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They'll Never Hear a Word We Say: Part Three

by sytra



After the squeaky snow boot incident, it was hard for Sam to go to school every day and have to face Miss Valstak again. But her owner still forced her to go to school with a smile on her face, so she did. Miss Valstak would pick on Sam more and more every day with her constant nagging. She had no temperance, which didn't help at all. Just a pencil dropping on the ground or a student shouting out a question without raising their hand first would get her angry.

    One morning at recess, a yellow Eyrie bounded up to Sam and Mel, who were sitting next to each other on the swing set.

    "Hello, Garret." Sam smiled, standing up from the swing. He panted, and pointed over at the covered area of the playground, where a large group of Neopets were huddled.

    "Come on, guys. We're brainstorming ideas of how to get Miss Valstak fired!" he exclaimed, grabbing the girls' arms and pulling them along. They followed him to the covered area, and once there, squeezed into the circle that the pets had formed through a small gap. A green Shoyru named Mikey, and a red Lupe named Chad, were standing in the middle. Garret joined them.

    "We have brought you here today," Mikey started, flying up in the air so everyone could see him. "To GET MISS VALSTAK FIRED!" he cheered, doing a somersault in the air. The whole class clapped and screamed. "Who's with me?! I can't hear you!" he shouted. The students jumped up and down and screamed even louder.

    "Now, who agrees with me that she is an evil, selfish, loathsome, stupid, arrogant, malicious teacher who doesn't deserve to step foot in Snow Creek Neoschool EVER AGAIN?" Mikey shook his fist in the air, and grinning satisfyingly, swooped down onto the ground. The class cheered.

    "Well, it's time to brainstorm some ideas, then!" Chad said, whipping out a piece of paper and pencil. "Who's got one?"

    "I say we trash the classroom and boycott Snow Creek until she's gone!" Garret snickered. He snatched the pencil and paper from Chad's paws and scribbled the idea down.

    "That could work," Mikey told him. "But who else has an idea?" About twenty hands shot up in the air, and he pointed to a blue Bruce.

    "Let's make her life as miserable as possible! We need revenge! We can't just get her fired! We have to make her suffer the way we did!" the Bruce yelled, throwing both of his fists up into the air. All of the pets behind him held up their fists as well, and they started to chant.


    Pretty soon the second graders of Miss Valstak's class had attracted a bunch of third and fourth grade students as well. A rainbow Shoyru, who looked like she was in fourth grade, squeezed in next to Mel and Sam.

    "What's going on?" she questioned, rubbing her hands together to create some warmth.

    "We're thinking of ways to get our awful teacher, Miss Valstak, fired," Mel explained. She looked up at Mikey and Garret, who were soaring around in the air, joyously dancing as the crowd continued to chant.

    "Oh, yeah. I never really liked her either. I had her a couple of years ago. She was horrible. Made me cry almost every single day," the rainbow Shoyru said, shaking her head. "Well, good luck, you guys." And she ran off towards a group of other Shoyrus.

    "We have to take action as soon as possible! We can't let her go on like this, I mean, did you see her get mad at Sam a few weeks ago for no reason? And then she sent her to the office for something she couldn't help doing! This is unbelievable! Outrageous!" Mikey shouted. He swooped down in front of Sam, holding his arm in her direction. "This is serious, people!"

    The crowd started to chant again in unison, getting louder and louder each second. "UNBELIEVABLE! OUTRAGEOUS! UNBELIEVABLE! OUTRAGEOUS!"

    "I have an idea," a tiny striped Kacheek squeaked from behind a mob of Grarrls and Elephantes. Garret and Chad quieted the class, and the Kacheek emerged from the back of the crowd and came into the center. "Making the teacher miserable and boycotting Snow River will only get us, in trouble, not Miss Valstak! We need to complain to the Principal or something of the sort. You know, we could have a couple of people pretend to be crying and tattle on Miss Valstak to the Principal."

    "All right, who here is a good actor?" inquired Mikey, flying up above the crowd once more. Everyone was quiet.

    "I could do it," Sam said, stepping into the circle. "Mel and I. I mean, Miss Valstak makes me cry all the time anyway. I could go to the Principal in tears and then maybe that would be convincing enough to get her out of our school."

    The whistle that signaled the end of recess suddenly blew, and the crowd of pets started to make their way back to class.

    "Wait!" Mikey said, and the whole class stopped dead in their tracks. "Meet me here right after school. We need to start planning this thing."

Taking Down Miss Valstak

    That afternoon, all of the students of Miss Valstak gathered where they had met at recess that morning. They formed a large circle around Garret, Chad and Mikey once more, and while they were waiting for Mikey to begin telling them his plan, they started to chant.


