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Your Handy Guide to Taking Care of a JubJub

by wildhorsejordan


Hi, I’m Wildhorsejordan, and this is my guide to JubJubs! Why JubJubs, you may ask? Well, JubJubs have needs unlike any other pet, as I just found out. You see, I just morphed my Gelert, Hhnnnnnnnnnhh5hn, into a JubJub (you know how cute they are!). Shifting from having four limbs to having two, there were a lot of adjustments we needed to make. Now, I’m going to tell you all about keeping a JubJub, from feeding and grooming to mobility issues.

Hhn: Right! : )


You may think that feeding a JubJub is no different from any other pet, right? Just put the plate on the table and let them eat it? It’s actually much harder than that. Two legged pets, such as Techos, simply hold the food or utensil in their hands, and four legged pets eat with their mouths, but the poor JubJub can’t do either. You might think they could use their feet, or their mouths, but both are rather unsanitary. Why? Because their feet, of course, walk around on the dirty ground, and would get their food dirty, plus their being extremely short legged, so it would be very hard to reach a plate. Their mouths pose a different problem. Their entire body and head are combined, so that would be nearly impossible, plus getting food in their long fur. So the only alternative is to spoon feed them, or fork feed or spork feed or whatever you want. If you aren’t around, be sure to give the responsibility to a sibling who is not a JubJub. Your pet may not need as much food when shifting from a larger species, so don’t worry about that.

Hhn: Make sure to get a JubJub’s ice cream in a cup. But make sure it’s a big cup.

Wild: Get them a small cup, but say it’s a big cup. Such a small pet doesn’t need much ice cream. Your JubJub will be literally jumping off the walls.


Grooming is very important, as JubJubs have long silky fur which needs to be tended to every day, or else it will tangle. Be sure to use a comb such as a green kyrii comb with wet fur, and a brush such as a red long hair brush when the fur is dry. Never use a brush with wet fur, because it will stretch out the hairs and may cause them to break, causing a very untidy appearance. Choosing the right shampoo is also important. You do not need the super shiny shampoo or anything like that, as a JubJub’s fur already has a shiny and silky texture. Herbal shampoo works quite well as it helps keep your pet’s fur healthy and smells absolutely wonderful. It also helps if the shampoo is inexpensive, because you will find you’ll need a lot of it. Make sure to bathe a JubJub every day to insure that their fur and skin are kept clean and their appearance neat. It will probably be most efficient if they take a bath at night, as that will give their fur time to dry completely and will prevent them from getting their sheets and pillow dirty, plus, JubJubs look quite deflated with wet fur. As with any other pet, you need to brush their teeth twice a day. Also, for their feet, if they walk a lot you may want to give them Illusen’s mud mixture or a similar item occasionally.

Hhn: JubJubs love bubble baths! Try a product such as JubJub bubble bath, yurble bubble bath, or krawk bubble bath! : )

A JubJub’s Room

No big deal, you might think. You can leave your JubJub’s room the way it is, or make it the same way your other pet’s rooms are, right? Wrong. Being very short, JubJubs will need a different scale room. You will need to put stools, or the equivalent of stools, around the room so that your pet can reach things. You can also, if you wish, get a smaller bed. If your JubJub is small, you may be able to use a petpet bed such as a green petpet bed. All your drawers and tables must be in reach of your JubJub (except the place you keep the cookies!). Get your JubJub a stool at the table so they can reach their plate. You don’t need to put a ladder up against everything a foot above the ground, though, as JubJubs are good jumpers. So anyway, all you need is to put shorter stuff in your neohome.

Hhn: I wanna be taller *sob*!!!

Wild: *comforting her* So do I, so do I...

Hhn: So will you give me a cookie? *Puppy Gelert eyes*

Wild: No.

Hhn: Plleeaaasse?

Wild: Well, I guess you can have one or two...

Hhn: *munching on cookie* *winks*

How to Get Around

This is perhaps the most difficult question in the article. How does my JubJub keep up with the others? With their short legs, JubJubs are quite slow compared to most other pets. Of course, you could just walk slower, but that’s hard to do at times, such as if you’re in a hurry. An easy way to help your JubJub is to, when she gets tired; strap her onto the back of one of your other pets’ backs, such as a Uni or a Gnorbu. A scarf such as a colorful bruce scarf works well for that. If you don’t have a Uni or a Gnorbu, just make a sling out of a scarf to carry her yourself. If that’s too hard for you, buy a wagon such as a glowing wagon. This is only if you don’t want to take the trouble of picking up your little fuzzball and carrying her for a few minutes. At a restaurant, make sure to get a booster seat, or let her sit in your lap.

Hhn: But I’m not a baby!

Wild: Don’t worry, it’s just because JubJubs have a hard time keeping up with taller, longer legged pets.

Hhn: *sniff* Can I have a cookie, then?

Wild: No. You’ve already had a cookie. I’m not giving in to you again!

Hhn: Plleeaasse? *puppy Gelert eyes*

Wild: Oh... I guess you can have one.

Hhn: *wink*


Now, JubJubs have the most wonderful clothing. That’s actually half the reason I morphed Hhn. The amazingly cute clothing only for JubJubs includes JubJub Coconut Watch (about 3k-4k), JubJub Hard Hat (about 2k-3k), JubJub Rainbow Socks (about 60k), and Red JubJub Hoodie (a lot more than you or I can afford). I’m currently saving for the socks and Hhn is wearing a coconut watch. While I could go on for years about how cute the JubJub clothing is, I’ll just say that hats and shoes look best on JubJubs, and don’t put the Altador Cup Jersey on a yellow JubJub.

Hhn: I love the socks and the watch, but the hoodie’s too hot for Mystery Island, so don’t buy me that.

Wild: *thinking about saved NP* Aw, okay, Hhn. I’ll just get you the socks.

Now, it’s about time to wrap up this article. Bye everybody! Adopt, create, or morph a JubJub today!

Hhn: And buy them lots of toys and ice cream and-

Wild: *puts hand over Hhn’s mouth and glares* And I hopefully got in the Neopian Times! Bye!

Even though this phrase is overused, if you are reading this, I got in the NT! Yay!

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