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Duped Again!

by shinning123


Strawberry Nyanko the Baby Aisha frowned in concentration. Again and again she reached for the Cookie Jar aboard the Cardboard Shelf, but alas her stubby paws could not possibly extend so far. Maybe that's why Mommy put the Cookie Jar on top of the shelf, Ny thought angrily. Sighing, Ny sat down for a moment and thought, staring down on the white and black tiled kitchen as if the answer were written there.

     There had to be a way.

     Ny glanced around her surroundings, hoping for a ladder. The new Baby Aisha Plushie that her new mommy had so carefully and lovingly sewn together lay limp on the floor. The Kougra Custard for her lunch her new mommy claimed to be "fresh" was creating an entirely different substance, flourishing in many shades of green. A dirty mop and bucket lay peacefully against the wall. Crayons were littered over the kitchen floor; a fresh new set of crayon scribbles was etched painstakingly on the walls. Her gullible stepbrother PyeraJr was nowhere in sight, so she would have to do this alone. No ladder. Hmph. Ny would have to find a way.

     Sea King suddenly strode into the room, carrying the fine air of arrogance he always wore. His strong tail thudded with every step he took, and the fine silver sheen on his skin made him look majestic. Immediately, Sea King's face twisted into a scowl. With a mean expression, he looked at his new baby sister, sitting pathetically on the floor with disgust.

     "Trying to steal another chocolate chip cookie, weren't you?" Sea King growled, with a hint of accusation in his voice, "Too bad you're too short, midget."

     Hundreds of hateful thoughts and colorful possible comebacks filled Ny's mind within an instant. Biting her tongue back, she ignored the boiling anger in her head. She simply looked away.

     Sea King waited for a satisfactory reaction from her, but got none. So he merely continued smugly, "I can't believe Mom actually thinks you're an angel. The way she looks at you, the way she coos and treats you--it's pathetic. If Mom knew your true evil and deceitful self, she'd thrust you back into the pound where you belong in a flash."

     At this, Ny instantly flared. She glared at him intensely with all the hatred she possessed through her tiny dark eyes. But she knew Sea King would never rat her out, for then Ny would immediately blurt out the reason why Sea King's Gold BC trophy that Mom had worked so hard for hours was now Old Man Dander's disco toilet. No, he wouldn't dare mention anything to Mommy, Ny was sure of that. All the same, Mommy never had any reason to not trust her cute little four-eared angel whom she often referred as her itty bitty Diddy Dee Nynee. Strawberry Nyanko was, after all, every inch a cute, innocent, and obedient baby Aisha that any soft-hearted female would squeal over. Only her siblings knew better. Only they knew what was behind that smile, behind that purr.

     "Don't," she finally managed, "say anything else you might regret."

     "Oh?" Sea King sneered, looking highly amused, "What are you going to do? What can you do, a squirt like you compared to a mighty Silver Jetsam like me, huh?" He grinned, showing off his fabulous teeth that gleamed equally with his royal red eyes.

     Ny didn't say anything. Her nimble brain was already working quickly to devise a well-needed revenge. Sea King sorely needed another lesson. Slowly a small idea formed in her mind.

     "Dearest brother, wouldn't you reach up and get me a cookie? I mean, that's what big brothers are for, right?" Ny asked in her sweetest, cutest voice possible. Sea King looked dumbfounded for a moment, but quickly came back on guard.

     "Oh no, don't think that I don't know what's behind that deceitful face," Sea King said. Instead of reaching for the cookie that his stepsister had so politely asked for, he reached a cookie for himself. He meant to eat that cookie right in front of Ny, to taunt her again how short and stubby she was she couldn't even reach the cookie jar. However, a flicker of a smile came across Ny for the briefest moment. Her brother did exactly as she knew he would do.

     Swiftly, just as Sea King just opened the jar, Ny stomped on his proud tail as hard as she could. Yowling in pain, Sea King for the first time truly lost his guard. As Sea King lost his balance, his instincts kicked in and he automatically gripped the cardboard shelf for support. However, the feeble cardboard shelf could not stand the weight of the Jetsam. The shelf came loose and all the contents came crashing to the floor--

     The Cookie Jar fell first, throwing itself on the ground and revealing a generous amount of chocolate chip cookies. Mommy's Snow Angel Figure--her most prized possession--landed with a CRASH! and it broke into several pieces. The Yellow Paint Brush that Mom was going to use later fell also, splashing Sea King with splotches of yellow on his silver self. And last but not least, and perhaps the most destructive of all, the super slorg spring can that Mom had purchased at the thrift store landed on the messy tiled floor and bounced at super speed.

     Bounce! The spring tipped over the mop and bucket and the scummy water spilled over the kitchen... Bounce! The Kougra Custard that was supposed to be Ny's lunch tipped from the counter and splattered Ny with its gooey substance... Bounce! There went the last of the silk carpet--

     "No... no... NO!!" Sea King exclaimed, but the super springy object, as the warranty had promised, would not stop bouncing. Ny smiled, as her moment of triumph had come. She savored every horrified expression her brother made.

     In a timely action, Ny's new mother swung open the door. At first she was in shock... she looked at the bouncing slorg spring... which grew faster with momentum as it bounced against the counters, ceilings, and floors... causing more damage with each bounce... she glanced at the enormous pile of cookies scattered all over... she gazed at the scumy water tainting her newly cleaned kitchen floor... she observed her broken Snow Angel Figure... she surveyed the graffiti on the walls... she scrutinized her baby darling, covered in custard... and finally she cast a murderous eye at her yellow and silver Jetsam, staring bashfully back at her, hoping for some mercy.

     "What. Have. You. DONE?!" his mother shrieked, echoing the whole room.

     "I-I didn't!" Sea King stammered. When he finally finding his voice at last, "It wasn't was Ny who did--"

     "So now you blame your baby sister?! What did I teach you about responsibility? For goodness sakes, how she could she have caused something like this--" she ducked avoiding the spring that was about to attack her--"She's only a baby! You're coming with me, young man! I'm going to have to teach you this lesson again... No more neovision, no more Battledome Equipment, no more Comic Books for a YEAR!"

     And with that, Mommy dragged Ny's older brother by the fin firmly out the kitchen. At first, Sea King was lost for words, but then shortly after his features contorted with anger. He glared at his baby sister, who stared sweetly back at him.

     "You--" he began, but then the door had swung violently on him.

     Ny was silent for a moment. She looked around the room, admiring how everything how gone so well together.

     "And that is why, dearest brother," Ny replied quietly, as she helped herself to a cookie, "is why you should never say anything you might regret."

The End

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