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A Diary of a Grundo

by odonut


Day of Shoyrus in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Today the Kreludan Mining Corporation finally launched their new Minogear, which could now dig up to 2000 Kreludan rocks at one go. Isn’t that impressive? I wish I could drive it soon. Even if Orange Grundos are all for communism, we still have to wait, us younger ones.

The mighty dream of one day helping all other Grundos join us here as a free colony has never left me, and now it returns, stronger than ever.

This morning turned out to be great. Tylagar neomail-ed me and asked me about some slavery information, Uni-style. That meant that he forgot to post the letter with a stamp—the Eyrie postwoman who handed it to me was pretty annoyed too—as always. No offence against Unis in general, but must he always forget that?

But as if I would know about slaves anyway!

Mum told me too, this morning, that I actually had a distant cousin Blu on the Space Station. To think of that! Freaks me out a bit, though; he is a BLUE Grundo after all...

Mum told me to write to him, even gave me his address. As far as I know, he is a geek who works as a CLEANER under a distant relative of some Neopian in some weird place or other. The word GEEK just screams at me.

Oh well, I suppose I will have to write anyway.

Gotta go work now.

Love you lots,



Day of Aishas in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Well, I finally got round to writing to Blu after all. What with work at the mine, I am rather busy nowadays. However, it was actually quite fun writing to someone I hardly knew at all. I regarded it as a means to let off all my stress. I was quite polite, in case he turned out to be a cool dude. Hope he will.

Today at the mine there was a rare visitor. It was a student studying to be a Professor. His name was D’Arbit and he was a Shoyru from, hold on to your covers, Diary, ‘cause he was from MARAQUA!!!!!! Imagine that. I couldn’t be more surprised. As a matter of fact, he was really friendly, especially to us younger ones. He told me about his home in Maraqua; he lived in one of those bubble hostels, where he could, well, breathe. He came all the way up here ‘cause he wanted to know more about the ancestry of Grundos—that’s apparently what he had been studying all the while. We exchanged addresses. He promised to write soon.

I hope he does; work at the mine is getting more and more boring now. But Mom keeps me to it. Speaking of which, Mom’s calling me. Bye for now.




Day of Scorchios in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Blu replied! And he’s really cool too, likes the same books I love, the same music I rock to. Man, couldn’t that be more fun! He told me he’s really sick of his job as a sweeper of grounds, but his dad made him continue for the money to buy him a Neo-home when he’s old enough. He also mentioned visiting us someday, if he could ever get rid of his job, that is. I can’t wait! I want to show him what Freedom means, not working under some human who bosses you around.

Life here just gets worse, though. Mine work is really not fun now—Antenodal, the big ‘boss’, hogs all the time to use the Minogear, while all us young ones stare and turn purple with envy. I wish he could be nicer to us.

Tylagar wrote again. At least this time, the Eyrie reminded him of the stamp. Hah. Tylagar says he’s working for the Space Faerie now—lucky him, to be living in the Faerie Quest home. That really got me interested; Space is Space, after all. Hope that turns out fun for him—maybe even a visit up here? I want to see him in the flesh, not only as neomail-pals.

That’s it for now.




Day of Eyries in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Today D’Arbit wrote. Remember him? He’s the Shoyru from Maraqua. He told me he discovered a distinct link between Blue and Orange Grundos and also another link between Red and Green Grundos. Another likely link is between Purple and Yellow Grundos. That might explain why Blu is a distant cousin. Even if he was under, well, human rule.

I’m starting to think of running away from home. Antenodal’s demanding more and more of us—arrival at work at 5am in the morning, then leaving for home at 9pm. What sort of crap is that? I hardly have time to write! But Mom doesn’t care; she says I need the money for further education. Who cares about school? We have to go down to Krawk Island too.

Hmm... maybe I should plan an escape to Blu’s place. I’ll write to him about that. ;) They can’t stop me when I’m determined!

It’s almost 4.45am now. I have to go work.

Writing again soon,



    Day of Jetsams in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Blu replied. He wants to run here and work at the mining corp, imagine that! That’s what I’m running away from. I suggested switching places, but then everyone will notice, blue and orange, haha. I told Blu to stick to it, and also to try and negotiate with his dad a bit. I mean, you know, a more decent job or something? Sweeping the warehouse, that’s boring!

And Antenodal’s not a boss anyway; this is a communist state! He can’t boss us around.

