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Hannah and the Pirate Boy: Curse of the Medallion - Part Seven

by lldff


Garin swam as hard as he could against the strong currents. His mind was only focused on Hannah. He had to make it to her.

     Finally, he managed to grab a hold of her. Her face looked incredibly pale and the scar on her arm was flashing. "Hannah," he shouted over the rushing of the raging waters.

     She opened her eyes to slits. "Garin," she groaned. "My whole body hurts."

     "You're going to be okay," Garin said firmly. "You'll make it."

     He braced himself as they were swept away by another current. He looked around. Everyone was suffering. They were trying to make it back to their homes, but they were all being spun away.

     Garin looked up at Scarblade. He was still laughing insanely. The power was overtaking him. Galem and his thieves had been tricked. They were now also Scarblade's prey.

     He has to be stopped, Garin thought, frowning in determination. But I can't leave Hannah.

     Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice. "Garin!" Isca swam up to him. "Thank goodness you're okay."

     "Yeah, great. Watch Hannah for me," he said, more of an order than a request. He handed the Usul over to Isca.

     "But Garin, where are you going?" she shouted as he started to swim away.

     "To stop Scarblade," he grumbled. Isca's mouth flew open.

     Scarblade watched the chaos with glee. "Finally, my dream of ruling Neopia has come true. The entire planet has fallen into storms. Storms that only I can control. I will make everyone obey me. Then..."

     Before he could say anything else, he was suddenly hit from behind. He whirled around furiously.

     "You know, bad guys need to learn not to talk so much," Garin said, baring his teeth.

     "This is the last time you with foil me, boy!" Scarblade barked and drew his own sword. Garin braced himself for the fight of his life.

     The Lupe came at him without using even an ounce of his strength. Yet Garin's arms vibrated with the contact. He puffed for breath and tried to push up on Scarblade's sword. But in the water, he was powerless over the pirate.

     Scarblade took a swipe and Garin, but he swam out of the way. Then he came back to attack from behind. Unfortunately, the Lupe was faster and batted Garin away with his fist. That was followed by a quick slash with his sword.

     Garin felt a stinging pain on his arm. Instinctively, he clutched his hand over the wound. Scarblade's sword then passed right under his arm, barely missing his side. Garin took a fast swing with his own blade, trying to faze the Lupe, but he only managed to slice his hat.

     Scarblade laughed. "Give up, boy. There's no way you can beat me. I am supreme ruler of Neopia."

     Garin gulped. He didn't have a comeback line for that.

     "I'm sick of playing with you," Scarblade grumbled. He stabbed with his blade, and Garin barely had enough time to swim out of the way. The next thing he knew, Scarblade had grabbed the two earrings in his ear and yanked them out.

     Garin let out a cry. But Scarblade wasn't done yet. He reached forward and pulled Garin's bandana down over his eyes. The Usul pirate struggled to clear his vision. Scarblade lifted a leg and kicked Garin in the chest with his heavy boot. All of the air left Garin's lungs as he was hurtled backwards.

     Scarblade reared up and pulled his sword back, ready to stab his opponent and end the fight. But then, Garin's fighting instincts kicked in. He brought his Maractite dagger up and stopped the blow from happening.

     With his bandana still covering his eyes, Garin stabbed forward for his very last attempt to hit Scarblade. He felt a shudder and pulled his bandana up. His sword had pierced right through the medallion. The red light was being sucked back into it and the raging ocean was calming.

     "What!" Scarblade shrieked. "NO!! This can't be happening!" he screamed.

     Garin held his breath in terror as Scarblade's body started to shiver. The green Lupe started to sink to the bottom of the ocean. He locked eyes with Garin. "You'll pay," he whispered evilly, sending a chill up Garin's spine. Then the pirate disappeared.

     Garin heaved a sigh, cringing from the ache in his chest. His ear was throbbing and his arm hurt. But it was worth it, Scarblade was beaten, and Neopia was free.

     Isca swam towards him, bringing Hannah forward. She had and arm over Isca's shoulders. Jacques came close behind them. Garin smiled when he saw Hannah looking healthier.

     "I'm so glad you're alright," he sighed.

     "Thanks to you," Hannah said.

     Isca and Garin locked eyes. "Garin," she said slowly. "You've saved us again."

     "Well, it was nothing...."

     "But it wasn't just us. You've saved all of Neopia. You're a hero." Isca beamed.