    "Be quiet!" Mikey yelled, flying up into the air. The whole class instantly became quiet. "Now, about the plan. First, we'll need a couple of people to be the Annoyers. By Annoyers, I mean, you need to do anything and I mean anything, to get Miss Valstak annoyed. Don't stop being annoying. This mission depends on it. Any volunteers?"

    Two green Chias, who were named Gary and Jerry, stepped inside the circle. "We'll do it," they said together.

    "Okay, the twins. Chad, write that down," Mikey demanded. "Next, we need someone to be the Sneaker. The Sneaker will do things behind Valstak's back, like fill her coffee mug with pine needles, or something. Who wants to do it?"

    "Oh, I can do that," Garret said, stepping into the circle, grinning proudly. "I'm so good at that kind of stuff!"

    "True... but you're too big. I mean, she's obviously going to see a giant Eyrie getting up from his chair in the middle of class, even out of the corner of her eye. We need someone smaller," Mikey said to Garret. The yellow Eyrie sighed and stalked back to Chad, who was snickering at him.

    "I'd be happy to do it," said the striped Kacheek who had earlier suggested the idea of tattling on Miss Valstak to the Principal. She went into the center of the circle. She looked like a marshmallow with the thick white puffy coat she was wearing.

    "Great, Amy it is, then." Mikey grinned, and he elbowed Chad, who gasped and jotted it down on the piece of paper.

    When Mikey was finished telling the students his plan, it was nearly dark. All of the pets rushed home when he was done, not wanting to worry their owners.

    As Mel lay in bed that night, she dreamed of what might become of Miss Valstak the next day. She hoped that their plan would work. In fact, she was almost certain it would. She was quite nervous about her part in it, though. She didn't want to mess something up when she and Sam would have to go to the Principal's office and pretend to cry in front of him. But after a while she dozed off and all of her worries were dreamt away.

    The next morning, Mel excitedly rushed to school, but of course only after brushing her fur and teeth thoroughly until she was glowing. The walk to school with her siblings seemed longer than ever. She couldn't think of a time where she was as excited to go to school as she was that day. She could not wait until Miss Valstak was out of their classroom. Yes, their classroom. Melanie didn't like to think of it as Valstak's classroom, since she loathed her so much.

    When the yellow Usul finally got to Snow Creek Neoschool, she spotted her whole class standing outside the front entrance. She jogged up to them and found Sam in the crowd.

    "Are you ready?" Sam asked, looking a little nervous.

    "Yes. I can't wait!" Mel replied, jumping up and down, but was interrupted by Mikey's voice from the center of the crowd.

    "All right, guys. You all know what to do. I know we can do this. Just do exactly what you are supposed to do, and everything will go fine."

    There was a silence.

    "Now let's TAKE DOWN VALSTAK!" the green Shoyru screamed, flying up into the chilly skies, his fists in the air. He soared into the door of Snow River Neoschool, with a mob of thirty-five pets stampeding after him, roaring savagely. Mel and Sam cheered along with the rest of the class down the hallways of the school. Everyone they passed gave them strange looks, especially the older students. But they kept on cheering as they neared Miss Valstak's classroom.

    When they got to the door, Mikey turned around and winked. He then slowly opened the door, and the pets filed in the classroom very neatly, hastily taking their seats. When the last student had sat down, the bell rang, and Miss Valstak got up from reading her book and strolled over to the center of the classroom, wearing a sharp look.

    "Take out your math books," she ordered. The whole class obeyed, except for Gary and Jerry, the Annoyers.

    "We don't feel like it," they said together, in a whiny and annoying voice. Miss Valstak jerked her head in their direction, her nostrils flared and her eyes wide with disbelief.

    "You will do as I say!" the pink Zafara commanded.

    "Nah, I don't think I will," Gary said, and a malevolent smile spread out upon his face.

    Jerry all of a sudden started to make farting noises, and Gary started to burp the alphabet. Miss Valstak's eyes looked like they were on fire. While she was busy scolding Jerry and Gary, trying to make them stop, the striped Kacheek, Amy, slid out of her chair and crept over to the teacher's desk. She was holding a Spyder in her hand. She grabbed Valstak's purse and stuffed the Spyder inside, then hastily set it back on top of the desk. She then situated herself behind the desk, so Miss Valstak couldn't see her, and took a bottle of super glue out of her coat pocket. She unscrewed the lid and squeezed the whole bottle on Miss Valstak's chair cushion. Grinning, she then ran back to her seat without making a sound.

    Mikey suddenly stood up and he wandered over to Miss Valstak's desk. He took her purse and started to run around the tables and desks with it.

