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Owning a Shop with Interests

by animecrazy14800


Not making a lucrative business? Owning a shop is such a drag? Well, it’s okay because after reading this you’ll be making more than you ever imagined. There are only three easy essential steps in making a profitable shop. They are fun, easy, and quick. The steps will guide you through a step-by-step process. You can learn and develop business techniques for the marketing world. Owning a shop does not have to be stressful and time consuming anymore. All shop owners deserve to make plenty of neopoints from their business. Through these three steps, everyone can have a successful business in no time.

Before starting, you should figure out a way to stay organized. Make a chart of what you purchase and how much it cost. Obtain a shop that is big enough for you to handle. You would not want a shop where you have to restock 500 items. In fact, you do not always need an ample shop to make profit. Figure out how big you want your shop. As time goes on, your shop will most likely increase in size. Keep in mind that the bigger the shop, the more time it would take to keep an eye on. Plan out what you want to sell in your shop. Do not buy junk items! They would not help you make a lot of profit. There are variety of items you can sell such as codestones, books, cakes, toys, etc. Remember to take one small step before a big one.

Step 1: Obtaining

Here it is, the first step; this is where the process begins. Obtaining is as important as determining the price. There are variety of items that you can advertise and put up for sale. Attempt to get a hold of items that will help you make a lot of profit. As a buyer, you should buy as little as possible. The fewer neopoints you spend, the more neopoints you will attain. Ask yourself these questions while buying. Will this sell for a profitable price? Is this the cheapest price? Check the Trading Post and Shop Wizard for some good deals. Take advantage of sales when you see them. Here are some examples:

You want to buy a Battle JubJub Cake. It normally costs 250NP. Let’s say that you bought it for 100NP. YAY! Your profit will be 150NP.

In this situation, you did a really good job attaining an item that is cheaper than the original price. Here is a bad example:

You bought a Battle JubJub cake for 450NP. The original price is 250NP. Unfortunately, you didn’t make any profit.

From this situation, you can assume that you didn’t make any profit at all. In fact, you’re losing neopoints instead of making neopoints.

See how easy it is? When stocking, you should sell items that you are interested in and are able to purchase. There are a variety of items people tend to sell, such as codestones, books, cakes, etc. When purchasing items, you should keep your purchase price low. You do not want to buy an item that you would not make a profit from. So obtain an item that is cheaper than the original price. How can you figure out the original price? It is easier than you think it is. You can do some research by using the Shop Wizard.

Step 2: Presentation

Presenting your selling materials to your customers is important. Would your shop be stale or exciting? Some Neopians would put songs and ornate backgrounds to design their shop. How would this help you make neopoints? It would bring customers into your shop and make a fun atmosphere for them. Plus, you can have fun and be creative while doing this. It makes owning a shop more enjoyable and less boring. It is crucial of how you present your shop to your customers. Decorate your shop in a way that would make your buyers be filled with awe. It’ll also give the purchasers satisfaction in what they will be buying. Do not overdecorate your shop! You should not put too many pictures that will give your customers problems finding what they will buy. Embellish enough to make yourself happy. There are a lot of ways you can decorate your shop, such as adding backgrounds, pictures, music, etc. Where can you find decorations for your shop? You can get ideas of how to decorate your shop by other shop owners. Sometimes, there are links on their page that would lead you to the place. Put fun jokes and facts into your shop. Your finished product determines a lot about your shop. So start decorating!

Step 3: Evaluate

The final step in this step-by-step process is evaluation. What is evaluation? In this case, it is how you price your items. After stocking and purchasing your items, this is the most crucial part of this process. This is how you make your neopoints! Where can you find the price for an item? To make it easier, you could research prices at the Wizard Shop. It is easy as counting from one to three. Your selling price should be more than your purchasing price. Here is an example:

You bought a Battle JubJub Cake for 250 NP. Write it down and look up how much it would cost normally by using the Shop Wizard. Let’s just say that it normally costs 399 NP so you should sell it for 350 NP. Therefore, your profit would be 100 NP.

Pricing is a very crucial step in this process. Forbid yourself from putting a price that is too expensive for your customers to purchase. Also, you should not put a price that will not help you make a profit. Using this way, you are not losing any Neopoints. Here is an example of what you should not do:

The Battle JubJub Cake is 250 NP. The original price for it is 399 NP. You sell it for 1000NP.

From this example, you are not going to make the any profit at all because there will be no purchasers that want to buy the item at this price. Keep in mind that customers want to buy items as cheap as possible. Let’s look at another example of what you should not do. Here is a bad example:

The Battle JubJub Cake is 250 NP. The original price for it is 399NP. You sell it for 100 NP.

From this example, you are not going to make any profit at all. In fact, you are losing neopoints and not gaining. This way, you will soon be going bankrupt because your neopoints are disappearing faster than you think. The main idea is gaining neopoints, not losing.

Here is the order: obtaining, presenting, and evaluating. These essential keys can help you reach success in making profit in the marketing world. It does not have to be challenging anymore. Owning a shop is now fun and can be an enjoyable experience. Obtaining and evaluating determine how much profit you will make. By working together, they play a very significant role on the outcome. Presenting your finished products should make your customers want to buy. If your first attempt did not work, then try again until it does. Do not feel self-pity. Keep trying! Attaining neopoints is not so hard anymore. Try it!

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