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Increasing Your Ten-streak Chances

by xxtoyxx


GAMES ROOM - Released for several months now, the Lucky Streak avatar has been one of the most elusive avatars existing in Neopia today. Keeping a streak of wins is just difficult to do. Even some top avatar collectors have yet to get this avatar.

I have been lucky one afternoon to get mine after my daily Bilge Dice fix. I play it every day as a daily 5,000 NP source. When I started parading at the avatar chat section of the Neoboards, some people started asking if I had tips to share with them.

At first, all I said was that it is purely dependent on luck. "You have to be lucky!" That is it. But then again, when I started getting some Neomails from other people who play Bilge Dice often, I see some patterns that we use in playing the game. Someone told me via Neomail that it was odd that she uses some of the non-basic principles I use.

Here are some tips and principles I used to increase chances of winning every round of Bilge Dice (and get that avatar eventually). I would assume that readers have a good grasp of the basics of the game Bilge Dice (get both qualifiers and beat the score of all opponents). This is also accurate given that the odds of drawing certain die is the same at the time I played it. So let's get lucky!

First roll tips

There are several situations in getting started in Bilge Dice. Here are some of them and how to deal with it.

1st situation: Qualifiers 1 and 4 present in the first roll

Case 1: Aside from the qualifiers, several '6' are present.

Action: Take qualifiers 1 and 4, and take all '6'. If there happened to be two '6' and a couple of '5', take note of the dice held by your opponents. If they don't have perfect hands (2/2 '6', 3/3 '6' etc.), '5's are worth keeping after keeping two sixes.

Case 2: No '6' are present.

Action: Roll again.

2nd situation: Only one of the qualifiers is present in the first roll

Case 1: Qualifier 1 is present.

Action: Take that qualifier. If there are '6'(s) in that roll, take one and only one. Roll again until you get the qualifier '4'.

Case 2: Qualifier 4 is present.

Action: Take that qualifier. If there are '6'(s) in that roll, take at maximum two of those '6'. Roll again until you get the qualifier '1'. The chance of getting a '1' is high in this game based on experience so you are bound to get it.

3rd situation: No qualifiers in the first roll.

Case 1: At least one '6' in the first roll:

Action: Get the six. If there are several '6', take a maximum of two '6'. Roll again.

Case 2: No '6'.

Action: This roll must be very unlucky. You must take the highest die and roll again.

Priorities and opponent woes

Here are some helpful tips on how to face the game after your first draw.

1. Once you have the two qualifiers, obviously your priority is to get as much '6' as you can. Roll for '6'! Do not settle for anything less than '6' unless there are only two spaces left in your hand.

2. Take time to check out what your opponents are holding. Do not waste time in drawing for numbers if your opponent got a perfect hand already. Accept your defeat and try again.

3. A '5' can be a friend if you already have a couple of '6' and both qualifiers. You may opt not to draw for another die if you think you can afford to settle for a '5'. On rare occasions, this works well also for a '4'.

4. Unless the round is very unlucky, do not settle to keep die whose values are 1, 2 or 3 (excluding qualifiers, of course). But if it is a must to take it, you just have to hope to be luckier next draw.

5. Know when to guarantee a win. If the highest completed hand of your opponents is 19, and you have a hand of 17 with one more die to go, and an unkept die with a value of '3', keep the '3'. Never roll again. You might end up getting a '1' and lose the round.

6. Know when to take risks. If you go on a tie at a score of '17' with one more die to go, and you have an unkept die with a value of '3', risk it by rolling. It is a 50/50 chance of getting 4/5/6 (or 1/2/3).

7. Observe if your opponents won't qualify. If you have been drawing for a while and one of your opponent kept on getting large numbers (and won't qualify), chances would favor you that he won't qualify. If this is the case, look at the next highest opponents' score and apply any of the tips above.

8. Do not double-click. Sometimes, the game is reset due to overclicking. There is no guarantee of retaining your streak after that error.

9. It is recommended that you play Bilge Dice everyday so that you can get the hang of the game. You can earn 5,000 Neopoints (sometimes more) max in this game daily. You can go for the streak even after earning that amount... good thing is you can play for free!

That's about it. These tips won't guarantee you getting the avatar, but these helped me when I tried for it. Of course, the fact is that you are supposed to be lucky to win the avatar. Always hope that good luck would visit you. Also, I remembered eating a light lunch when I played the game, I ate chicken sandwich and drank a glass of diet soda. Ten games after, I got the avatar! :)

The basic tip in winning the Lucky Streak avatar, of course, is win ten games in a row in Bilge Dice! It is that simple. Good luck! :P

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