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Mint Madness!

by lurking_and_giving


Mint is cool, refreshing, and revitalizing! No Neopet nor its owner should go without mint! But what do you think of when you think of mint? Your mint toothpaste? Or those after-dinner mints the restaurants give you? Mint is much, much, much more than that! Mint can be created into delicious, luscious foods that will keep you going for days! Inspired by my gallery, Mintopia, which contains almost every single mint item in Neopia, I've gathered the Top 10 Minty Items in Neopia to show you why they're so special! So take a look at the most scrumptious, exquisite, and delectable mint items in Neopia and head over to the shops to get them for yourself! It's minty-licious!

Top 10 Minty Items!

10. Minty Chomby Lolly

On the go? No problem! Just grab a Minty Chomby Lolly and all your mint cravings will go away! What's better then something yummy on a stick? Your tongue will go on a joy ride when it first licks this lolly. Hey, why don't you see how many licks it takes to get into the center of a Minty Chomby Lolly? What's at the center, you ask? Why, minty filling of course!

9. Choco Mint Rock Stick

Who says you can't eat rocks? This Choco Mint Rock Stick will knock you off your socks! Chocolate and minty mixed together equals heaven. Handy to stick into your pocket or tuck behind your ear, this Choco Mint Rock Stick will keep you happy and content for hours at a time! Mmm... I can almost taste the minty chocolaty-ness of this rock... I don't ever want to hear that rocks don't taste good anymore!

8. Minty Flotsam Day Shake

What's better on a hot summer day than a cold, refreshing, minty shake? After a hard day's play, cooling down with a Minty Flotsam Day Shake is easy and fun. You'll definitely feel grateful after taking a swig of this shake. Cool and refreshing, this Minty Flotsam Day Shake will re-energize you to go out and play some more! This unusual, yet unique flavor of shake is great to share with friends! Just bursting with minty flavor, you won't want to put this shake down until it's all gone-'till the very last drop!

7. Mint Skeith Iced Bun

I don't know about you, but when I see a frosty, sweet bun, I want to gobble it up right away! This Mint Skeith Iced Bun is just begging to be eaten. Warm or cold, this iced bun is the answer to your cravings! Oozing with minty icing, you will be delighted when you take the first bite. Great to pack and share with your friends and family, this iced bun is perfect for those days when you just feel like lying back and chilling. Great for breakfast too! This Mint Skeith Iced Bun will give you that extra boost early in the morning that you've been waiting for! (Not to mention give you nice smelling breath... morning breath is not always the best thing!)

6. Mint Chocolate Chip Smore

Gather 'round! Gather 'round by the campfire! Have you even seen such a perfect smore in your life? The perfect temperature, this smore houses sticky, ooey, gooey melted marshmallow with a revitalizing mint chocolate chip flavor that makes any other type of camping food taste like dung! You will be licking off the strands of warm, melted marshmallow off your lips and scouring for the last crumbs of the crunchy biscuit. Not to mention the warm, chocolate mint flavor added into the marshmallow. What a treat! Now I feel like gathering some friends, lighting a campfire, and making Mint Chocolate Chip Smores! Who's with me?!

5. Minty Bruce Muffin

1... 2... 3... all together now, 'Awwwwwwwwww!!!' Isn't this muffin the cutest thing you've ever seen? I just can't stop staring at it... it's so adorable! This muffin is so cute that who would think to ever eat it? But... you just can't resist. No matter how appealing this muffin looks... it tastes even better! Take one bite of this muffin and you'll float all the way to Faerieland! The minty icing will give the muffin's taste a zing to it! You'll be seen licking the icing off your fingers... and anywhere else it has landed! Even the bowtie is bursting with minty flavor! The Minty Bruce Muffin is great to have at a party - everyone will love the taste and how it looks! Great for breakfast too - this muffin will give you that extra boost you need in the morning! What more can I say? Cute and yummy together equals a smile on your face!!

4. Mint Chocolate Nova

Now this Mint Chocolate Nova is great to have anywhere... and I mean anywhere! Stick it in your pocket to eat on the go, or maybe grab a couple for a quick snack to munch on while you're reading a book. Great to pass out to all your friends while watching a game or just hanging out! Crunchy and delicious, this Mint Chocolate Nova will satisfy all your mint cravings! And as an added bonus, there's even a minty filling right in the center. Oh, so gooey and ooey... this minty filling will be just the thing to end after munching on the hard-outer mint chocolate surface of the nova. Mmm... handy and appetizing, no one should go without eating one Mint Chocolate Nova in their entire life!

3. Peppermint Mince Pie

Mmmmmm... who doesn't like pie? And along with cooling mint, you won't be able to resist! This pie is literally oozing with mint flavor! Perfect for desserts at any party, this pie will surely be a hit anywhere it goes! Its unique, exquisite flavor is just begging to be eaten... slice by slice, of course! Filled up to the very crust of the pie with the best peppermint in all of Neopia, this pie should be a favorite on everyone's list!

2. Lenny Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Now, doesn't this ice cream just shout, 'fancy!' This is one of my favorite items in Neopia, not only because of its delicious, minty goodness, but also because it's just so pretty looking! Delectable, scrumptious, cool mint ice cream with fresh chocolate chips nestled in a shiny white bowl is the perfect expensive dessert you buy when you have Neopoints to spare! Topped with fresh mint leaves, indulge yourself with Lenny Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. It's the best out there!

1. Mint Explosion Ice Lolly

Duck!!!! This Ice Lolly is EXPLODING with mint flavor! And I do mean EXPLODING! Everything about this Ice Lolly is mint! Mmmmmm... mint! One taste of this Ice Lolly and your taste buds will go on the ultimate ride! Starting from the outside... they will lick and bite there way through crunchy, munchy, and crisp mint chocolate. Then they will get into the middle which is jampacked with cool, refreshing, rejuvenating mint ice cream! And last but not least... you will taste little mint bite-sized candies that have embedded themselves into the soft mint ice cream. You will go cccrrraaazzzyyy for all the minty goodness! You won't be living life to its full extent until you try this Mint Explosion Ice Lolly. This Ice Lolly will definitely get you addicted to any kind of mint! So what are you waiting for?! Head to the Super Icy Happy Fun Snow Shop in Terror Mountain and get one for yourself! NOW!!

There you have it! The Top 10 Minty items in Neopia! Aren't they just yummy!? So treat yourself to one of these great minty items! Share them among your friends and your Neopets! You can't go wrong with these delicious mint foods!

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