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Who is Queen Fyora?

by lost_nyanko


FAERIELAND - Every month, a newbie may come along and say, "Has anyone ever heard of Queen Fyora? Who is she?" And every month, my heart tears and I sadly state, "Queen Fyora is the queen of Faerieland, and keeper of the Hidden Tower." My heart tears because she is the faerie I admire most. So I journeyed on to try to scratch up a few unknown facts about her, as she is a bit unknown to new fellow Neopians.

There is no Neopedia article about her, but I only met her once, only to check the price of a Baby Paint Brush. I saw her gallant royal purple sun dress, sparkling joyously with magic. Her purple mist-colored wings flutter proudly and brilliantly behind her. And she herself is calm and gentle. Sure, you may say, "But she always is rude when you enter the Hidden Tower. She always says, 'No, I don't do loans!' and I think that is a snotty and rude to say!" But she is just saying that she cannot do loans BECAUSE she is using the money you pay for things to better Faerieland. The exact quote is "...She is now selling them to raise money for Faerieland... can you afford the price???" I think King Skarl should do that too, considering he is a bit... moody. And I don't recall Faerie Queen Fyora being moody, right?

And keep in mind there are a few FALSE rumors about Her Majesty. Some say she herself is a mean old hag. I even heard once she used the money from the Hidden Tower to help the meepits attain world domination. Just ignore these useless rumors. The real Fyora is calm, quiet, kind, considerate, thoughtful, sweet... oh, the list would keep going and going, and then this would just be a long list of words that describe Queen Fyora, and then I wouldn't be able to tell you of Her Majesty.

And then in my research, I hit a sudden stop. It's like you waiting for the traffic light to hit green. And you wait, and you wait, and you wait. This was how I felt here. So, I halted my work for a while.

And after my research hadn't been going well for so long, one of my neofriends proudly stated, "It feels as if she is just a dusty Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll sitting on that high dusty shelf in your neohome, only admired for her fame." I pondered about that day and night, until I came to a solution. The solution was that if the new Neopians on Neopets don't know about Queen Fyora, but have heard about her, then I figured that the reason was that she hid in the Hidden Tower. I mean, if she left for 5 minutes, who knows what the Darkest Faerie could do? Steal all her items? Destroy all the remaining artifacts? Who knows. She might stay up 24/7 to keep an eye on the rare items. That long could make anyone a little grumpy, right? She was kind enough to give the Healing Springs Faerie a small part of the Everlasting Apple, too. She's not a mean, grumpy old witch now, is she? My traffic light then hit green. My work was being worked on once again.

So if you happen to take a peek into the Hidden Tower again, why not give Queen Fyora a hand-made card? She loves those just as much as that Squeezy Tombola Guy Toy in her tower. She might even love it so much she'll even put it in the Faerieland Castle Vault where her most precious belongings are. Fyora IS a warm-hearted faerie too, you know. She's not a mean, cruel Dark faerie. Or you could stop on by a local book shop and pick up Fyora's Favorite Foods and bake her a cake for all her efforts.

And don't worry... she'll make sure no one will take those Asparachucks you just bought! Not even Adam could lay his hands on those when Fyora's around!

And, if you don't know where the Hidden Tower is, just ask Celandra, the Queen's servant, where it is. Say you just want to buy an artifact. On the way there she will tell you some of the battles where Fyora took part and vanquished her foes. Your thoughts about Fyora might then change. She might hand you a book all about Fyora!

The only other information I could dig up was from an old trading card. This is more like a definition, but still read it anyway, as it IS part of my research:

"Fyora, the Queen of all Faeries, has ruled over Faerieland for as long as anybody can remember."

I also heard that if you pleased Her Highness, you would receive her glorious blessing. Her blessing is pink, not purple, as she could get really touchy if you say it's purple. Then there could be no blessing at all. Illusen could be that way if you said, "Wow! Orange magic!" when it turns out it is brown. Faeries always assume you know the real color of their magic, and you're not color blind!

So, if it comes to mind next time, pull that dusty old Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll sitting on that dusty shelf in your neohome, and pull her down and admire her for a while, just as Neopians always used to (and still do!), because, you never know when she might appear to you and give you that rare quest... right? And on top of that... when you complete that rare quest, will she give you that pink blessing?

And if you can't afford to travel to Faerieland to visit her, then go to the wishing well in Neopia and wish to see her. Your wishing efforts might then pay off!

So, my research has come to an end, as I can't find any more information on Her Highness. Just keep her warm smile in your mind and remember all the heroic battles Celandra told you about, and forget those nasty rumors.

And now, my research efforts of telling you all we know about Fyora has finally paid off.

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