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David and the Fava Beans

by sweetie_me274


A yellow Chomby named David sat at the kitchen table with a white napkin tied around his neck. In front of him was a large blue plate, which sat upon a spotless pink tablecloth, embroidered with a flowery pattern. The plate was completely empty, except for three green blobs.

      They weren't really blobs. They were Fava Beans, though they weren't much of an improvement from blobs. Fava Beans were David's absolute least favorite vegetable. They were green and slimy and each bean pod contained three smaller beans. David was good at math, and if he had three pods, each with three beans, that meant he had nine whole beans to eat.

      But David didn't want to eat the Fava Beans. He hated, loathed, and despised Fava Beans. So David sat in his seat, a grim expression on his face, with a fork, knife, and plate of Fava Beans in front of him.

      Across from the Chomby was a short blond boy. He was sitting on his knees so his plump, pink face was tall enough to look over the table. He glared at David and constantly stared at the Fava Beans.

      The boy's name was Simon and he was David's owner. Simon wasn't the best pet owner in Neopia, though he gave David a decent life. David didn't think it was decent, though. He thought that any person cruel enough to force feed a pet Fava Beans couldn't provide a life that was 'decent.'

      "You know, Fava Beans are good for you," commented Simon. His voice echoed throughout the kitchen. David refused to open his mouth, in fear that his owner would stuff a mouthful of Fava Beans down his throat before he could close it.

      "Did you know that Fava Beans are the strongest favored of any kind of beans?" he asked, nodding his head casually. "And they are a great source of Vitamin E!" The Chomby rolled his eyes.

      David stamped his feet angrily. He was hungry, but not for Fava Beans. Before he realized what he was doing, he opened his mouth. "I'm hungry!" he wailed. Quickly, he covered his mouth. However, it was too late.

      Simon stood up and slowly walked towards his pet. "David," he chimed merrily. "David, David, David." He patted his Chomby on the head with his pudgy fist. "If you want to be a strong, brave Chomby, you need to eat your Fava Beans!"

      The boy snatched up David's fork and stabbed a bean pod. He twiddled the fork in the air, dangerously close to his Chomby's face. David angrily turned his face away.

      "Open up!" said Simon impatiently. He began to sweat uneasily. "Fava Beans aren't cheap, you know!" He waved the bean-covered fork in front of his pet again.

      Suddenly, David stood up from his chair, pulled off his napkin, and ran up the stairs of his Neohome. "I'm never eating Fava Beans!" he yelled, stomping his heavy feet. "Never, never, never!" Simon waited a moment and heard a door slam.

      He sighed and stuffed the Fava Beans in his own mouth. "Yuck," he muttered quietly, so David couldn't hear.


      While David and a red Chomby played with a ball in Simon's backyard, Simon and a brown haired girl sat at the kitchen table. "Is Will as stubborn as David is when it comes to vegetables?" He stared blankly at his Chomby from out the window.

      The girl laughed. "Simon, Simon. Of course Willy was stubborn at first, but I called him down!"

      "And... Jan..." he asked the girl. The girl Jan tapped her fingers on the table and thought for a moment. She sighed.

      "Since you're my brother, I'll tell you my secret. But don't tell a soul! I just bake something delicious with the vegetable in it. Take Will. He wouldn't go near broccoli," she explained. "So, I cooked Broccoli Pie... cheese, broccoli, carrots, and lots of good things. He took a bite, loved it, and has loved broccoli ever since!" Jan exclaimed. She smiled smugly at her brother.

      Simon glared at her. "That's all good for you, but I can't cook for my life. You know? That's why there are places like Pizzaroo." Then, the blond boy looked at his sister and smiled, an idea forming.

      "You know, Jan," he began, putting his arm around her shoulder. "David loves Auntie Jan's cooking!" Jan shot Simon a nasty look and put her long finger on her chin.

      Finally, she grinned. "Sure, Uncle Simon. Auntie Jan will cook a delicious pie filled with Fava Beans that little David will love. But it's going to cost you!"

