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The Legendary Books of Neopia

by kippykat64


BOOK SHOP - There is a various collection of books in Neopia which all have their own quality and their own theme. Some books in Neopia are more rare than others, some more expensive, and some are just more unique. Most books in Neopia you can find in the bookshop in Neopia Central, the Neopian mall. This is where most books are found and bought mostly for a much less and inexpensive price compared to what Neopian people put in their shops for. Books have always been useful for making Neopians’ pet’s smarter or for galleries or even for selling for a higher price. Books are very important to our world in Neopia. Though some of the books in Neopia have more than just quality, or are more expensive. But some books in Neopia are in fact legendary, old, and have made history. The legendary books of Neopia are treasures and historical and are an honor to have in our possession. There is quite a list of the historical books of Neopia too, and here I have brought to you the long and wonderful list of the ancient, legendary books of Neopia:

1. Ancient Book – Yes, the ancient book is on the top of the list, of course, this is in no such order. This book is old, dusty and yet is one of the most treasured books in Neopia for it is one of the oldest and most historical. It is so old that every Neopian that has ever tried to decipher the ancient text and writing of this book has failed because this book is so old and crumbling that you can barely read it. If any Neopian has this book, good luck trying to read this to your pets.

2. Bitten Book – Believe it or not, the bitten book is a legendary Neopian book. It is now too bitten and old to read of course. This book became legendary because had been bitten so long ago that is was announced as one of the oldest fossilized markings Neopia had ever seen. So then it became treasured for it’s mark of history.

3. Book of Bones – The book of bones is only legendary because of its mysteries. The book of bones is nothing but a mystery for there has never been a Neopian that has actually read this book, nor has there ever been any person that had ever figured out who wrote the book. It is said to be about after life or death, but no Neopian really has a clue. So Neopians Beware, reading this is a dare.

4. Bound Magic Book – This is such an ancient book that contains spells even ancient old Edna has forgotten. This book is old and has important spells that should remain in this book and never to be performed. Edna is one of the creatures that owns this book, for she reserves the right to have and protect such a dangerous book with such influencing spells that could change Neopia forever if this was ever opened or put in the wrong hands.

5. Chained Book – Goodness knows why this book has been changed, but it must mean that whoever chained it up, did it for a sensible reason. There must be something in this book to remain hidden or something that should remain a secret. Even those that have tried to open it have not been successful, for some sort of force has kept it closed tightly. Well, what ever is in this book is a mystery and shouldn’t be touched. This book was meant to be locked from the eyes of Neopians forever.

6. Book of Vision – No Neopian has ever said that they have enjoyed having this book. The Book of Vision has always been said to be staring at you, when others just say it is a myth. If you are one of the brave Neopians that own the book of vision, you may have your own thoughts on what this book can do. Well, what ever it does do or what it doesn’t, it sure has its eye on you.

7. Book of Ice Magic – This book was once in the library of Taelia the snow faerie. She was the first one to own this magical book of ice. This book contains ice spells and crafts that are powerful and sometimes even dangerous. The book has been used to make the weather at Terror Mountain snowy all of the time and if not snowy daily then hailing. Anyone who owns such an enchanted book should keep it under safe keeping.

8. Locked Book – This book is quite similar to the chained book. The only difference really is that this book was said to be a diary of someone who really didn’t want people to read their thoughts. Even though, nobody really knows whether this is a diary, nor do they know what the chained book is about, so for all the Neopians know, they could both be someone’s diaries.

9. Book of Pain – This book was believed to be one of Dr. Frank Sloth’s himself. This is legendary for being written by the most evil villain in the entire of Neopia. A brave Neopian read it in one of the earliest times and he claims it being about the ways of suffering Dr. Sloth has been planning for the Neopets and people of Neopia. He says that the gruesome and grotesque of it all was excruciating and painful to read.

10. Scaled Magic Book – Strangely this book feels wet and cold even though it has been sitting lonely on a dusty shelf for ages. It has never quite lost its feeling or sliminess. It is mostly about the magic of water faeries and their enchanting tails and the kind of magic they perform.

11. Book of Sea Spells – This once belonged in the private collection of the water faeries, but became more public than private. This book is about the healing powers of the water faeries and their ways of magic and spell binding. This is legendary for carrying ancient sea spells written down by water faeries.

