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Sweets, Treats, and a Tooth Faerie Visit

by lemonlovingcutie


Are you searching for that somewhat hard to obtain Tooth Faerie Avatar? Well, when in doubt, eat your heart out!

Sugary candies and chocolate covered fruit have taunted the Tooth Faerie for ages. Do you know the feeling when you have just had a bite of toffee and it gets nudged between your teeth ever so much? Well, that feeling may just be your key to attracting the Tooth Faerie. She not only will bestow the lucky toothless wonder with some loose coins but now and then she will even delight you with a shiny new avatar to flaunt. All this and more, including warm fuzzy feelings, can be yours by simply sending your taste buds on a sugary rampage.

How can you obtain these delectable delights? Well, there are various ways. Due to a high supply in demand the Neopian Bazaar has opened three shops that sell treats to your liking. These shops include:

The Chocolate Factory: Great for all your chocolaty needs.

The Bakery: Cookies, cupcakes, and cakes are guaranteed to be fresh made and hot from the oven. That is, if those winged ovens do not take flight.

The Fresh Smoothie shop: These fruit based treats may be healthy to the untrained eye but deep down they hide at least a spoonful of sugar.

Below is a guide to the most addictive and satisfying treats that will ease your loose tooth pains. Beware; readers may just gain a craving to chocolate or something sweet.

Chocolate Cannon Ball

This chocolate sphere is filled with an intense Tchea flavored cream. The outside is covered in the richest milk chocolate and is dappled with toffee bits. This little dandy was rumored to be invented around the time of the Maraquan War. The Krawk Islanders were fooled into using these treat cannon balls as actual weapons. When they were shot out of their cannons, the Maraquans simply held their mouths open; this technique not only helped them reap in the winning advantage, but to also gain a bulge in their belly.

Chocolate Chia Jam

When this Jam is heated, it forms a mouth watering syrupy mixture. Adam will agree that it is best when mixed with flavored Borovan. This Chocolate Chia Jam is highly regarded by Lupes from all over Neopia. Many will claim that it is best applied to toast but the more adventurous of connoisseurs will enjoy adding it atop a gracklebug, though results may vary.

Chocolate Grape Fondant

Trick the Tooth Faerie with this faux health food. This treat is cleverly disguised fruit, grapes, which is then smothered in drool-dropping chocolate. What better treat is there around? Ah, that was a trick question, there is none other! The local health pharmacy worker will claim it even cures the sweet tooth. Demand has overtaken supply for this delightful snack; it is hard to find, but the chase makes it that much more satisfying. Or does it...? This is a must have for holiday parties.

Thick Chocolate Soup

Achoo! Those who are under the weather are in dire need of something warm and soothing to the throat. Soup is the most desired choice by all who are ill. But what happens after the injured has his or her main course of soup? Do not fear, for dessert is once again an option to all! Those who are suffering from the nasty Sweet Tooth find this thick mixture to be an instant cure. The warm essence and aroma emitted from this soup will allow your nostrils to do their own dance for joy, while healing in the process. It is a delight to the weary and an aide to all.

Dark Kiko Chocolates

These treats are perfect for on the go snackers. There are thirteen chocolates per box, making it easy to send about to diverse locations. From the snow covered peaks of Happy Valley to the tree tops of Mystery Island, friends and foes will flock around you in hopes of catching a morsel of these dark chocolates. Those who eat these are advised to avoid eating the Kiko bandage which is a decoration on the box; it does not taste too sweet, or good for that fact.

Angry Cinnamon Roll

While this treat is drenched in icing, it is also a vicious creature. Those who have enough courage to eat this treat are begged to do so with caution. Munch munch munch--those could be the last sounds you hear before this dessert takes a nibble out of you. Do not worry, there are ways to calm this roll down; some have even been able to teach it to do a cinnamon roll over. Haha... get it? Roll over. Oh never mind.

Banana Split Swiss Roll

As the description says: This is no ordinary swiss roll... it’s a beast!

It is indeed a beast of a dessert. This ordinary swiss roll is not only covered with three scoops of strawberry flavored ice cream but also a sweet butter sauce and two cherries are adorned atop this mammoth creation. Those who tend to be picky eaters will find this dessert to be a joy; it has a little bit of everything one can imagine. Who could find fault with such a picture of perfection?

Jelly Doughnut Smoothie

One moment please... tick... tock... tick... tock. Ahem, sorry about that, I was just having a taste of this Smoothie. Many may say that smoothies are more commonly known for being fruit flavored, although few have heard of a smoothie being jelly doughnut flavored. While you may be skeptical, I would like to inform you that there is nothing to lose with this treat. Your taste buds will be going on a jungle adventure of flavors, and it will be a trip you will never want to end. No fruits were harmed in the making of this doughnut. In fact the fruits were tickled so that they squirted the juices out to make the jelly flavoring, or at least that is what I am told.

If these treats are not to your liking, then do not fear, for Neopia is home to hundreds of cookies, cakes, and chocolates. All of these treats have been taste tested by the highest ranked Neopian connoisseurs and are recommended for those who are not as sweet savvy. With a little help from your own personal sweet tooth you too can have visits from the Tooth Faerie every day if need be. The lawyerbot has recommended that I also promote the benefits of tooth brushing and cleaning... but let’s not and say we did.

Thank you for your attention and let your nights be filled with visits by a Tooth Faerie friend.

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