But he does. He’s really a big bully. I wonder why none of us dares to stand up to him? I guess it’s that fierceness in him when he barks at us. I wrote to Tylagar and Blu about him. Hope they can suggest something nice.

Meanwhile, D’Arbit is positive that he has struck a codestone. He found an old diary while visiting the Space Station, and it has all the information about how we came to the moon, and all. Wonder if this diary is going to go down in history too?

Haha, nice thought there.



Day of Unis in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Blu and Tylagar both replied. Blu reckons I should stick up to Antenodal; he told me that most bullies are cowards at heart. Tylagar says that the Space Faerie once told him that bullies need to be LOVED. Cool them down with love’s healing balm, etc. etc. Gee, I hope that’s not true. However good I am, I can’t love Antenodal.

Blu’s idea, though—I could try that.

Anyway, I hope that Mom can stop nagging at me. After Bro left for Neopia to work in the Neopian Bank, she’s been in a state of despair—and taking out her anger on me! How unfair! I don’t believe it of her!

I’m going to write to Blu about that; hopefully he can help too.




Day of Kikos in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

I tried out Blu’s idea. It actually took me 3 days and 3 nights to have enough courage to do that! I told him that there was no way I am gonna take orders from him—ever again! He was just plain shocked, at first, but after a while, he snapped back to normal.

Man, you should have seen him!

“FLAVESCENS! WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?” His whole orange face was simply RED with anger! Woots for me! At that point, though, I was shivering (inside) in fear. Yet, the others stood up for me! Anisozy and Tera both told him that we had enough. He finally calmed down enough to think about it, and in the end, he actually BROKE DOWN AND CRIED!

I cannot believe it, neither could the others. We all stared in shock. And all this was due to my dearest cousin, Blu! I can’t believe I thought him a freak!




Day of Chias in the Realm of Grundos, Year of Lupes

Dear Diary,

Actually, the Space Faerie was right too. After we tried being friends with Antenodal, he turned out fine. He smuggled us into his uncle Fem’s Booktastic Books to read comics. He’s really fun too, told us loadsa jokes—though some were really lame.

I’ll tell you a really lame joke now.

A Really Lame Joke Now.

Geddit? That was Antenodal’s. In case you didn’t really understand, I said I’ll tell you “a really lame joke now”. Which is what I did.

I don’t really know why, but we all laughed!

Meanwhile on the Space Station, Blu finally talked his Dad into a better job! That’s really wonderful! He’s now working with a Buzz, part-time, at the Weapons shop. While he still needs to work long hours, at least the pay and conditions are better now. He won’t have to work that long before he can move out! (Then I can go for sleepovers too, hee...)

Tylagar’s Neomail arrived just now. He says the Space Faerie has completed her work at the Quest place, and seeing how he has been such a nice helper, she’s granting him 4 levels! That’s really cool! And also, he has a new device from her which can help him a lot. It says “STAMP” every time he finishes a letter, so he’ll never forget ever again to put on a stamp.

(Luckily for me too; no more Eyrie scolding the innocent me.)

D’Arbit says his teacher’s really pleased with him, and agrees to tutor him every day—for free too! That’s really good for him, seeing that he will be able to become a full fledged Professor soon. Then I guess that wherever he happens to teach, I’ll go there for my “further studies” that Mom’s so desperate for me to get.

Speaking of Mom, Bro returned for a brief visit yesterday. Which pulled Mom’s spirits up almost immediately, and that’s really good for me. All I hope is, through time, she wouldn’t go cranky again! *grins*

My life’s really getting better. Bro also told me he found an old Neohome, in Faerieland too, and he’s going to give it to me when I finish with my work at the Mine. So I can be with Tylagar almost every day, which is really too good to be true. I still can’t believe it!

My bro’s really cool.

Speaking of cool, what’s cool is this. Blu also said that he and his Dad might move here in the Year of Kyrii. That’s really... unbelievable! Imagine, Blue in the sea of Oranges. Haha, that thought set me off cracking with laughter.

Yet, with all the research D’Arbit came up with about Blue and Orange Grundos, maybe that’s what we’ll see—again—one say, Blue and Orange Grundo colonies living together. In fact, I hear there are plans by the headquarters for the Red and Greens to come together some day. Isn’t that surprising.

Anyway, work’s good, my life’s good, my friends are all really cool, their lives are getting better too...

What more could I ask for?

I feel like I love everyone today.


Flavescens The End

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