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Top Ten Most Mysterious Ice Creams in All of Neopia

by neoknuckles


Ice cream. It's the cold, sweet, delicious delicacy that we all know and love. Almost everybody loves ice cream. What is your favorite flavor? Chocolate? Yep. Vanilla? Yep. Strawberry? Yep. Mint? Yep. Ketchup? Yep. Wait! Ketchup? I've formulated a list. This is the list of Neopian ice cream that makes you raise an eyebrow. This is the list of the most oddest, creepiest, freakiest, yuckiest, weirdest ice cream. You get my point. So, without further delay, let's begin the countdown of the 10 most mysterious ice creams in Neopia.

10: Strawberry Kyrii Ice Cream

Strawberry sounds like a nice flavor. Plus, the color pink has a soft, soothing effect to it. But in the shape of a Kyrii, that soothing is... not as soothing. How could you eat a Kyrii? Kyrii are cute pets. (All Neopets are cute!) How could you even THINK about taking the cute modeling of a Kyrii and eat it. Sheer madness. I guess you could just rearrange all the parts and eat it in pieces, but that isn't exactly what you think about when you hear the words "ice cream."

9: Thistle Shoyru Ice Cream

Ouch! The Thistle Shoyru Ice Cream has to hurt when you eat it. As explained in the the previous ice cream, eating a Kyrii (or in this case, Shoyru) shaped ice cream is not very enjoyable. With this ice cream, added thistles! Picking them off would be difficult, and eating them would be madness. You can eat around them. That's possible. Just a little difficult.

8: Ketchup Ice Cream

Ketchup Ice Cream. This one comes to a possibly common question: Is it ketchup? Or is it ice cream? Think about it! I know there is only one way to find out, and that one way is eating it. If it is ice cream after all, it should not be on this list. If it is ketchup, it should not be on this list either since it is technically not ice cream. It IS on this list because that mystery is... uh, mysterious, but nobody will take the risk to find out.

7: Mummified Ice Cream

It has to be very difficult to eat this ice cream. Ripping off the paper would no longer make it Mummified Ice Cream, so that's not an option. You could eat through the paper, but, would you really want to do that!?

6: Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream

This one speaks for itself. As explained in ice cream #8, this ice cream might not be ice cream. If it is, you have only a few seconds to eat it, or it will melt! Maybe you have a little less time than seconds. After all, it is flaming.

5: Orange Jelly Ice Cream

I think that this ice cream is very mysterious. Jelly Ice Cream. Compared to the other ice creams in Neopia, it isn't very odd. The Ketchup Ice Cream and Flaming Tuskaninny Ice Cream have the same mystery, so why is the Orange Jelly Ice Cream above them? Alas, the Orange Jelly Ice Cream has that mystery, but an additional one; where did it come from!? I know of no jelly manufacturers. I know of Spooky Foods, and the regular Food Shop, but no jelly food place. Huh? There is, you say? Hahaha! You're funny. Next thing you're gonna tell me is that there is a Jelly World! That's a myth. Don't be ridiculous. Well, anyway, the mystery still remains.

4: Water Ice Cream

In its picture, I wonder how this one stays still. Do they take a bucket of water, climb up a ladder, drop it in front of the camera, and take the picture while it's still in motion? Do they get super, super, super lucky and it is in this shape? Do they put it on a white table and arrange the water? Doesn't matter. The fact is, is that the Water Ice Cream is impossible to pick up. I guess you just take a cup, put it in, and drink/eat it.

3: Grey Ice Cream

At a first sight, you can see there is something wrong with this one (like all of the ice cream on this list). However, I find this one even more fascinating. Ice cream is meant to make you feel happier. That's what you would expect, right? Well, when you eat Grey Ice Cream, it tastes like vanilla, but somehow, instead of making you feel happy, it will make you feel sad! Even worse, there is a rain cloud above it that makes the ice cream soggy. I wouldn't recommend eating this one. *sniff* Because I did. :(

2: Brain Ice Cream

When you buy ice cream, you think of it as an icy treat that will never escape from you. But what if your ice cream could think? What if was formulating a plan to mark your doom as you grab it? Don't try to eat this ice cream, or it could slip out of your hands... in a way ice cream isn't supposed to.

1: Upside Down Ice Cream

Step aside Brain Ice Cream, Grey Ice Cream, and Water Ice Cream! The Upside Down Ice Cream is downright the oddest, most mysterious ice cream to ever meet Neopia. Why is it called Upside Down Ice Cream? Duh. It's upside down. If you turn it right side up, it would be normal, right? Wrong! This ice cream is impossible to rotate. Why is that? Very simple. Think of a normal ice cream. If you turn it the way it's not supposed to be, (upside down,) the ice cream in the cone will plop on the ground. If you turn the Upside Down Ice Cream the way it it's not supposed to be, (right side up,) the ice cream in the cone will rise into the sky! Yes! The same way it's wrong to turn a normal ice cream the wrong way, it's wrong to turn the Upside Down Ice Cream the right way. That's seriously twisted logic. But what did you expect? This is the most mysterious ice cream in all of Neopia!

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