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The Official Guide to Apple Foods

by mouse_lover900


As autumn approaches, Neopians think more and more about apples. Lucky for us, apples happen to be in season now. So since you are craving apples, I have put together this handy list of the top ten apple foods (and the two that you and your Neopets want to stay away from!)

Guide to ratings:

*****= Excellent

****= Great

***= Good

**= Poor

*= Horrible!

The prices of the apple foods are the cheapest I could find on the shop wizard.

Now for The Guide to Apple Foods:

10. Spiced Apple Pie- 250 Neopoints ***

Ah... warm apple pie... it's a classic (but unfortunately not good enough to make it on the top ten list). But this is SPICED apple pie. It comes straight from the Grundos Cafe and is spiced to perfection. When you bite into this shocking looking pie, a juicy apple taste greets your tongue. Take another bite and you realize that there's slightly more to this pie than just apple. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger... any spice that you can think of is stuffed into this small pie. But why is this pie only rated 3 stars? Even though it's small, eat it too quick and you be breathing fire for a week from all the spice!

9. Toffee Apple- 1,000 NP ***

Everyone loves a nice, juicy, chewy toffee apple. It has sweet, sticky toffee goodness on the outside with a tart, crunchy green apple inside. The reason it only has 3 stars is because it is so common. Go to any fair or any food shop and you'll probably find it right in front of your nose. But nevertheless, a toffee apple is the way to go for anyone with a hungry stomach and 1,000 extra Neopoints on hand.

8. Green Apple Slushie- 500 NP *** 1/2

For you sour fanatics out there, this is the apple food for you! On your very first sip, your mouth is filled with the sourness of this lime green colored slushie. If you cannot take tartness for whatever reason, then this slushie is NOT for you! After about three slurps, your mouth will be in an almost permanent pucker!

7. Cheese and Onion Baked Apple- 1,000 NP *** 1/2

A baked apple? What IS that? If you are one of the unfortunate few who's never tasted one, it is similar to a baked potato, but is a tad sweeter. This particular one is covered in cheese and then sprinkled with onions. The cheese is a pleasant creamy cheddar and the onion is a gently fried version. If you happen to be a cheese and onion lover, then this is fantastic for you. But for most of us, the onion taste does not mix well with the sweet apple. So unless you like picking off onions, then I suggest you spend your 1,000 Neopoints on something else.

6. Apple Sweetie- 600 NP ****

For those of you with a sweet tooth, this apple flavored candy is perfect for you. When you stick the hard sweetie in your mouth, you're greeted with a lovely apple taste. Not the sour apple taste, but a wonderful sweet version (of course it's sweet, it's a sweetie!). The sugary delight of perfection will put a smile on any Neopet's face!

5. Apple Neocola- 800 NP ****

Yumm, bubbly goodness. For you Neocola fans, this will be another new flavor to try. But for all the rest of us, the apple taste is somehow a mixture between sweet and sour. It also has a few fizzy bubbles thrown in, so the beverage tingles down your throat. Unlike most Neocola, it somehow doesn't have any artificial flavors.

4. Red Apple- 400 NP ****

Though plain to some, the red apple is really the most natural apple food you can eat. It is also healthy and can keep doctors away if you eat it daily. : ) But just because it's healthy doesn't mean that it's not good. Yes, this fruit was rated four stars for a reason. It's crunchy, juicy, tart, and sweet all at the same time. So go ahead and bite into that apple, it'll do you good!

3. Apple Juice- 200 NP **** 1/2

Perhaps the fizz of the Apple Neocola wasn't for you. Or perhaps you like the red apple, but it's too round for you to carry. Either way, apple juice is a good choice. It is plain, but good all at the same time. Maybe it seems like something only baby Neopets drink, but if that's what you think, you're seriously missing out. It has an apple taste like no other and comes with an attractive reusable straw.

2. Baked Apple with Custard- 5,000 NP **** 1/2

Remember the baked apple I mentioned earlier? This one is even better than that one. The texture of the apple is wonderful and it comes with something even yummier... CUSTARD! Creamy, sweet, luxurious custard to be exact. So even if you're not a huge apple fan, this apple food is perfect for you. But why is it not rated 5 stars? Because of the price! Though this food is very good, it is not suggested for poor Neopians.

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for... The Best Apple Food in Neopia!

1. Apple Soup- 2,000 NP *****

When you first hear of it, chances are you're wary. (What is apple SOUP? Ew, fruity soup? I don't think so.) But when you finally get the nerve to try that first spoonful of Apple Soup, you'll no longer have bad thoughts like those. This soup has that distinct apple taste (that is both sweet and sour at the same time), but it also has something that most soups have: salt. That's what makes this the best apple food. The salt brings out the best qualities of the apple (I know, you're thinking, Salt and apple? Gross) without taking away other good flavors. This apple food is also pleasantly warm so you can eat it on those chilly days to come. Don't be scared off by the fact that it's in the Health Food Store; this is the best apple food!

Okay, now you know what the BEST apple foods are. But how are you supposed to know what to avoid? Here are the two to stay away from:

The Rotten Wormy Apple- 5 NP *

Hopefully, the name is enough to steer you away from this nasty things, but for you not-so-smart Neopians, this apple is not something that you want to eat. It is mushy, brown, and smelly: all things that apples shouldn't be. And don't get me started on the slimy green worm wiggling around in it...

The Sand Apple- 100 NP *

Yes, it does have apple juice in it and maybe since that's rated number three, you want to try this. But please don't. The sweet apple juice inside is not enough to make up for the icky, gritty, sandy texture that it has. Why would you want to spend your hard earned Neopoints on something like this when you could just as easily make it yourself?

So there you have it, The Official Guide to Apple Foods. I hope that you learned something about apples from this article. Hopefully I saved you from eating a rotten wormy apple!

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