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Celebrating the New Year: the Ultimate Resolutions

by ridiculer


It’s that time of year again! A whole brand new year of Neopets to enjoy (and hopefully very many more to come)! If you need to be reminded of a list of things you should do to celebrate the New Year, this guide is here to help you decide, organize, and initiate your resolutions in the New Year! So here are 10 ideas and tips to help you get started with your New Year!

01. Clean Out Your Safety Deposit Box

Try cleaning out your safety deposit box for your New Years resolution! That’s right, I said it. It’s well known that throughout the year items get piled in your safety deposit box, but the first part of the New Year is a perfect time to clean it out. Although you might be groaning right now thinking about it, consider that perhaps there are a few items you put in there that you forgot about (maybe they even retired!), and think about all the nice, shiny, new neopoints you’ll have to spend!

02. Give Your Pet a New Look

Fads go in and out, so a whole brand new year is a great excuse to redecorate your pet! Perhaps you might want to go for an icy look for winter, or you might want to take on the brand new clothes. Perhaps, you might even want to repaint your pet, or even morph them into a new species! Just have fun, and remember to keep updating and customizing your pet.

03. Be a Little More Giving

If you know you’ve been a bit greedy all year, saving every point all the way through the season of giving, perhaps your New Years resolution should be to be a LITTLE more giving. Donate a few neopoints or extra items you don’t need to the Money Tree every now and then, go a tiny bit cheaper on the items in your shop, or give out small gifts to those you care about. Perhaps you might even want to give your pets a little more luxury like new grooming items, or feed them something other than the free slice of omelette you grab daily from the Giant Omelette.

It doesn’t have to stop at neopoints. You could spend a little extra time making your friends or Neopets new graphics, helping people with their fonts, or even looking up quest items. Maybe you might even give a few minutes of your time every now and then to answer the neomail that newbie sent you with silly questions inside!

04. Enter New Contests

You’ve probably looked at the contests quite a few times and thought, “I should enter that”, but never got around to it. The great part of New Year resolutions is that you get around to all of the things you wish you would have done. So take a look at the random contest, beauty contest, caption contest, poetry contest, and several spotlights- and enter! Compare your talents to the contest, and even if you don’t have a talent in any of them, try anyways!

05. Try New Things

As previously stated in the contest resolution, you should try things you didn’t get around to, but you should also try new things! Perhaps that avatar that’s been eluding you since the day you first saw it, or that lookup competition. Go a little beyond your comfort zone and maybe even visit other neoboards (always, always make sure to ask your parents if you’re under the age of 13 before going on the neoboards!) or perhaps try for Illusen, Jhudora, Kitchen, or Edna quests.

06. Reach the Boundaries of the Game Room

If you’ve spent all year hiding out in one corner of the games room, try crossing the border and trying out some new games for the New Year! Update your skills, your high score, and maybe even get a trophy! Trophies are a fabulous new decoration to go along with your New Year lookup.

07. Update Your NeoHome

If you’re one of those Neopians that fell in love with a lot of furniture for your neohome, but never got around to putting it in place and decorating it a little extra, this is a perfect chance! Go through your neohome and take out the extra furniture that doesn’t match, and put in new pieces to complete your design.

However, if you’re one of those Neopians that never got around to your neohome, this is also a great chance to give your Neopets a brand new home! Start off your neohome or add a few new rooms to your empty land and customize it to your own taste. Add in new furniture and start off the year by giving it a charming new look.

08. Give Yourself New Goals to Reach

Perhaps that new royal pet you’ve always wanted should be your pet this year, or that gallery collection you’ve been too stingy to complete should be completed this year! Make yourself some new goals to reach for the year. Try for a trophy in your favorite game, make yourself some new avatar goals, or even try to upgrade that bank account! Whatever you’ve been putting off put it on your goals list instead of your to-do list and get it done! If you set your mind to it, you’re more likely to get around to doing the things you’ve been procrastinating with all year long.

09. Revamp Your Font

A great way to find out how you might want to change your font would be to change your avatar. New avatars are great at giving new ideas for pretty or more suiting fonts. Everyone changes, so perhaps you’ve become a cheery person and would like to use brighter colors, or maybe you feel you’ve matured and you might want use bolder fonts. Cleaning up giving your font is a great way to give yourself a new look in your New Year on the neoboards! (Also, please, please, remember to ask your parents before going on the neoboards if you’re under the age of 13!)

10. Change Your Overall Look

That’s right, be bold and change your look. Give your lookup a revamp, and start new little collections. Perhaps you could start filling up your stamp, seashell, coconut, or charm collection. Update your avatar collection, and hunt for new ones. Fill up your neodeck with new cards! Put together a collection of your favorite items or favorite theme. Try training your pet, mastering games, and collecting trophies. Try your luck at new luck games, and maybe fill up your NC Mall Album and redecorate your pet with items that are not purchasable anywhere else.

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