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Finding the Perfect Petpet

by elizabeth676767


You've been on Neopets for quite some time now. You have lots of things, but you don't have a petpet for your pet. So instead you have given them one of those cardboard petpets you get in newbie packs. (Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that. *cough cough*) Suddenly your pet comes to you and starts whining. "Why can't I have a real petpet? I'm sick of that piece of cardboard that you call a petpet!" Of course being the loving owner that you are (or at least I hope) you decide to go and buy a petpet. Looking at all the millions and millions of petpets your head starts to hurt. Now before you go off and pick the first random petpet you see, you need to consider a few things.

1) Opposites attract (most of the time)

Most of the time opposites attract. For example if you had a sad grey pet, which would be better, a sad petpet or a happy petpet? The happy petpet, obviously! While the sad petpet would just make your grey pet sadder, the happy petpet will cheer them up. But please use your common sense. A little baby pet would not be happy with a Darigan Angelpuss. I know my baby wouldn't be. 2) Match!

Now just because a grey pet wouldn't be happy with a sad petpet, doesn't mean you can't color match! What I mean by this is instead of buying a sad petpet you could buy a grey COLORED petpet. A few examples of happy grey petpets would be an Altachuck, Blorpulous, Buzzler, Droolik, a Ganuthor and many more. There is also such a thing as pose matching. For example, putting a Halloween Blumaroo with a Halloween Baby Blu would look oh so cute! The reason is because both the Halloween Blumaroo and the Halloween Baby Blu look very much alike.

3) Think about where you live

Please before choosing a petpet consider where you live and where the petpet should live. Would you want to give your pet a robot petpet when you live in Maraqua? Or a Polarchuck when you live in the Lost Desert? Not unless you want a huge electrical shock or a dehydrated Polarchuck. On the other hand if you lived in Shenkuu and you got a Pandaphant then that would be perfect!

4) Personality

Another thing you have to think about is your pet's personality. If you have an evil pet, wouldn't he/she like an evil petpet? Or if you have a beautiful, spoiled, pampered pet, wouldn't she/he prefer a petpet that's cute and soft over a slimy one? I should hope so. Some examples would be of my pets. My evil mutant Buzz has an evil Barbat for a petpet. My sweet little baby pet has a very nice, kind, gentle Angelpuss. My crazy Shoyru has an insane Abominable Snowball. Even my spoiled Zafara has a petpet that matches her personality, a plushie warf that helps her put on her makeup. Remember think about your pets' inside, not just their color.

5) Don't forget responsibility!

Remember having a petpet is a huge responsibility. They need to be fed, cared for, played with, and shown affection. If you don't think your pet could handle it, then don't get the petpet. If your pet is the kind that spends all day on the sofa, leaving you all the work to do, then you should rethink the petpet idea. If your pets are just the type to forget things, that's not good either. Or if they just get grossed out about petpets' waste, then they are not ready for a petpet.

6)It's not all about your pet

Keep in mind that it's not only your pet who has to like the petpet. If a Slorg makes you turn green, then don't get it. If a Meowclops gives you nightmares, then tell your pet no. You're the one buying the petpet. However, if your pet loves the petpet so much that it pains them to let go of it, then get over your fears and buy the petpet. Or make a compromise; for example: You can get the petpet if you keep it away from me. (Try to be nicer then that.)

7) Staying on budget

I am sure that most of you are not millionaires. So let's focus on keeping your money from escaping your pockets. However, you don't want to come home and give your neopet an Abominable Snowball, while they look up at you with puppy eyes and you mutter, "It was only 1,000." Let's see what kind of owner you are:

Very poor: An Abominable Snowball might just be what you're looking for.

Not that poor: A 4,000 or 3,000 petpet might be good here like a Puppyblew or an Angelpuss.

Normal: A 6,000 or 9,000 petpet would be nicely fit your budget, like a Snorkle or a Bloop.

Rich: A 10,000 or 12,000 petpet would be wonderful, like a Powtry or a Baby Blu.

Very Rich: A 20,000 or a 50,000 petpet would make your pets happy, like a Tasu or a Taigar.

Millionaire: A 100,000 to 1,000,000 petpet would make your pets the envy of the neighborhood, like a Meepit or a Meowclops. Keep in mind if you are very poor, you will obviously not be getting a meepit anytime soon. Stay in your budget. 8)Petpets have feelings!

Please, please, please, petpets are not one use items. They are pets to your pets. If your pet is just thinking of this as a one time thing, then DON'T buy the petpet. Petpets have feelings. They want to be loved to, not just put on display or thrown some corner in the SDB! Make sure that your pet will take care of them.

We have reached the end of this article. Now that you have read this I hope that you will make the right choice when choosing a petpet. Remember what I have told you, and hopefully your pet will love their new petpet. Good Luck!

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