out she was the one who was very and obviously wrong. From Seth's room, she could hear his petpet Noil, Runner, jumping up and down all over. Kayla had to apologize whether he accepted it or not.

     Slowly and quietly, she tapped his door open centimeter by centimeter. Finally she decided to jump out in the open.

     "Whatcha doing?" she asked.

     "Playing with Runner," he replied.

     "Can I play, too?" Kayla asked. Mr. Squiggles pulled at her skirt and begged her to play with him. "And could Mr. Squiggles play, too?"


     Kayla's smile grew bigger once again. "And I'm sorry for blaming you for stealing my sock."

     "It's okay. Besides, I was going to take your Faerie socks the other day just to see how you were going to react."

     "Oh, really?" Kayla thought aloud. Now she knew his plan. She shook it off though. "Ok, as long as you give it back."


     Blissfully, Kayla bounced into Seth's bed and knelt near him. Even though she rarely did throw the beach ball for Runner to go fetch it, she knew her heart could rest easily. Thus, Kayla knew that she would always be Seth's little sister.

The End

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