12. Book of Splinters – This book has amazingly made it on the list. This book is considered a legend because of its covers being the oldest pieces of bark and wood from the oldest trees in Neopia. This is the only real reason it has made it on the list. Any other reason would only be because every Neopian that has ever read this has gotten splinters.

13. Solid Steel Book – This book has made history for being the heaviest and toughest book in Neopia. This book weighs about 2 tons and any Neopian that has ever tried to open it has strained a muscle.

14. Book of Symbols – This book is a translation book from Sahkmet to Neopian language. It is an ancient book brought from the Lost Dessert written by the old and wise Coltzan. He had written this book for the poor Neopians that couldn’t understand the ancient language of Sahkmet, which was very important to the dessert people.

15. Warped Book – This book is a legend for having the most unreadable text in the entire of Neopia. The text is so unreadable because of having been left in the rain and having such slanted, curvy pages.

16. Extinct Neopian Languages – This book contains the many lost languages of Neopia which is important because the history of ancient languages rests in this book. This book even has history of the ancient civilizations of Neopia. This is probably one of the most important books in Neopia and one of the most honorable to own.

17. Princess Vyssa's Diary – This book is very ancient and every Neopian could tell because first of all, nobody even knows who princess Vyssa is and secondly, she was a princess, which we haven’t had in Neopia for many of years. Only Meridell has royalty heirs and such. Also, nobody even remembers a princess getting accused of murdering her own father. Maybe she was one of the Meridell heirs…. Nobody knows.

18. Hubrid’s Book of Death - An evil grimier containing vile spells and repulsive incantations... read at your peril! This book is so legendary and historical that you can find it in the most rare of places only. It has such corrupting and evil spells that can mess with your head, and anyone with this book should take it quite seriously. For if they don’t, it can end up in the wrong hands.

19. Forbidden Zafara – This book reveals so much about Zafaras and their history that is was locked up and hidden away for centuries. This book contains more than any Neopian should know. If you possess this, good luck trying to open it.

20. Faerie Secrets – This book is the one book the faerie queen doesn’t want you to read. This book has information hidden from regular Neopians like you and me. It has so many secrets about faeries that the only one that has this is the faerie queen. She has kept it locked even further into the hidden tower than her gallery. It is one of her most prized possessions.

21. Lost Spells of Neopia – This book tells the history of many long and forgotten spells of Neopia. This is a rare and exciting book with thrilling and amazing spells that were kept from most Neopians for their own safety.

22. Book of Swords – This is one of the newer but still legendary books of Neopia. This tells the history of many ancient and royal and ordinary swords. It has some Meridell History along with it.

23. Forbidden Pteri Tales - This is a Book full of horrifying tales featuring Pteris. It is so horrific that it had been locked up from most Neopians who couldn’t take it. This book is off limits to those who are unable to get it open and those who can’t stand horror tales.

24. Cenanit Ragamans – This is packed full of annoying puzzles that will drive anyone mad. It is ancient for it’s language. It is a special ancient language that can be deciphered only by the book called Extinct Neopian Languages.

25. Trectse fo Thade – This is the Book of Eliv Thade. It is not light reading. Anyone who actually can read this has a special gift not among many. This is the Ancient Book of Eliv Thade Himself.

26. Crypt Days – Trying to decipher this book will keep anyone busy for days. This is the book of Backwards words. Hold it up to any mirror and there is your text. This is the ancient book for those that were used to codes and enjoyed reading with a twist.

27. Undiscovered Treasure – This is full of ancient maps that lead to ancient forgotten treasure. One Neopian only owns this book and this Neopian has kept it from every person that had ever tried to steal it for its treasure maps. It is the only book with every treasure map in the entire Neopia in it.

As you can see, there are so very many ancient and legendary books in Neopia. Each book has a special meaning or use. Some are even left untouched so no Neopian can get to them. Some are so very rare or historical that if a Neopian had gotten to them, the destruction would be great and the Consequence crucial. So for every Neopian that has dreamed about owning a book that had made history, think twice about the book you want in your hands, think about the responsibility you’d have to own such a marvelous piece of work.

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