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Why Having a Gallery is Great!

by stealth_commander


GALLERY - Items sitting in your shop priced at 250,000NPs that people could see, not buy. Sounds ridiculous to some of you? Well, galleries are wonderful and great for numerous reasons. It is pretty interesting how a gallery can brighten your Neopian Life.

Basically, galleries are a collection of items arranged neatly in your shop and priced at unbuyable prices. Most galleries have a theme like Faerie or chocolate and have a nice layout to go with it. But why bother having them? Well that’s the point of this article, here I will tell you the various reasons why you should have a gallery.

Here’s the list of reasons … here we go!

1. Galleries are simply great!

2. They make you look great too.

3. It’s a wonderful way to wast- *cough* … spend those Neopoints you have stashed deep in the bank away from the Tax Beast.

4. One word - Addicting …

5. Motivates you to earn more Neopoints to buy more items for your gallery.

6. It’s something to be proud of too.

7. Make your Neopets account a little different from the others.

8. Showcase your collection your favorite stuff, for example, fruits like me.

9. An excuse to fill your gallery with pretty graphics.

10. And for once #9 is not useless and you might even get compliments for those graphics you made.

11. A gallery is a great passport to the SGC (Spotlights & Galleries Chatboard) where you can chat with your own kind – The people there are really nice.

12. Through your gallery, you can show people your personality and unique style.

13. Make some new friends in the process.

14. Gives you something to do in your spare Neopian time and spare Neopoints.

15. Feel a sense of satisfaction when your gallery look wonderful.

16. Enjoy reading the random Neomails about your gallery, good ones of course.

17. Sometimes, the bad Neomails … if you are not working hard enough.

18. A reason to come online to Neopets everyday – To work on your gallery of course.

19. Spend time refreshing the News page as though you were restocking.

20. Do #19 as you wait anxiously for the new items that may fit in your gallery.

21. Makes people think that you are rich.

22. … which will attract pathetic beggars.

23. Then enjoy laughing at them – It’s fun!

24. A gallery can also show your love for a particular group of item.

25. Prove to yourself that you can actually do something really well on Neopets besides annoying others …

26. Whine about the new Neopets layout affecting your gallery’s layout – Then get ticked off …

27. Laugh at those n00b mails about your “overpriced shop”.

28. Climb back onto your chair after rolling off the chair laughing at the n00b mails in #27.

29. Enjoy restocking at the shops where the items for your gallery are sold.

30. Scream for joy after getting an unbuyable when you are doing #29.

31. Scream also when you miss the stuff you want while doing #29 too.

32. Poke your brain while trying to think of a layout for your gallery.

33. Go to the doctor for poking your brain TOO hard.

34. A gallery is a great place to store and show your items – Treat it like your SDB.

35. Thinking and making a layout for your gallery is a great way to exercise your brains.

36. Doing #35 will also exercise your creativity.

37. Why are you leaving your Neopoints in the bank – Use them for your gallery of course!

38. Spend sometime looking around for stuff that goes into your gallery.

39. Having a gallery is like a hobby – Enjoy it!

40. You will also get to build a gallery webpage on a petpage if you want to.

41. Did I mention that you could get your gallery rated at the SGC to see how good you are.

42. Bah! At the SGC, you can find some competition when your gallery theme is the same like someone else's.

43. As a result of #42, you will spend more time to make your gallery better.

44. Help others by buying their “Hard to sell” items for your gallery.

45. Do #44 and get laughed at for buying those items.

46. Laugh at those in #45 when you win the Gallery Spotlight !!!

47. Feel wonderful as you now have a gallery good enough to have won the spotlight.

48. Your gallery won you a sparkly trophy on your userlookup.

49. When you won the spotlight, you will receive lots of Neomail.

50. Admirers make you feel good inside.

51. But the beggars will make you puke …

52. Clean up the computer desk after puking all over the place.

53. Then waste some time deleting the n00b mails.

54. Continue jumping for joy because your gallery got you the trophy – Hit the ceiling as a result.

55. Repair the ceiling you broke in #54.

56. Squeal some more after receiving the Neomail notifying you that you won a few days later.

57. Look at that trophy for hours.

58. Force others to admire it.

59. Boast about winning the spotlight at the chatboards.

60. Get eaten by others for annoying them by doing #59.

61. … There is no #61 because you got eaten already …

Well those were the 60 reasons of what to expect if you have a gallery sitting in your account. What are you waiting for, go make one! There’s are so many benefits and other interesting little things that you may experience in the process.

Why did I write this article? I’m trying to tell you how enjoyable owning a gallery and possibly winning the gallery spotlight is. I for one enjoyed every part of it both laughing at n00bs mails and feeling satisfied obtaining the items I need or reading a ‘fanmail’.

I would to thank tagandkiss, lissy_chan, princ3ssfa3ri3for3va and xbabyblueangel8x for contributing some of the ideas. And if you saw this article, it will be my first article for the Neopian Times.

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