    "Look what I have! Look what I have!" he shouted, grinning madly. Miss Valstak gasped and ran after him. The green Shoyru stopped, and the teacher snatched her purse away from him.

    "Gimme that," she barked, opening it angrily. The Spyder jumped out onto her face. Miss Valstak screamed, trying to get the Petpet off of her, but it wouldn't move. Its legs were tangled in her yellow hair. Her face had an expression of pure terror as the Spyder's hairy legs brushed against her hands in her effort to remove it from her head.

    The class was in laughter now. The sight of Miss Valstak screaming and running around the room was a nice treat in return for all of the things she had done to them in the past. But of course, Miss Valstak soon got the Spyder out of her hair. She shooed it away, and looked angrily around the room.

    "Who... Who did that?" she snapped. "Who put that Spyder in my purse?!"

    The whole class was silent. She walked around the room for a minute, and then stopped when she came to Sam's desk. She looked down at the little Uni, who was cowering in fear.

    "It was you, wasn't it?" she spat. "You put the Spyder in my purse because you wanted to get revenge, didn't you?"

    Sam didn't answer. She just sat there, looking down at her desk.

    "C'mere," Miss Valstak grunted, grabbing Sam by the wrist. She dragged her over to the chalkboard. "Now. You are going to write on this board, in front of the whole class, one hundred times: 'I will never do anything to make Miss Valstak angry again.'"

    Sam sighed and grabbed a piece of chalk. She slowly started to write the letters on the chalkboard. She wrote it again and again and again and again until her hand felt like it was going to fall off.

    Miss Valstak walked back to her desk, and thirty pairs of eyes followed her, eagerly waiting until she sat on her chair. She sorted out a few papers, grinning to herself. Then she sat down in her chair, watching Sam continue to write.

    "You see, this is what happens when you try to mess with me. I hope all of you are learning a lesson right now."

    After about a half an hour of the whole class watching Sam write on the chalkboard, she finally finished. "There," Sam said, setting down the piece of chalk. "I'm done."

    "Fine." Miss Valstak snorted. She tried to get up from the chair, but she couldn't move. "W-What?! I can't get up!" She squirmed around, flailing her legs and arms everywhere.

    "Look, guys!" Mikey shouted, as he got up onto a table. "Miss Valstak's butt is stuck to the chair! I wonder how that could have ever happened?"

    "Let's party!" shouted Garret and Chad. They joined Mikey up on the table and the three of them started to dance.

    "Why, you little!" Miss Valstak screamed, trying with all of her might to get up from her chair. WHO DID THIS?!" She fidgeted around some more, and in the process of trying to stand up once again, ripped her dress. She stood all the way up, in fury, ignoring the rip on her bottom, and sprinted over to Sam, grabbing her by the arms.

    "I see Miss Valstak's underpants!" Mikey, Garret and Chad chimed together, pointing and laughing at the pink and purple flower pattern that was on her underwear. Miss Valstak chose to ignore this, as furious as she was.

    "YOU!" Miss Valstak screamed, looking into Sam's eyes. "You did this! I know it! You little brat!" she slapped Sam hard on the cheek and drug her over towards her desk, murmuring some unspeakables under her breath on her way there. Sam rubbed her stinging cheek as tears started to form in her eyes. But this was all part of the plan.

    All of a sudden, the pets stopped their dancing and rejoicing. The room was completely silent. Mel rushed over to Sam, trying to get her away from the crazy teacher. But that was not what the kids were looking at. They were staring at the doorway, which a tall and fierce looking Gelert was standing. He wore a look of disbelief on his face as he looked around the room.

    Whispers and gasps flooded the class, and the students all got down from the tables and sat in their seats in an orderly fashion. Miss Valstak froze and looked up at the Gelert in horror. Sam and Mel were in tears, hugging each other.

    "Mister Principal," Miss Valstak muttered, standing up straight. She smiled at him like nothing was wrong. "Nice day, isn't it?"

    He just stared at her, wearing the angriest look Mel had ever seen in her life. "Liz, I am appalled," he grunted. He said nothing more.

    "Fire her... Fire her... Fire her," the students all chanted together. Their whispers soon got louder and louder, and pretty soon they were shouting, "FIRE HER!"

    The Principal looked down at Mel and Sam, who were still shedding tears. He glared at Valstak. "How could you treat your students this way?" he questioned.

    "I QUIT!" Miss Valstak screamed, before the Principal had the chance to fire her. She grabbed her things, and took one last look at the classroom before she ran out the door. Mel could have sworn she saw tears in her eyes.

To be continued...

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