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Oh Brother!

by rontu94


Here's a shout out to all you fighting siblings out there! ;)

“Ahhhh! The sweet sound of silence. ‘There’s no noise sweeter than no noise at all’, as I always say.” Zooroona, my electric Kougra, chuckled to herself.

     SWOOSH! A streak of yellow flew across the room and landed upside-down in the corner, knocking a lamp off the dresser at it came in for a crash landing. It could be only one thing... Arookanai.

     “Arookanai! You overgrown canary! How many times have I told you not to fly around in my room? Oh yeah, I remember. 3 billion!” Zooroona yelled at her annoying Eyrie of a brother as he recovered from his landing.

      “Sorry Zooney! But it’s raining outside, and I just had to fly somewhere. Mom won’t let me fly in the living room, because she doesn’t want me to break anything or hurt myself,” Arookanai whined.

      “Well, for one thing, you did break something, but it sure wasn’t in the living room!” Zooroona said as she pointed to the broken lamp on the floor.

      “Oops!” Arookanai said plainly.

      She sighed and walked over to pick up the shattered remains of her lamp. “Why don’t you just fly around in your room?” she asked.

      “Are you kidding? If I flew in my room, I might break my prized Crystal Eyrie Sculpture! And it looks just like me! Why would I want to do that?” he pointed out.

      “Oh, so you’d rather break my stuff than yours?” Zooroona asked with a tint of anger growing in her voice.

      “Umm, yeah! And my sculpture is fifty times more valuable than some dumb old lamp!” Arookanai snapped.

      “Dumb old lamp?! My friend gave me that lamp! And you are way too young to be a smart-aleck, so I suggest you shut your little beak!” she spat back.

     “Are you calling me little?” he asked.

     “Yep! You are just a little chick! ‘Cheep cheep!’” she teased.

      “Yeah, well at least I don’t talk like this, ‘OMG! I know! He is soooo cute! I can’t believe he actually talked to me! Hee hee!’” he teased in a girly voice.

      “I don’t sound like that! But you sure sound like this, ‘SQUAWK! SQUAWK! LOOK AT ME! I THINK I’M SO SMART, BUT I’M REALLY A STUPID IDIOT!’” she screeched.

      “Yeah, well... what do you say to this!” He tore her autographed Wock Til You Drop poster off the wall and... RIPP!

      “Why you little...” she said through gritted teeth. She picked up the pieces and put them in her dresser drawer, then turned around and stared at Arookanai with her eyes blazing like fire and her fangs bared. She approached him and stood over him like a skyscraper.

     He shrank down into the corner and whimpered, “I’m sorry! I’ll never touch any of your stuff again or fly in your room again if you can just spare my life! Please!” She just growled and stood up taller. “What are you gonna do?” he asked.

     “What am I going to do? What am I going to do!?” Her mouth slowly curved into a smile and she said, “I’m gonna do this...”

     She suddenly raced out of the room and into Arookanai’s bedroom. “Oh great!” he said as he flew after her. He found her standing on his bed with a malevolent grin on her face. “What are you doing?” he asked anxiously.

     She looked over at the Crystal Eyrie Sculpture standing in the middle of his room and smiled.

     “You wouldn’t,” he said.

     She nodded and smiled even more.

     “Oh No!” he cried.

     “Oh yes!” she yelled as she took a flying leap for the sculpture. He flew for his sculpture, but it was too late. CRASH! His prized possession was missing its head, one wing, and two paws.

     “AAHHHH! Look what you did! That was my most prized possession!” he screeched.

     “Oops!” She snickered sarcastically.

     “I’ll get you for that!” he yelled as he flew back into her room.

      “Oh no, you don’t!” she yelled back at him as she raced after him. He landed on her bean bag and tore it open with his razor sharp talons, spilling beans everywhere.

     “MY BEANBAG!” she screamed. “That tears it!” She leaped onto him and dug her claws into his back.

      “GET OFF OF ME!” he screeched at her.

      “Nope!” She dug her claws in harder. “OUCH! ZOONEY! GET OFF! THAT HURTS!” He struggled to fly to freedom and managed to get off the ground. He flew through the door, and Zooroona slammed her forehead on the door and let him free of her grasp.

      They both fell to the ground, but wasted only a moment. Arookanai ran as fast as he could into the living room where Rontu94 was quietly reading a book by the fire with Raikhuu, her Blue Bori, and his hermitesse Rukhan on the rug beside her doing a puzzle.

      “MOM! HELP!” Arookanai screamed as he came racing through the hall.

      He lifted into the air and headed for the space above the Christmas tree.

      “GET BACK HERE, TWERP!” Zooroona yelled.

      She leaped into the air after him when Rontu94 spun around and yelled, “STOP!” They both turned to look and went flying straight into the Christmas tree.

      They wrestled around and knocked pictures off the walls, statues off the mantelpiece, and lamps off the tables.


      Slowly the fighting stopped, and they both lay there in the wreckage gasping for breath and moaning in pain. “What were you guys thinking? Fighting like that and tearing each other to pieces?” Rontu said.

     “But Mom... OUCH... he... OUCH... started it!” Zooroona said.

     “It doesn’t matter who started it! All that matters is that you guys hurt each other. Now I know we have our differences, but we just need to get past them, or you will both end up with injuries more serious than what you got this time!” Rontu lectured. “Now... where does it hurt the most?” she asked with a sigh.

     “Right here.” Arookanai pointed to the gash on his back that Zooroona dug into.

     “Ouch! That’s gotta hurt. It might need a couple stitches. Anywhere else?” she said, observing him closely.

     “Nah. Just a little sore, that’s all,” Arookanai replied.

     “Oh. Well, a healing potion and a hot cup of cocoa will fix that,” Rontu said with a smile. “Are you hurt, Zooney?” she asked Zooroona.

     “My paw hurts pretty bad. I think I landed on it on that last crash,” Zooroona said, holding her paw.

     “Hmm... you might’ve sprained it. Why don’t we go let Doctor Gelert check you guys out?” she asked.

     Zooroona got a splint for her paw and Arookanai got five stitches. “I think I have found a punishment suitable for your behavior,” Rontu said.

     “Okay. Let us have it. I’m sure that whatever you give us will be a good punishment,” Zooroona said.

     “Speak for yourself!” Arookanai muttered to himself. “Alright. What is it?” Arookanai asked.

     “If you guys want to be entertained, then you will have to bond with each other. That means, no music, friends, concerts, or anything else. I hope that relying on each other for entertainment will push you guys closer together and teach you a lesson,” Rontu said.

     “Aww man! *sigh* For how long?” Arookanai whined.

     “A week. End of story,” Rontu said.

     A few weeks later, after Zooroona and Arookanai’s injuries were healed and their punishment was over. Zooroona and her red Ixi friend Fyoraelia were reading magazines and talking in Zooroona’s room when a yellow streak went flying past them.

     Zooroona rolled her eyes and said, “Oh brother!”

The End

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