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Ghost Pets

by mikewavemaster


You are walking along, and see something run past you. A bit shocked, you look harder at the figure running. It's a.... Ghost Lupe! You run up to it, ready to hug it and bring it home, when it growls. "Hey! I have a owner... and you don't seem to know a lot about ghost pets anyways!" the Lupe barks. You back away, a bit dazed, and look for the owner. The ghost Lupe sits down, a smirk on its face. He seems to find you amusing! You hold your head high and cross your arms to show you have power. The Lupe just laughs. "Heh, if you're trying to look like Adam after he ate twenty Asparacones, you are!" he says, laughing. You sigh, and see the owner.

Me: Hello Neopian Times readers! Today, I would like to talk about ghost pets. Here with me today, (or night) is my wonderful ghost Lupe, Levantamiento! Now, I completely adore Lev, and all ghost pets... Their ghostly features, their red eyes, and even the fact that they're transparent! But... There are some downsides to ghost pets. You see.... They're sort of, erm... Well, you can walk through them. Giving Lev a bath is not the simplest thing, let me remind you... But ghost pets are tons of fun. Alright, let's talk a bit about what they eat.


Not every ghost pet is the same, but they all like the same sort of foods. Ghost pets like some Altador foods, believe it or not. They also have very good taste. Ghost pets can be offended/enraged if you feed them the wrong foods... So be careful. The last thing you want is to anger your beloved pet. Oh! I also forgot to mention that ghost pets tend to like ice foods, and some exotic fruits. Weird, eh? But, who am I to judge them? I'm just here to tell you about these wonderful pets. Be sure to feed them regularly, as they will get rather angry if you don't. Now, as of drinks... Stick with slushies. Ghost pets love them, but try to go with the exotic flavoured ones.

Lev: *chomps on ice pop* Yum. And the best part is, you can watch it go through you! *looks at belly*


Are you interested in getting your ghostie a petpet? Well, they feel right at home with ghost ones... but also like reptiles. I recommend Crocalus.... They are a bit picky and snappy at times, but are very nice. But of course, if you're looking for more of a, well, less dangerous one, I would get a Zomutt. They are loveable, friendly, and loyal!

Lev: Yeah, but Mike will not buy me a zomutt, because she's so poor-

Me: Ok!!! That's enough... Uhh, let's move on, shall we? ;D


I'm just going to put a few things about what they like to wear, because that crazy neopets staff made some wearable clothes! 8D

Ghost pets like chains, ripped clothing, etc. Stick to the greys and blacks, or even golds. But nothing pink. Don't even try to get them to wear pink, Okay? Trust me, I know. But sometimes, they like to show their soft side... My ghost pet just loves the Winter Blechy Hat. It is warm, colourful, and-

Lev: Makes you look like you're being eaten by a Blechy! (laughs)

Me: Um, yes... Anyways, ghost pets are not very picky when it comes to clothing, but nothing bright, please. Do you hate bright, overly peppy font? So do ghost pets.


Ghost pets are very smart... Be warned, many like to pull pranks on people. You must make sure a ghost pet doesn't leave and run around Neopia causing havoc among players, but they also need wide open spaces to run. They also like swimming, so be sure to build some sort of pond. Ghost pets also like cool colours... Such as blue, dark purples, and blacks according to their personality. My ghost Lupe can be very grumpy sometimes, and when they're like this you must leave them alone. Otherwise, they may take their anger out on you....

Lev: Rawr!!!!!

Me: Eeep!

What they look like:

Ghost pets have blueish, silver grey fur that shines in the night. Some pets, like Draiks or Koi, have shimmering ghastly scales. Some ghost pets even have horns or wings! They all share one thing in common, however- they all have red eyes! Now, red eyes is not a bad thing. Their eyes help them see in the night, and track down meepits! *shifty eyes* They're planning... the meepits... I know it!

Lev: Um, yeah... 0.o Everyone knows TNT just made those things up to scare us- AHHH!

Meepit: *stares evilly* You are not prepared!

Lev: *runs away screaming*

Me: heh, what did I tell you? (:

How to get a ghost pet:

So, how do you get one of these pwnfull pets? Well, there are many ways. The first way is to get a ghost paintbrush for 90k like I did! I actually traded my ghost petpet paintbrush and about 15k to a very nice person for one, but that's not the point. You can also get a morphing potion. These tend to differ in price. Anyways, let's move on to the next way. The lab. Now, would you dare to zap your poor pet, just to hope for a lucky zap? I mean, look at the mad scientist there... I don't know about you, but he seems rather... um, crazy. So, you could zap... or adopt one from the pound! Aw, look at the poor little ghost pet- Darn! Someone else got to it before you. So be quick; otherwise your dream pet might get a different owner... And it wouldn't be you.

Lev: I was painted! Yay! ;D

Me: So, there you have it. Ghost pets are wonderful pets, and tons of fun! (results may very) 8D

Thanks for reading... First time in the NT! Yes!!! if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, just drop me a neomail! Bye, and thanks!


Meepits are coming for you!

REAL moral:

Ghost pets rock!

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