      "Your birthday was last week! I bought you a Faerie Paint Brush! Don't you remember? And why haven't you used it on Will. You said it was you dream to use it on Will..."

      "Sold it for a small fortune," Jan retorted with a wink. "I can't believe you fell for that. But, that was then and this is now." She laughed, and Simon glared for a few minutes.

      "I'll see what I can do," he grunted.


      David sat impatiently at an empty kitchen table. "Where's dinner?" he asked as Simon entered the room. Simon growled, rubbed his hands together, and whistled casually, snickering to himself.

      "Oh, you're in for a real treat tonight," he groaned. "We're going to eat dinner at Auntie Jan's tonight. She's cooked up a big feast; a delicious pie with all your favorite things. So wash your hands, grab a jacket, and come on."

      The Chomby grumbled about how he wasn't in the mood to go to Auntie Jan's, but finally, Simon dragged him out. They walked two blocks around the neighborhood until they finally arrived.

      Jan's house looked the same as every house on the street. Simon walked up and knocked at the door, shooting his sister a glare. "Hello, Jan," he said through gritted teeth. Behind David's back, the boy handed his sister a heavy bag of Neopoints. She smiled.

      "David," she smiled, turning to the Chomby. She pinched his cheeks, and to Simon's surprise, he smiled.

      "Hello, Auntie Jan," said David. "I'm looking forward to a delicious dinner." Jan smiled and nudged Simon hard in the stomach.

      "You've taught him well," Jan sniggered.


      Jan, Simon, Will, and David were all seated around a small table. A white, lacy table cloth decorated it. In front of each chair was a placemat, fork, knife, spoon, and napkin. In the center was a dish with a steamy, baked pie. David smiled, inhaling the aroma.

      "Why don't you cook things like this, Simon?" the yellow Chomby asked. Jan began to serve dinner, cutting everyone a large slice of pie. "Jan doesn't force-feed me Fava Beans."

      Simon tried to hold back a laugh. He glanced at Jan, who was setting the pie plate back down and taking her seat. "Dig in," she said.

      The pie tasted as good as it looked. David didn't know why it tasted so good, but it just did. There were carrots, peas, chicken, and melted cheese. It was warm and creamy in David's mouth. Without saying a word, he finished his plate of pie.

      "More please!" he asked stubbornly. Jan served him another generous portion. He finished it even quicker than the first. Simon smiled as his sister served him thirds, and served herself the remaining scraps.

      Once everyone's belly was full, and the pie was all gone, David let out a large belch. "Good," he said, patting his belly. "Good. What all was in it?"

      Simon smiled. This was the moment he had been waiting for. "Meat and chicken. Cheese. And vegetables. Lots and lots of vegetables."

      "What kinds of vegetables?" David insisted.

      "Carrots," Jan said, counting on her fingers. "Peas. Broccoli. Mushrooms. Leek. And..."

      "FAVA BEANS!" howled Simon, slapping his knee with pleasure as he laughed. "What made that pie taste so good were Fava Beans! What do you say to that?"

      David just smiled. "I knew that," he said dully. "Did you really think you were fooling me. I know the smell of Fava Beans anywhere."

      Simon frowned. "Well," he said finally, looking terribly disappointed. "Now you like Fava Beans!" He banged his fist on the table.

      "No," David replied. "I like Fava Bean Pie. I hate Fava Beans."

      "But... Jan! The deal!"

      Jan just stared blankly. "Deal," she said quietly, her finger on her chin. "What deal? I don't remember any deal?"

      Simon gaped. "Jan!" he yelled. For a few minutes, he sat, arms crossed, silently. Then, finally, he got up abruptly. "We're leaving."

      David and Simon headed for the door, Simon still furious. While he was turned away, just before David followed, Auntie Jan slipped David a small bag of Neopoints and winked. "I've taught you well," she winked, quietly.

The End

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