     Garin grimaced. "Hero isn't the kind of title I'd like. I've got a ship to repair and a crew to maintain... so I guess I can't stick around and play hero for you right now. All I know is that my worst enemy is gone."

     "For now anyway," added Jacques. "He'll be back."

     Garin narrowed his eyes and shot Jacques a look. "Oh, be quiet. I'd like to feel good for at least five minutes here."

     They all laughed. Garin smiled but noticed that it was becoming harder to breathe.

     Isca noticed and said, "We'd better get you three back to the surface before your air runs out."

     "I like that plan." Jacques smiled. They all flailed their arms and legs and started to rise towards the top of the water.

     When they broke through the surface, they were met with a bright blue sky, white clouds, a shining sun, and a cool breeze.

     Garin and Jacques inhaled. "It's good to be smelling this again," Jacques said, closing his eyes.

     "Mmm, hmm." Garin sucked a fresh breath into his lungs.

     "So, I'm guessing that you two are now going to go back to your old, horrible ways and take to the seas again, huh?" Isca sighed.

     "You know it," Jacques said enthusiastically.

     "You had to ask?" Garin raised an eyebrow.

     Hannah stayed silent and listened to the two pirates bicker with Isca. She would miss them, and she hated to admit that. This was the first time in her life that she looked at pirates different. There were bad pirates... and then there were good pirates... if you could call them good.

     But deep inside, she knew she had to go back to her home in Terror Mountain. She missed Armin and Kanrik greatly. But then again, she wished she could stay.


    Hannah and Garin walked silently through the streets of Scurvy Island. Hannah was prepared to leave. Anji was waiting back at the inn. Jacques was at the harbor, where the Black Pawkeet and his fellow mates were.

     Garin shoved his hands in his pockets, kicking a rock with his foot as he walked. Hannah folded her arms and stared at the ground.

     "So, what'll you do when you go back?" Garin asked quietly.

     "Well, I don't know. Wait for someone who needs my help to call, I guess." She shrugged.

     "You could stay here and catch the 'bad' pirates." Garin grinned.

     "I don't think so." Hannah shook her head. "I miss my home and my friends. Terror Mountain is my home. I don't think I could ever live here."

     "Oh." Garin sighed.

     "Say, thanks for saving my life," Hannah said, glancing over at him.

     "No problem. Just please, don't call me a hero."

     "Okay," she giggled. Silence took them. "Well, I guess I'd better head back then. Anji will be getting restless."

     "Alright then. I'll see you around, Hannah." Garin turned to her.

     "I don't know Garin. I doubt I'll ever come back." That made Garin shut his mouth.

     Suddenly, a small gasp came from in front of them. They both jerked their heads around and saw a young Usul standing in from of them. He had blond hair and was staring up at them with big green eyes. Garin eyed the little toy sword in the kid's paw.

     "You're Garin, aren't you?" the little Usul squeaked.

     "Uh, yeah," he said awkwardly. "You've heard of me?"

     For a moment, the little Usul's face was almost showered with anger. But he managed to keep a straight face. "Yeah," he grumbled and tucked his sword under his arm. Then he strode away.

     Garin and Hannah watched him leave. "That was odd," Hannah remarked. Garin nodded in agreement. "Well." Hannah turned to him. "I guess this is goodbye." Before Garin could say anything, she had given him a big hug.

     "I'll see you... uh, I mean, I guess you'll have to keep in touch."

     "Yeah." Hannah smiled. "Don't get into too much trouble or I just might have to come back."

     "Don't worry." Garin grinned back. "I'll be good."

     They stood for a moment before Hannah gave an awkward wave and turned to leave. Garin watched her go, feeling himself hurting. With Isca, it was different. He could see her whenever he wanted to. All he had to do was swim to Maraqua. But he might never see Hannah again. He didn't have that many friends, so it was hard to see one leave.

     Garin shook his head. Did he really consider Hannah as one of his 'friends'? But inside, he knew the answer.

     Just then, a thought hit him. Hannah was still wearing his seaweed necklace. Oh well. He shrugged. He didn't care. Then Garin looked the other direction. The sight of the young Usul, starting straight at him caused him to frown. In a split second, the kid was gone. Garin scratched his head and put a hand on his dagger.

     The Usul knew more than Garin or Hannah ever thought possible. He knew things... things that he could have only learned from one source....

The End

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