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Petpets: The Weewoo

by neomaniac1603


Welcome to the third installment of the Petpet Guide. In this edition I will be dedicating the article to The Neopian Times mascot – The Weewoo

Weeeeeee…… Wooooooooo….

How can I obtain a Petpet? Well, buyable petpets can be bought VIA the Shop Wizard, Auctions or Trades. Unbuyable petpets can be bought VIA Trades or Auctions. You might want to try to find one in a price range of which you can afford. There are lots of cheap, cute looking ones, but there are also a lot of expensive, cute looking ones.

* * *

The Anatomy of a Weewoo

Here you will learn all about a Weewoo’s parts and how they function with each one.

The Webbed Feet – The Webbed Feet on a Weewoo allows it to be on its feet for long periods of time.

The Beak – The Weewoos beak has a great sense of smell. It can smell cookies baking from a mile away!

The Wings? – I am not really sure of Weewoos have wings or not. Maybe they are hiding from us?

The Eyes – You may think Weewoos have poor eye sight from their tiny eyes but you are wrong. Their sight is as normal as anyone else's.

The Feathers – The Feathers on a Weewoo are amazing. Their coat of feathers are prettier then any other Bird in Neopia. INCLUDING the Pteri :P

The Tail Feathers – Weewoos have long feathers behind them. They are quite sharp too. Well – The Mutant Weewoo doesn’t. It has a tail O.o

* * *

Weewoo Fact and Fiction

Here you can learn a few facts and a few tales that have been said about Weewoos.

Fact: Weewoos come from Krawk Island

Fiction: Weewoos are evil minions of The Little Nipper’s Shopkeeper.

Fact: Weewoos make a large musical sound that goes something like: Weee… Wooo. Which is how they got their name.

Fiction: Weewoos are slowly trying to take Snowflake out of power and become the ultimate leaders of The Neopian Times.

* * *

Weewoos from around Neopia

All around Krawk Island these cute little creatures can be seen hopping around.

There is also a ton of Weewoo and Neopian Times items that you can find around Neopia to buy for yourself. Neopian Times items are included because the Weewoo is the Mascot for Neopias one and only Paper:

Neopian Times White Weewoo Plushie – Any Neopian Times fanatic would simply not rest until they have this in their possession! If you’re afraid of giving your Weewoo a hug thinking you might hurt it, give this a squeeze. This item stocks in the Toy Shop and has a Rarity of 100.

Neopian Times Paper Rack – This item is perfect for any Neohome. Keep all your favorite Neopian Times all tidy with this rack. This Item stocks in the Furniture shop and has a Rarity of 88.

Neopian Times Note Book – The perfect item to write down any stories that inspire you through out the day. This item stocks in the School Supplies shop and has a Rarity of 88.

Neopian Times Poster – Another Furniture item no Neopian Times fan would be complete without. This item stocks in the Furniture shop and has a Rarity of 89.

Neopian Times Pencil Case – How Odd. This pencil case seems to be made out of out issues of The Neopian Times. This item stocks in the School Supplies shop and has a Rarity of 89.

I Love The Neopian Times T-shirt – Like the item’s description says: “The name really says it all…”. If you don’t have this T-shirt then you’re no real Times fan! This item stocks in the Clothes shop and has a Rarity of 90.

Neopian Times Mug – Quite like the Pencil Case. This mug has old Neopian Times Articles printed inside the glass. Cool, eh? This item stocks in the Gift Shop and has a Rarity of 90.

Neopian Times Quill – How Pretty! Write in style with this adorable Quill. This item stocks in the School Supplies shop and has a Rarity of 90.

Neopian Times Bean Bag – This Bean Bag is quite comfortable. It was made so that when you do sit down the black ink will not smudge on your clothing. This item stocks in the Furniture shop and has a Rarity of 91.

Framed Neopian Times – Show off your own Neopian Times in this lovely frame made only for Neopian Times entries. This item stocks in the Furniture shop and has a Rarity of 92.

Battle Quill – The Pen is indeed mightier then any sword. Battle in style using this rare weapon. This item stocks in the Battle Magic shop and has a Rarity of 100.

Neopian Times Coin – Wow, this sure is pretty – and rare! This item stocks in the Coin shop and has a Rarity of 100.

Neopian Times Star Avatar – Along with all of the items you can obtain for the ultimate Neopian Times collection you can also get a Neopian Times Avatar. You can obtain this avatar so that you can use it on the Neochat Board by getting 10 or more Articles, Comics or Short Stories published in the Neopian Times. This Avatar was made by none other then Neopias Avatar Queen – Snarkie.

Sadly there are no real offline merchandise items available to Weewoo/Neopian Times lovers :( Maybe referring the idea to Neopets will get them in their lab’s creating some? :D

* * *

Weewoo Coloring

Besides the Weewoos original coat you can also paint them in 11 different shades using that colors Petpet Paint Brush.

Currently Hasees come in: White, Pink, Grey, Plushie, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Sketch, Mutant, Robot.

White Weewoo: Simple. Elegant. This color Weewoo is The Neopian Times Mascot. Very pretty!

Pink Weewoo: Pink! Perfect for any female Weewoo lover :D

Grey Weewoo: Aww, this Weewoo looks really sad. Maybe you can cheer it up by giving it a huge hug? :)

Plushie Weewoo: WARNING: This is not a Stuffed Toy. Giving this Weewoo and enormous hug can badly injure it :(

Red Weewoo: Simple and cute. Nothing else can be said.

Blue Weewoo: The perfect shade. I personally love the color that was chosen for this Weewoo.

Green Weewoo: This color will allow the Weewoo to blend in with any green item in the outdoors.

Yellow Weewoo: Bright. Maybe it could be the mascot for Brightvale? :P

Sketch Weewoo: Woo… Sketchy :D Perfect for any Artist!

Mutant Weewoo: Bleh! This thing looks horrible. Why would anyone want to make their Weewoo into a mutant? :( Poor thing probably had no choice either.

Robot Weewoo: Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto... *cough* There’s something strange with this Weewoo. I think Dr. Sloth did something to it.

* * *

The colors suit each Weewoo perfectly. The shading is amazing – Who wouldn’t want to own them all?

The Winner for best color goes to… *drum roll* - WHITE!

It’s perfect. It’s simple. It’s every Neopian Times fan’s dream Weewoo!

Coming in close winning second spot is the Pink Weewoo *whistles* - Sure is cute!

Last but not least, the Robot Weewoo comes in Third. There is just something oddly strange with this Weewoo that freaks me out. I think Dr. Sloth corrupted the poor thing :(

* * *

Author’s note: Thank you for exploring my article. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Neomail me. I will be happy to answer them (that’s if I can :P)

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