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A New Sitting Service

by falcontwins


Lenord the Lenny was as bored as a blue Lenny could be. He had done literally everything such as reading books, playing at the game room, gone shopping, and many other things Neopia had to offer.

      His boredom consumed the most of night, so at about 9:00 p.m., he decided to go on a walk to the Neopian Park. The wind was blowing slightly, with a full moon lighting the way. You could hear the laughter of late night Korbats flying around playing tag.

      There were many Neopets walking their petpets. One Lupe was running after his Mummy Baby, trying to catch him.

      "Come back here, Hezuz!" he yelled. "Don't run away from me; we have to go to the Food Shop! Man, I wish there was a petpet sitting service that didn't charge such a hefty fee."

      This gave Lenord the Lenny a great idea; he was going to start a new petpet service!

      "I could do it," he said to the Lupe as he stopped, bending over panting for breath. "I could sit your little Mummy Baby."

      "What, oh, thank you, but I'm not sure anybody could handle him...I barely can!" He stood over and put his hands over his head. "Come on, Hezuz."

      "Wait, can you at least let me try? It will be free if you don't think I did a good job." This made the Lupe's ears perk up.

      "Free? Interesting...but how much will it cost otherwise?" He had a stern look on his face. He didn't want an outrageous price.

      "Well, however much you think I deserve."

      "Hm, good price." He smiled and chuckled softly. "Okay, Lenord, you have a deal. He will be over tomorrow at three, while I am at the Games Room, playing Ultimate Bullseye and and many other games, so he can have some toys."

      "Okay, I'll be ready."


      It was 2:30 the next day, so Lenord began getting ready for his company. He prepared some snacks, dusted his bookshelf so the little guy wouldn't sneeze, and fluffed up the pillows for when they got sleepy.

      It was 2:45 now. Ding. The chocolate cookies were ready. He reached into the oven, pulled out the cookies, and the aroma filled the room.

      Ding dong.

      Hezuz was here. Lenord walked to the door, still wearing his apron and the pan of hot, fresh cookies in his hand.

      "I am so sorry we are early. It took me less time than I expected to get here." He smiled and ushered Hezuz in.

      "Welcome, and how are you?" Hezuz ran off behind the couch. "Oh, don't be shy, I won't hurt you. See? I have fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for you!"

      Hezuz slowly made his way to the cookies, sniffing the air on the way. He stuck out his little paw, grabbed a handful, started munching away, and scampered back behind the couch.

      "Have a nice time, Hezuz," said his owner. He walked out the door shutting it behind him on his way out.

      "So, what do you want to do first, little guy?" asked Lenord. "Hmm...what should we do?"

      He walked out from behind the couch, looked up at Lenord the Lenny, put his paw on Lenord's leg, and yelled "TAG! You're it!" He ran off through Lenord's legs and ran off into the kitchen.

      "Oh, you got me! You better run, here I come!" Lenord ran after him into the kitchen and started looking around. While searching for him, he heard some snickering from behind the new stove, still moderately warm from baking the cookies.

      "There you are!" Hezuz gasped, then ran off into the living room again, and climbed on the couch, and fell asleep.

      "Wow, he falls asleep quick," stated Lenord the Lenny. "I guess I could do for a quick siesta, too."


      Ding dong. Lenord awoke with a start. Wow, five o' clock already! What fun was this...asleep after 15 minutes!

      "How was Mr. Lenord?" the Lupe asked Hezuz.

      Hezuz nodded his head and dozed back off.

      "I guess he liked you, otherwise he would have cried the entire time, but as I can see, you wore him out, good job! Here is 1,000 Neopoints for your time."

      "Thank you very much. If you can, can you tell your friends about me? I'd appreciate it ever so much."

      "I will do. Come on, Hezuz." He didn't move. The Lupe walked over there and put him on his back. "Too tired to walk, isn't that cute?" The Lupe chuckled softly as he walked out the door.

      "Wow, so fun."


      Two weeks later, business was booming. Lenord the Lenny had over 20 petpets to take care of, each owner giving him between 1,000 and 5,000 Neopoints.

      They all played many games, including Grarrl, Grarrl, Skeith! All the petpets loved Mr. Lenord, the name was what they all called him, and it made him feel good.

      It was 5:00, time for all the petpets to be picked up. One by one the Neopets picked them up, until only one owner was left.

      "I'm here to pick up my Kadoatie," said a very beautiful Neopet, a Faerie Acara. "Well, where is she?"

      Lenord the Lenny looked around, not finding the Kadoatie anywhere. "Oh, my! I can't seem to find her!" Lenord looked around frantically, looking in every nook and cranny, but still not finding her. "She must've walked out when the other petpets were leaving. I'm so sorry!"

      "Humph. See if you ever get my business again, or anyone else's!"

      The Faerie Acara walked through the door, slamming it on the way out.

      Lenord the Lenny was devastated; he had lost his heartfelt business. The business he put everything into. The business he loved. The business that kept him from being bored.


      Lenord the Lenny turned around and saw the Kadoatie standing there, with toilet paper sticking to its little paw.

      "Oh, you were just in the bathroom! We must get you home!'

      Lenord the Lenny ran out the door, Kadoatie in hand, and ran after the Acara.

      "Wait!" he screamed, "I've found her!"

      The Acara was nowhere to be found. He went knocking on every door, Neopets ranging from Aishas to Xweetoks, not finding her anywhere.

      Finally, Lenord the Lenny saw a huge Neohome, three stories high. He had seen this before, but was afraid to get near it because of the "Beware of Anubis" sign hanging on the gate.

      He walked up to it and pressed a little button.

      "Yes?" a voice on the other line said.

      "Did you have a Kadoatie at Lenord the Lenny Sitting Services?" he asked.

      "Yes, why? Are you that wretched Lenny?"

      "I'm the Lenny, but not wretched. I've found your Kadoatie; she was in the bathroom! That is all. She didn't run away!"

      "Hmm, come in. Bring her to me."

      The gates opened all by themselves, leading Lenord the Lenny up a stone walkway.

      When he reached the door, Lenord saw a figure in the doorway, the Faerie Acara.

      "Here she is, ma'am. Home safe and sound."

      The Kadoatie walked up to her owner and jumped into her arms.

      "Thank you so very much! I love you, Miss puss, yes I do! I'm won't tell anyone about this, but I'm not going to pay you either; you need to keep better watch of your petpets."

      "Yes, ma'am. Thank you very much."


      The Lenord the Lenny Sitting Services became a franchise, leading the way in petpet care. Lenord the Lenny ended up being a very famous petpet sitter, and no one ever found out the case of the missing Kadoatie.

The End

Thanks for reading! I hope many more stories come! :D

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