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Zara and Belle

by fairyfloss_


Sunlight streamed through the window, casting a golden glow across Zara the Cybunny's face. Right in the middle of a big stretch and yawn, her eyes suddenly snapped open as she remembered today was the Neopian Central Show!

      Leaping out of bed, she dressed in a flash… her best friend Aylsie was showing her petpet Penny (a Hasee) and Zara was going to help her. Quickly, she pocketed the 250 NP she had been saving for the show and headed out the door.

      "Bye mum," she called as she closed the front door. She was eager to get to the showground to check out all the beautiful petpets at the petpet show. Her only wish was to have her very own petpet, but her mum could never afford to buy her one.

      Zara finally reached the show, and headed over to the area reserved for petpets. There were already a large number of petpets there. Slowly, she made her way over to Aylsie.

      "Hi Aylsie!" she called excitedly.

      "Zara! Hello," the Uni called back. "There's a Pink Kadoatie being raffled today. If you're quick, you could buy some tickets! I've already bought two for myself. Just imagine if you won…we could show them together!"

      Zara's heart gave an excited lurch. "How much are the tickets?"

      "They're only 250 NP each! Quick, go buy some!"

      Zara needed no further urging. She pulled the 250 NP out of her pocket. Buying a ticket would mean she wouldn't be able to get anything else all day, but if it meant at least one chance to own a petpet, then that was enough for her!

      She quickly made her way over to the booth where the raffle was being held and Zara's heart gave a second lurch that day. For there, in a rather roomy cage just to the side of the booth, was the most beautiful Pink Kadoatie she had ever seen! She had a huge big sash draped around her neck and just in front of her was a banner stating:

      "NEOPIAN CENTRAL SHOW PETPET RAFFLE -- Tickets 250 NP each".

      Just as Zara was going up to buy her ticket, Helena (a Wocky, who was the richest Neopet on this side of Neopia and who already had 14 beautiful petpets in her Safety Deposit Box), came away from the booth with a smirk.

      "Hi Zara, going to buy a ticket, are you? I've just bought 50, and there's only 200 tickets for sale," Helena said nastily.

      Zara ignored her and went up to the booth. "I'd like one ticket please," she said, handing over her 250 NP.

      The Kougra handed her back a ticket, which was number 194, then took down her name and Neohome Address.

      "There are only six tickets left now," he told her.

      Helena heard this, and rudely pushed Zara out of the way.

      "I'll take the last six tickets as well."

      Zara had a final look at the beautiful Kadoatie before hurrying back to Aylsie, her ticket tucked safely in her pocket. Zara was kept busy all morning, helping Aylsie get Penny ready for each event. Penny and Aylsie had done extremely well, placing second to Helena and her Angelpuss, Bronte, in two of their events.

      "They think they're SO great, don't they, always winning everything? For once I'd like to see them come second!" grumbled Aylsie, as Bronte and Helena walked off with yet another first.

      "Knowing our luck, Helena will win the raffle as well. She did buy 56 tickets!" said Zara with a scowl.

      "Well, it's lunch break, so let's go and have another look at that beautiful Kadoatie before Helena gets her paws on it," said Aylsie, as she put her arm through Zara's.

      The rest of the afternoon passed with both girls having tremendous fun. Aylsie had persuaded Zara to take turns taking Penny in some of the games.

      "Next up is the 'Obstacle Race'. You can take Penny in that if you want."

      "Okay…sure," said Zara, as she went to wait with her age group.

      There were 3 other groups before Zara's, so she had to wait a while, but soon it was their turn.

      "Ready…Set…GO!" shouted the Air Faerie at the starting line. Zara, Penny and about 18 other competitors raced towards their first obstacle. They had to go over the log, under the tarp, through the hoop and back again. But as Zara and Penny were coming back, Zara tripped over the log, and went sailing over the finish line. There was a loud 'crack', as she hit the ground, landing on her paw. Everyone gasped and ran over to where she lay.

      "Zara, Zara…are you alright?" Aylsie screamed, as both Aylsie and Aylsie's mother rushed up beside her.

      "I…I d-don't think so," she stammered. Aylsie's mum quickly examined her paw. "You'll need to go to the hospital, love; I'm pretty sure it's broken."

      As soon as Zara heard this, she passed out cold. By this time, an ambulance had arrived to take her to the Neopian Hospital to have her paw checked.

      When Zara came to, she was lying on a bed in the Neo Hospital Emergency Ward, with her paw in plaster. Her mum and her older sister were sitting by her bed, along with Aylsie and her mum.

      "Hello sleepy-head," her mum said. "How are you feeling?"

      "A bit sore, and my arm aches, but other then that, fine." She stared up at everyone.

      "Now we need to get back to the show to pick up Penny. Some friends said they would watch her while we were here with you," Aylsie said. "Would you like to come back with us? We can drop you back home after."

      Zara quickly asked her mum if it was okay, before climbing off the bed to go with Aylsie back to the show.

      "I'll bet Helena's won the raffle, and is bragging about it. Imagine how painful she'll be at school on Monday. Urgh!" Aylsie told Zara as the pulled up at the show grounds.

      Zara waited around the corner while Aylsie and her mum put Penny in her cage. Suddenly there was a loud shriek, followed by excited screams and laughter.

      Zara wondered what was happening, but before she could do anything, Aylsie was next to her, pulling her around the corner. Zara noted the huge grin on Aylsie's face, and her heart sank. Oh no! I bet Aylsie's won the petpet raffle! I should be happy for her but I feel so disappointed…still, I better put on a smile. After all, she is my best friend.

      "What's up, Aylsie?" asked Zara, as she pushed open the door.

      "I've got something to show you," she said excitedly. "Come on!"

      Zara walked carefully around the corner and followed Aylsie. Sitting there was the beautiful Pink Kadoatie from the raffle. Zara stifled a sob, and threw her good paw around Aylsie.

      "Congratulations…you won, Aylsie!" Zara told her. Aylsie laughed, but with a strange look on her face. "No… I didn't."

      "But…I heard the laughing and…well, figured you must have won the Kadoatie…" Zara said with a frown.

      But before Aylsie could say anything, the Kougra from the ticket booth cleared his throat, "Excuse me, but aren't you Zara? With ticket number 194?"

      "Y- y- yes," Zara stammered, her heart now hammering.

      "Well congratulations! You're the lucky winner of the Neopia Central Petpet Show Raffle!" He gave her a quick hug, and gave her the cage with the mewing Kadoatie inside.

      "Her name's Belle. Have fun!"

      Zara could only gaze in wonder at her beautiful petpet, while everyone cheered.

The End

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