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Nyla's Embroidery: Part Two

by 124456789xxzc


Dressed in a T-shirt and a long skirt, Nyla carried her faerie backpack full of clothes and embroidery supplies to the ferry, where she hoped to see the blue Eyrie that had informed Jack Roo that she couldn't swim. She wanted to ask him if he would take her backpack to Faerieland for her, because she wasn't strong enough to carry it while she flew. She would have to work on that on her vacation in Faerieland in between embroidering and exploring and tutoring. She waited a while and then spotted him, waiting to board a ferry. She hurried over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

      "What?" he growled, turning around. Then he remembered me. "Well, hello there, Nyla, isn't it?"

      She nodded.

      "Well, what do you need today?"

      Nyla gulped and asked, "Could you please take my bag to Faerieland for me? I can't carry it while I am flying; it's too heavy for me."

      He smiled. "Sure, why not. When are we leaving?"

      "How about right now?" she asked timidly. He smiled, and they took off towards Faerieland.

  ~ ~ ~

      Fyora was sick of waiting for Nyla to get there. She had all of the gowns picked out, all of the designs in mind, everything except the pet who did it. Her dress would be lavender (of course) with a design of bluebells around the bottom. Ember had a red orange gown with yellow orange sleeves picked out and was going to have Mordongos all over it. Illusen's dress was pale green and was to have vines and Rowzez all over the whole thing. Baelia had a silver-grey coloured gown in mind with drabby roses all over it, since she was a grey faerie. Nereid had an aqua shirt and skirt that she liked that would have sprays of water droplets around the bottom. What would she do with her hair? Something new, probably. Maybe tie part of it back... hmm.

  ~ ~ ~

      "I'm sorry, we don't allow visitors in the palace," said the air faerie at the desk just inside the palace doors for the millionth time.

      "I'm NOT a visitor! I'm telling you, Fyora asked me to come!" exclaimed Nyla.

      "Well, let's just see about that," said the air faerie. She pushed a button, and in a few minutes Fyora came down the hall.

      "Nyla! You're here!" Fyora smiled, and the air faerie glared at Nyla. She glared back.

     Fyora took Nyla to her room, which was lavender and pink with soft cushions to sit on and a big lavender bed. There were some shelves and a dresser where Nyla would put her unpacked things, and a closet where the gowns that she would embroider were. There were also a few extra gowns in there for her to wear, if she wanted to. They were very pretty, with multiple layers and soft colours that went well with her lavender fur and pale pink, pale yellow and lavender wings. There was also a jewelry box, with all kinds of rare and beautiful gems for her to wear and keep, if she wanted to, Fyora said. Nyla didn't like the idea of taking royal jewelry, but there was one necklace that she might think about keeping. It was on a thin gold rope with a pendant shaped and coloured like the gem on her Peophin mask, a silver diamond, but around the main diamond there was a ring of lavender and a ring of pale pink. The silver was also inlaid with flecks of yellow. It matched her colours perfectly. She put on a pale pink gown from her closet, along with the necklace, took down Fyora's lavender dress and her supplies, and began to embroider.

  ~ ~ ~

      Anya whirled and twirled around the ballroom, dancing with all different kinds of royal pets, including a few other royal Unis. Eventually, the music ended, and all of the female pets lined up for the Best Dressed competition. The Judges examined each gown carefully, and then huddled together to make a decision, while all of the nervous pets waited. The panel of judges consisted of King Hagan, King Skarl, and Kayla. Finally, they came to a decision.

      Kayla cleared her throat. "5th place, 1,000 Neopoints, and a yellow Aisha T-shirt go to... Tiya the royal Aisha!" Tiya stepped forward, accepted her prize, and then stepped back in line.

      "4th place, 2,000 Neopoints, and a yellow Mortog T-shirt go to... Kiki the royal Shoyru!"

     Anya knew Kiki pretty well, and tried not to laugh when she just stood there, gaping at Kayla. Eventually she took the prize, and they moved on.

      "3rd place, 3,000 Neopoints, and a Sproing T-shirt go to... Leya the royal Usul!" Leya was really, really surprised, but she got over it and took her prize.

      "2nd place, 4,000 Neopoints, and an I Love Kayla T-shirt-" Kayla winked, "go to... Synia the royal Poogle!" Synia smirked. She thought that she was SO much better than everyone else, which is why no one really liked her, except Vina, a pink Zafara, who was just as bad. She took her prize and stepped back.

      "1st place, 5,000 Neopoints, an I love Fyora T-shirt, and a new free gown of their choice goes to... Anya the royal Uni!!! Congratulations! We chose you because of the beautiful countryside sewn onto your gown. How did you do that?" asked Kayla.

      Anya smiled and said, "My sister, Nyla, embroidered it."

  ~ ~ ~

      "Nyla? Nyla! It's time to eat, dear! May I come in?" asked Fyora. She heard a faint yes, and opened the door. Nyla was embroidering, of course.

      "Nyla, it's time to eat. Come on, you look wonderful." Fyora led a reluctant Nyla around the palace until they arrived at the dining hall. Nyla was amazed at all of the faeries that were everywhere, but most of all, the food. Mmmmm! It all looked so good! Nyla had a faerie queen burrito and a cherry faerie bubble for dessert, and then asked Fyora if she could fly around Faerieland a bit.

     "Sure, you can. You've been working all day. Just be back by 9:00 NST, alright?" Nyla nodded, and made her way to the front door of the palace. Seeing as all there was in Faerie City was shops, she made her way to outer Faerieland. Hearing cheering above her, she made her way to a cloud that said Poogle Racing. A race was in session, so she made her way through the crowd to a seat to watch. Preparing for next race... Poogles Get Ready!!! GO! Then the Poogles were off. They kept getting ahead and falling behind each other, but in the end it was Poogle #1 that won it.

     Nyla made her way to the Wheel of Excitement. She had brought points to the dining hall in hopes of buying a grackle bug on a stick (she needed a new needle), but she hadn't, so now she had points left to spend. She spun the wheel, and it landed on 500 Neopoints. She took her prize and asked the light faeries what time it was. They told her that it was 7:51 NST. She thanked them and made her way back to Faerie City to spend the 500 points she had received. The book shop and furniture shop were sold out, and the battle shop was too expensive (Zini was quite the battler; Nyla wanted to get her a present), but Nyla managed to buy a lime faerie bubble for whenever she needed it on her vacation from the food shop. She chatted with the owner of the shop for a while, and then made her way back to the palace, where she talked with some more faeries, then went back to her room, stashed her points, put on her nightgown, and fell fast asleep on her bed.

~ ~ ~

      Zini worked in the garden all day, only stopping to eat quick meals. Zini missed Nyla, and the flowers did, too. All of them drooped, the songflowers didn't sing, and the drabby roses were on the verge of wilting, no matter how much time Zini spent with them. The rude daffodils were too sad to say a word, and the snapdraiks couldn't even open their mouths. Nyla couldn't come back, so Zini just did her best to stay happy so that her flowers would, too.

~ ~ ~

      Anya couldn't believe it. She had won the best dressed competition! She had even decided to give her free pale yellow gown Nyla, just to say thank you. She burst in the door to tell her, but remembered that Nyla was gone. She laid the gown on her sister's bed, with a note that said,

     Dear Nyla,

     I won the best dressed competition, so this gown

     that I won is for you, as just one way of my saying thanks.


~ ~ ~

      Kaila the baby Usul had the Jitters again, but this time, there were no smiles and Rowzez on the fuzzy pink blanket she was using; no, all there were were tears. Kaila's tears. When would Nyla come home?

To be continued...

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