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Munch Your Way to the Top or Well, Bottom...

by coridabrat


I am writing this to help Neopians succeed in Snowmuncher. Snowmuncher isn't easy - but once you get some things down, it's not that hard. You just need to be dedicated and have patience and practice. I am not that good at this game. I do not have a trophy. I have no idea how some people get past 10k in the game; they must be really good. Well, here it goes....

The Scoring:

In Level One:

Every single block of snow is worth 1 point.

Rocks are worth 1 point as well (but they take away 10% seeing as you must munch them twice, once to break, once to eat).

The Bloat-B-Gone medicine is worth 1 point. You MUST get this to stay alive.

The Green Gems are worth 100 points. In the later levels don't risk a life for them.

Starting in Level Two:

The Purple Gems are worth 200 points (watchout for the Snow Wurms though).

Starting in Level Three or Four:

Eyeball blocks are worth 10 points (but take away 5%).

The brain block thing you see is worth 20 points (but also takes away 5%).

And the clock adds on about 15 seconds and is worth 1 point (it takes away 5% as well).

General during game play:

Remember to ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR TIME & BLOATING INDICATOR! If you don't, you will more than likely lose all your lives early in the game. Always go down the middle, it is the best path to choose, for easier access to the Bloat-B-Gone Medicine and the gems. Try and stay in the middle throughout the game. Be quick when moving under blocks, but take your time to plan out what you will do. You have 90 seconds per level - which is just enough. Now the Bloat-B-Gone medicine takes away 50% of your bloatness (this helps a lot) and every colored snow group adds 5% to your bloatness. So if you have 30% and a Bloat-B-Gone medicine is just a bite away - don't get it just yet. Munch a few blocks of snow (go for the groups of a snow color together) until you're at 45%, then munch the one blocking the medicine, then get the potion, and you'll go back to 0%. Every single block of snow counts for 1 point. The more you get, the better! Remember, when a snow block falls, if it touches its color and forms a group of more than four, you'll get points for them.

The Levels:

Level One - This level is the easiest. Only 50 meters (rows going down) until you complete it. The only thing that is in this level is the snow blocks, green gems and Bloat-B-Gone Medicine. In this level, get all the gems and Bloat-B-Gone Medicine. It is the easiest level to do this in, and this will raise your score. If you absolutely can't, then just restart. You are at the beginning anyway. Once you get down to the bottom, check your time and bloat percentage, If you have enough time, munch away any other snowblocks for a few seconds, then go down and... congrats, you have completed level one.

Level Two - You have to go down 60 meters to complete this level. It's the level that introduces the Snow Wurm and the Purple Gem. To get the Purple Gem from the Snow Wurm, get the piece of snow that is below the Snow Wurm's block; this frees the Snow Wurm, but also the Purple Gem. Watch out for the Wurm. He will move around - slow, though. Get your purple gem. To kill the Wurm, either squish him under a block, or just keep going down until he's out the screen. Don't go too too far for the gems now. Only get the gems that are within range, or don't look too dangerous to get. But you'll have to go far for the Bloat-B-Gone Medicine; even if it's out of your reach, YOU MUST GET IT! Do the same thing once you get to the end as in level one. Then, congrats, level two is completed!

Level Three - I think this level is pretty much the same as two - the only difference between these two is that level two has 60 meters, and this one has 70. And in this level you gain a new color of snow to make things more challenging. The clock appears in this level. Do the same thing in this level as you did in level 2. And congrats, you have completed this level as well.

Level Four - This level is a lot harder then the previous ones. It also has the eyeball block and the brain thing block - you don't really need those. They are only worth 10 and 20 points, and each add 5%. You must go down 80 meters to complete it. Just be careful; don't go for the green gems unless you don't have to munch any snow to get them, and don't go for the purple gem, unless it is just a munch away. But go after the Bloat-B-Gone Medicine no matter what!!

Level Five - This level introduces the whiteish snow blocks, so now you have yet another color. And you have to go down 90 meters to complete it. It is an extremely hard level; just go after the Medicine and purple gems (if they are a munch away). Forget the green gems totally, unless of course you do not need to munch anything to get them. Be quicker in this level too - more meters means it will take you longer to get to the bottom. Remember you only have 90 seconds!

Well, remember all of this and you will master the first five levels and understand the game a little better. There are many more levels after these... just like Level Five, but with more meters. And do not forget to always be calm and careful; they are musts!

Enjoy and Good Luck Munching!!

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