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The Players of Neopets

by maddisi93


Neopets has been online for about eight years, so there are a lot of “old” players.

When you have played a game four times a week for eight years, I guess you know almost everything about that game. But if you played it for one month, you know something but not everything.

Because Neopets is a really big game, it’s hard to get bored. There is a Forum, for some; there are hundreds of good and fun games to be played! There are activities everywhere, and the community is big!

There are amazingly many people that are addicted to Neopets. I was once, but after the pound was closed, I just went on when I was bored. Neopets is an amazing game, and it should be recommended for everyone!

There are a lot of different players on Neopets. Some are there for the community, others for the games, and others because they like the pets.

When I started on “middle school” I began with many students I didn’t know before. I made friends with many, and when I was at the home of this one girl, she showed me Neopets! At that time I’d already played it for about a year, but I was completely shocked that she played that game. But apparently she was only playing the games in the arcade and had a lot of money.

I was more the type that hated to play games and was restocking items, talking on the boards, or doing quests.

This made me think that not everyone played Neopets like I do.

The players that have been there for over seven years probably know a lot about Neopets that we don’t.

My account is only 14 months, and I think that is huge! I remember a year ago, when I was totally addicted to Neopets, my account got 4 months! I was so happy because now I could adopt pets from the pound which were either painted or trained.

So here is a few of the different “play” styles to be seen on Neopets:


A newbie is just what the name says, a person that is new. I know many see Newbies as completely stupid and helpless, but that is not true!! Newbies are just new, and they are figuring things out. Yes, I know some of them are annoying and ask some stupid questions, but we have to accept it. We all were all new once, and then we hopefully got help; now it’s our turn to give.

A newbie’s biggest problem, or at least mine was, is getting NP. I thought it was so funny using them and not earning them. You could maybe put something on the Money Tree if you want to give something away? There is a lot of opportunities to make the newbies become good and talented players.


The professional player probably played for over three years! They have about 1mill NP, and they have customised their pets and painted them. They have big shops and galleries, and they have pretty lookups and successful guilds. Well, some of these things are right. Not all of this needs to be correct to be a professional player, and you can have all of them and not be one. A professional is often seen with expensive paintbrushes and clothes. But it’s not only fun because when they use the money they have to get new money. They probably have to play games. Yes, like everyone else. They know what games to play to get a lot of money and prizes, and they often have many trophies in their cabinet. If you want to become one of them, you need to:

- Get a Lot of money, so play games!!

- Spell right! People hate chat speaks and tHiS… So don’t do it!

- Help others, and get friends

- Paint your Pets or customise them

Things like that.

Normal Players:

Then we have the “normal” Players, like me. We are good with money, but not enough to buy expensive clothes and paint brushes. Well, we try to spend money, but it’s not that easy, and we usually use it all fast.

We have played for some months, most likely between 3-12 months. It all depends on how much they play, and which number that account is.

Normal Players play games but not if they don’t have to. They like using more than spending, and probably have it hard saving up for expensive items.

A Player as a Normal is not that boring as it seems, but it’s mostly the average.

The Gamer:

My friend, as I told you about, is a “gamer”. Sounds weird, but well, they are only playing games in the arcade! They don’t talk on the boards, join guilds, or anything like that. They only play games. Till last, they have a lot of money.

Could be smart being a gamer for a month? You would at least earn a lot.

The Talker:

Players that only stick to the Boards. A talker probably stays around to help people instead of leaving it all. But they don’t really buy items or play games any longer. This is mostly old players.

The Survivor:

The survivor has played for a good time and is not a Newbie anymore. But, they have empty pockets and find it hard to do stuff and save up money. They normally have about 1000 NP in their pockets. Some of them can be annoying and ask for money or items, but actually they are just begging. But not everyone does this!

The survivor has not much money, probably not any painted or customised pet, and big shops, and all that.

This was the most usual; I guess there are more, but not that I know of. There are extremely many players online at the same time, not that I’m shocked. Neopets is a great game, and we have to help each other and keep the community “clean”. We have to respect our different ways of playing and in that way make Neopets even better (if it’s possible, of course).

Hope you learned something. And react when people don’t have a layout on their user lookup or a painted pet.

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