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Random Contests We Hope to Not See

by silentbutterfly


Also by seth_z

Each week (or every other week, depending on the contest) we look forward to seeing what the random contest is. Normally, the time goes by too quickly with us thinking of ideas, trying to figure out the brightest and best ideas we could in order to win. However, we usually spend too much time doing that and aren't able to devote enough time to actually completing the projects to enter, but we do enjoy viewing the winning contest entries. There are some really creative people in Neopia, and it must be really hard going through all the great entries to find the winners!

We will continue to enjoy the winning contest entries (and thinking of entries that are never worked on and submitted. At least we can dream, right?) provided that Neopets doesn't decide any of these to be the next contest theme. They aren't in any particular order, just things we know we hope to not see how well our fellow Neopians would do with them. Ok, maybe we would out of curiosity, but these are not ones we would participate in.

1) Dung Sculptures – There is too much dung in Neopia already. You can find it in fields, decorate your neohome with it, paint your pet’s petpet dung, and should you even be daring enough, you can even eat it with a wide range of dung delicacies. But would you want it to be art as well? Not only that, would you want to be known as the first place dung artist? That would be one we’d pass up for even brainstorming, but stranger things have happened in Neopia.

2) Neohome Expansions - They are the pride and joy of some Neopians, with hard work, careful planning, and a whole lot of neopoints. We sometimes question the sanity of those who build homes out of straw and feel the need to secure it with Satellite Security, but at least you’d know the straw was protected. But what’s next? Owning neohomes that cover several plots? Or the ability to own one 1,000 stories tall? Not only would that be expensive, but you’d need more furniture than what was moved during the Lost Desert Plot. Hmm… maybe that’s why all the furniture was being taken?

3) Filling in the Anubis Toxicology Reports – Speaking of the Lost Desert Plot, if you did it, and like us didn’t notice the painted toenails, you had more than your fair share of this place. But what knowledge did these scrolls hold that they needed such a big section of the temple? Our pets got a glimpse with some of the prizes for the plot – but only the abridged version. Can you imagine what could actually go in these things? The possibilities are endless, though hopefully we won’t have to think of some of them.

4) Scents (perfume) - We've made some of the foods of Neopia, the smells of Neopia could be next. Could you make Super Shiny Shampoo? How would it smell? And how would you make it super shiny? Or Skunk perfume? Would you like to get a free sample of that in the next Neopian magazine? Perhaps you could also let us know what a Feepit Petpet Bath Bucket smells like, though we aren't sure if that is before or after the feepit takes a bath. Finally, you could let us know about Baby Aisha Bubble Bath. However, we might want to know what a baby Aisha smells like, but we don't want to know if baby Aisha bubble bath is really made from baby Aishas.

5) A New Toy For Your Pet! – Let’s face it, you can find just about anything your pet could desire, but after a while what do you hear? They are bored! Can you believe that? A whole Safety Deposit Box full of toys and treasures, their own neohome, a petpet, petpetpet, etc, etc, and they are bored. Is there anything in all of Neopia that could keep our pets happy for more than a few weeks? Maybe that’s up to you. We’ll just keep rotating the toys and hope our pets don’t notice.

6) Neopian Book of World Records – Some facts about Neopets are exciting to know, such as the world’s biggest omelette, or the magic of the wishing well, how many of each pet there is, who won the biggest lottery jackpot, or who was the unluckiest with the Tax Beast. However, with all the possibilities out there, there’s too much room for record abuse. Some examples: who can eat the most Hot Worm Hot Dogs in 5 minutes? Who has the largest collection of broken toy sailboats? Which Neopet has played with the most toys? How many of each petpet is there? See how this could get more than a little crazy?

7) Neopian Fashion! – Sure, you might look “Faboo!” to the Uni shopkeeper who is selling you the products from her shop, but trust us, the huge yellow and blue bow tie is a fashion no-no. It may be time to update some of the fashions we allow our pets to wear, but with so many different styles, it would be hard to consider standards, let alone designing them all! How would you come up with a solution for the Ruki who has 4 legs instead of two? Or special denims for the short large footed Jubjubs that would go over their feet? Royalty shouldn’t be the only ones who get to dress up, right? Or maybe they do for a reason?

8) Cooking Pot Recycling Suggestions – It may only be us, but have you ever wondered what happens to an item when you discard it? Where does it go? What if you could take those discarded items and make them into something really spiffy – with the help of the Cooking Pot! Maybe some real valuable items could come from those freebies no one wants. We just hoard them in our safety deposit box (packratters of Neopia Unite!) What would you do? Make some art or just find another item to discard?

That’s our list of random contests we hope to never see, and we hope by submitting this we aren’t given anyone any ideas. But while you’re reading this, why not check out the current random contest. We promise the idea will be a lot better than any we listed here. Have some fun with your pet, and maybe we’ll see you listed among the winners next time!

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