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Why the Deserted Fairground is Deserted

by 124456789xxzc


HAUNTED WOODS - Have you ever seriously wondered why the Deserted Fairground is deserted? Have you ever wondered what that *something* was that drove everyone away? Have you noticed that ghosts fly around the stands? That might not seem odd for a deserted fairground, but who were those ghosts? Were they possibly guests of the fairground, driven away, only to return to haunt the place they used to know and love? Why are there huge, pointed gates? Are they to keep guests away from whatever invaded? Were they built by someone who wished to protect guests, or were they built by what was inside? I wonder about these things, and I took the chance and decided to go on a little trip to the grounds. As I walk through the Haunted Woods to the fairground, I have come up with my first reason. Please take note that these, except for number one, are in no particular order based on best reason; number one, however, is what I think is the best reason.

The Fairground is in the Haunted Woods

Who wants to go all the way through the Haunted Woods just to go to some Fairground? The Haunted Woods, in my opinion, is not worth it, and right now, I am about to turn back, but for the sake of all you Neopians who would like to know what happened, I will continue, no matter how much Nala, my baby Peophin from my other article *hint hint*, cries. As I walk up the cobblestone path through the gates, I found another reason.

Those Gates are SCARY

Yes, my friends, those gates are scary, with black paint and sharp points and a big bat shape on top. Young children may not like to go through the gates, forcing families to turn around, and the population of the fairground to go down, for many little kids like fairs. I look around, and notice another thing that concerns young children.

Skulls and Pumpkins

Yes, there are skulls on every sign, and menacing looking pumpkins are everywhere. If any children make it past the gates, they will certainly be scared away by those skulls and pumpkins. And there is a shop featuring something with an axe in its head! That would scare ME away... so, all looking done, I decided to try the shops.


Oh, man, those costumes are freaky. Don't go in the shops; you will be scared away from the fair by the shopkeepers. The merchandise is scary, too, very evil looking. And now we come to another thing.

The Wheel of Misfortune

A wheel of MISFORTUNE? I mean, come on, that is horrible, and maybe people got so fed up that they left. I would just not spin it at all, with a name like that. If you would like to spin the wheel, make sure there is nothing you really care about in your inventory, because something could get turned to sludge, or the Pant Devil could steal it. On to another game.

Cork Gun Gallery

Arrgh, you stupid cork, you better hit something or I will- hey, Aisha, stop laughing! I will- Oh, sorry. Ahem. The Cork gun frustrates many people (not me, though, why would you ever think me?) so they may also leave the fairground because of loss of Neopoints or frustration. To the scratchcards!


Ssssidney isss ssso annoying with hisss way of talking! I can't stand it, and I'm sure other people can't, either. Nala certainly can't, because I'm not sure where she is now... NALA! Well, uh, people will be frustrated by the scratchcards, had to cut that short, sorry. NALA! That brings another problem.

So Many Places to Wander Off

Yes, parents may not come to the fairground because they are worried that they will lose their children, like I lost Nala. Maybe she is at Test Your Strength...

Test Your Strength

Many will get frustrated at this game, and, since it is 100 Neopoints and all you will probably win is 19 Neopoints or a pumpkin pie, it's a point drainer also, even though you can only play every 6 hours. Oh there's Nala, at the food shop, my next stop. I better go get her.

Food Shop

Tongue with veggies? Blumaroo steak? Jellied Eyeballs? How can you call this food? Nala got a spooky shake, so I guess her intelligence of 96 paid off- a spooky shake is the only thing I would call edible. Who would want to come to a fairground with no decent food? I began to leave, my search concluded, when I noticed the Coconut Shy and Carnival of Terror games.

Coconut Shy

I tried the Coconut Shy, and that was the last of the Neopoints I brought. It was addicting, yet I never got one down. One more Neopoint wasting/frustrating game to drive people away. Next and last was the Carnival of Terror.

Carnival of Terror

A fun, colorful and exciting carnival used to move around Neopia, thrilling its residents with their amazing shows... until THEY came... Moving to the Haunted Woods may not have been the best idea.

Wait a minute- that's why the grounds are deserted? Because of Chia Clowns? I played the game; it was frustrating. I was mad. I went on a search in a deserted fairground for nothing? Just as I was stomping out, I noticed a large eye staring at me from the shadows. It hurried away. I froze. That was why the grounds were deserted.

1. THE MEEPITS!!!!!!!!

It was the Meepits! It wasn't the scary decorations, or the frustrating games, or the Neopoint wasting, or the gross food, IT WAS THE MEEPITS!!! It was them! THOSE EVIL LITTLE MEEPITS ARE TAKING OVER NEOPIA AND STARTING WITH THE FAIRGROUND!

Just then, something grabbed me and began to pull me towards the haunted weaponry shop.

NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T TAKE ME! IT WAS THE MEEPITS! It was no use. They locked me in a back room of the shop, promising to release me when I could be good. Whatever. I am now writing these words in a dusty room with no one to talk to but a little beetle, for Nala won't speak to me. As I begin to go crazy, for I want to leave, I leave you with these words: Fear the Meepits.

Author's note: Oh, no! Thirteen reasons! Bad luck! The Meepits will get me in my cell! :)

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