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How to Take Down Hubrid Nox... Again

by khiimaster


HAUNTED WOODS - So... you tried many times, but you just couldn’t get the avatar, let alone a high score or even a score that is worth mentioning to the public. So you figure the new MAGAX: Destroyer II game won’t be any different to you. You will just continue to get the same low score while all those people getting the avatar and saying how easy it is continue to taunt you without knowing because you won’t get help. Well, for starters, my high score on MAGAX Destroyer was and forever will be 375 points. Now, on the new game my high score was easily 3640 points. So you can also get the avatar.


Well, you have the left arrow, the right arrow (so you can change directions), and the space bar which you use to shoot. If you want to go faster, hold the arrow down in the direction you want to go. This can help you avoid the fireballs that are thrown at you.

So what is different about the new game that makes it so easy?

Lots of things. You have only two enemies to worry about: the crazy Cybunnies that turn into that evil Hubrid Nox and the ghost Scorchios. You have to destroy a certain amount of ghost Scorchios each level. They are worth 10 points each and should be easy the first 5 or so levels as they mostly take only one hit to eliminate. Later on they get harder, taking more hits to eliminate. This starts around level 5 where you start needing to hit them twice instead of just once. As you get to this point you need to work well between the left and right arrows. You can quickly tap them back and forth to stay around the same position. This can help you when you have to hit the Scorchios many times to get rid of them. During level 8 the average hit goes up to 2, but there are quite a few that need 3 hits, so watch out for those ones as well. On level 9 the average goes up to 3 to 4 hits, but a few may take more so don’t let your guard down and charge onwards after just 3 or 4 hits. Finally on level 10 they get up to an average of 5 and up. So be ready for a long level and note that all average hits are the average I got while playing and you may need more or less hits than my given average on ANY level. Have about an hour to play this game if you want to get the avatar because there is no need to get so far just to have to close out of the game or quit just a few hundred points from the avatar. Another good tip is to stay in the upper half of the window. This way you can lower your chances of being hit by the Cybunnies, which I will talk about later. As the Scorchios move towards the top of the screen, face and shoot them. Then quickly turn back and get ready to turn around again if you want to shoot them a second time before they go back down to the lower part of the window. This helps you when you need multiple hits to get rid of them easier.

The Cybunnies... are they friends or foes? Of course you want to say they are your enemy, but then again they are key to getting that avatar or high score you always wanted. They are worth 20 points each and unlike the Scorchios, when you eliminate one, it doesn’t count towards your “Destroyed Total” and it is the only way you can get the avatar. I played my first time without knowing I could get rid of them, but when I didn’t get a high score and only got rid of one by accident I realized that I NEEDED to get rid of them along with the Scorchios. So I submitted my score and headed off to play again. Also, the nice Cybunnies keep Mr. Nox at bay. As long as they are a Cybunny you can hit them and get rid of them. Please note that no matter what level you are on it takes 4 hits to eliminate them, while as Hubrid Nox, their health can’t be taken down, so there isn’t a point in wasting your power trying. The advantage is now he won’t randomly appear out of thin air and hit you with fire or that ebil bubble. Plus the new (and only) attack he can do is throw fire at you. At first you would go back to all those times you died because the fire took your health down to zero. Well, now all it does is keep you from shooting. So you will never have to worry about losing control of MAGAX or losing all of his health from that evil fire.

Ghost Jubjubs have been added. So the game still may come out with updates before it is finally 100% to Theneopetsteam’s satisfaction. They are worth 1 point each and are small so they are a little harder to hit, but then again, you don’t have much of a chance to hit them so it is okay if you don’t hit them. They don’t tend to stay towards the upper or lower half of the screen. So after about 10 of them that I have seen, I think they follow a movement pattern like the Scorchios.

Health orbs are no longer worth any points. Sorry about that, but you will have to complain to TNT about that, but be nice. They did such a great job on the new version. Also, as you may or may not know, the health orbs disappear around level 8. So watch your health. So when you need health, always get a health orb. Also, if you are on fire and in need of health that orb will also get rid of the fire around you and you will be back to fight faster than if you didn’t get the orb.

Game strategy:

Well, in case you are here to improve your game or get the avatar and you don’t care about the changes, here is a good strategy that I am restating. As you start, Scorchios take one hit. So charge at them and hit them with everything you have. Sometimes you will have to hit them twice in the first few levels, but this is rare. Later when you need many more hits tap between the left and right arrows to turn around to keep from hitting the Scorchios, while staying near them to hit them. If you don’t really understand that, just go back and forth to stay close to the Scorchio, while avoiding being hit by one.

Watch the arrows; they can and WILL help you. If an arrow is staying in the upper half of the window it is probably a Cybunny so be prepared to hit it 4 times. If it is going everywhere (up and down from top to bottom), it will need to be hit at least once, but it might require more hits than that. You can hit enemies that you can’t see if you hit them as they go by. This can give you a jump on your enemies before they can hit you. It can be a little hard to time it just right, but as you get used to it you can use the arrows to determine when to fire to hit your enemies that you cannot even see.

Finally if you are in need of health and no more health orbs are showing up then there are two things you can do. You can either enter the 5th dimension and reprogram the game to have health orbs in all the levels, or you could do it the simple way. Find out the secret LEGAL code which can be found on a few secret petpages.

Good luck:

Well, good luck getting the avatar. And as I write this good luck getting the impossible Grandmaster score of 5000 points. Because the highest anyone has gotten is 4280 points. And remember, if you have an instant messenger up, sign out or put up an away message, turn off the sounds (unless you work better with them on), and if you get too stressed or mad at the game, take a break. You shouldn’t sit in front of a computer all day, but I do anyways. Again, good luck to all on ALL game avatars and if at first you don’t succeed try again.

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