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Stop the Abuse!

by __beren__


Abominable Snowballs are a misjudged petpet species; people get them only to feed to Turmy or zap, or other evil things I dare not mention in fear of souring your milk. So I bet you're wondering what the petpets did to deserve this? Well, the real reason is that they stood up to the meepits, but we'll go with the reason TNT would rather you hear: They're cheap. Incredibly cheap, but they have feelings too!

No one seems to think of Abominable Snowballs as something to use as a permanent petpet; they'd rather have Moltenores or Yooyus or other expensive petpets, and I really don't see why. You can buy Snowballs for all your and your friend's pets for the price of some of those more expensive ones. It's not like they're any less fun to own; they're fun and very intelligent. Why, one of my snowballs can even play flash games! They're very social and playful petpets, preferring to be with others of their kind, so if you're going to get one... why not spend a little more and buy it a friend?

Abominable Snowballs come in many different colors, from Spotted to the misjudged Yellow, and even pirate! Arr! so it's likely you can get one to match your pet. Look at my snow Grundo and his snowball, do they not match?

It is my belief that the Abominable Snowball is a very misrepresented petpet as well; they're one of the oldest petpets and let they have no items, no avatars, no anything but a few colors, which is one of the reasons people treat them so badly. Nothing to interest people!

Neopians think that the Snowball's plight cannot affect anything in the long run, but they're wrong. Snowballs are being eaten, turned to soot, and other nasty things faster than the wintery petpet shop can stock them! Many Snowballs have developed a dislike towards humans and Neopets, and who can blame them? Even now packs of vicious Abominable Snowballs roam Terror Mountain, devouring everything in their path! That may not seem like a danger, but I've seen groups of them take down whole Lupe packs.

If this keeps up, Abominable Snowballs will become but a memory, and then Neopians will wish they did something about it! So help the cause, and buy a chilly friend for your pet for many long years to come! Here, listen to what my pets have to say about their snowballs:


My snowball Bob and I have only been together a short time and already have become good friends; he sleeps with me, goes to neoschool with me, and has even learned to play Yooyuball with Mark's other pets and me. We can't use a real Yooyu, of course, but it's still fun!


My Plushie snowball, Pat, is a great lover of literature, reading books day in and day out. At first I wasn't sure she actually understood them, but I have to admit, she is one smart petpet, and wouldn't surprise me a bit if she did understand them.


My blue snowball, Tatter, is a very curious companion that just loves to explore Terror Mountain, discovering many small ice caverns where we've had many long hours playing. He even discovered a pack of wild snowballs that I think Mark mentioned earlier. He tried to befriend him but it didn't work out very well... we had to get out of there very fast.


My robot snowball, named after a popular robot in a movie my owner has seen, is very into mechanics, helping with my inventions and helping some of my friends that work at the Space Station fix spaceships. Above all he loves puzzles and riddles, sometimes working on them for hours.

See? Abominable Snowballs make great petpets and will provide your pets with hours of entertainment. How many Moltenores do you know can fix spaceships, or read books? Exactly.

Be sure to treat your snowballs with care; do not leave them outside in the summer, or let them get to close to fire, or anything hot. Wouldn't want a Abominable Puddle, would you?

Also, do not think the snowballs don't need much attention or care because they're made of snow. Play with them often and be sure to get the high quality petpet toys and furniture for them to play or sleep in. Though many snowballs will sleep in your pet's bed, make sure they never get under the covers, because that would be bad. Ideal beds and furniture are the popular Snow and Icy Beds, desks, rugs and such. It gives your snowball less of a chance to melt and makes them feel like they're back in their natural environment.

Abominable Snowballs can eat many different types of foods (besides anything hot, as mentioned earlier) but prefer cold and chilled food items, such as the food you can get at the Terror Mountain food shop. This type of food keeps them happy and healthy and ready to play all day long. :)

Repairing Your Snowball:

As many snowball owners have seen, Abominable snowballs can often lose snow or coal off their arms while playing, and many owners then think their petpets are now maimed for life, but this is not true! A little snow from Terror Mountain, a few small twigs, and a piece of coal or five can always be used to fix your petpet, something I daresay you can't do with your fancy Moltenores.

Now, I'm going to stop talking and let you go get your own little ball of snow for your pet, which I'm sure you've come to adore after my ranting and my pet's testimonies. If you're not convinced, try a Abominable snowball out for a week, and if you don't enjoy it as much as I think you will, you can sell it or always send it to me, because I'm always looking for new additions to my Snowball Pack. :D

For more information on the fight to save the snowballs, be sure to check out my Snot Grundo's petpage for more information, banners, and more!

I would like to thank all the members of Save The Snowballs for their support.

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