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A New Year's Look to an Eventful Advent Calendar

by soaringeagle25


The Festival of Giving is over, and the Month of Celebrating and Year 9 have come to a close, and so unfortunately has the Advent Calendar, although I’m sure we can all say this year has been one of the greatest Advent Calendars ever! From the adorable and humorous animations to the well thought out selection of awesome seasonally themed prizes, and the annual Advent Calendar trick, this year's Advent Calendar is the one to remember.

So what prizes were the cream of the crop? Since the introduction of customizable pets in the spring, clothes from the Advent Calendar have been the most sought-for item around. We can’t forget the yearly petpet or selections of delicious food and huggable plushies, but we can pick the greatest of the great top ten picks of the year!

Number 10- Tacky Lighted Holiday Shoes: Fashion specialists argue they still remain tacky beyond belief to wear, and if you are too picky in fashion they also make great tree ornaments or to decorate your garland. Despite their appearance, these are great for when you wake up in the middle of the night and you have to go downstairs. There they are, happily lighting the way so you don’t trip and bump down the stairs. Owned, all who say they are useless!

Number 9- Snowager Cap: Awww, it’s adorable. Who can resist having a cute plushie version of the Ice Caves mascot to keep their head warm? Goes great with Ice, Christmas, or White pets with the Ice Caves Background. Thankfully, this version of the snowager doesn’t shoot ice; sorry, all who wanted a fashionable weapon to shoot baddies with.

Number 8- Pant Devil Pants: Even the Pant Devil needs pants. Neopia has been craving a multi-species wearable pair of pants and now neopets everywhere can keep their legs warm with Pant Devil prints. No, it doesn’t prevent the Pant Devil from visiting you and stealing something, but maybe sporting his magnificent visage will earn you brownie points and soften his will to thieve.

Number 7- Quilt Cape: Not only does it help defeat those baddies, it keeps you warm! Being a superhero on Terror Mountain has just been made easier, although you still might want to wear long johns instead of tights when dealing with the evildoers in the snow.

Number 6- Fiery Marshmallow Hat: Eeek! There’s a flaming confection on my head! No... wait. It’s a fashion statement! Having a sticky sweet flambé on your head has never looked so good. Don’t worry, it’s not really made of marshmallow and fire; otherwise you would be picking burnt marshmallow out of your fur for hours. Looks great on any fire pet, and accessorizes well with Fire Faerie Wings and a fire Painted Background.

Number 5- Christmas Arkmite: A loyal seasonal petpet great for guarding your shell collection. This petpet cannot be repainted, but that’s okay. Who would want to mess with its slightly-reminiscent-of-a-candy-cane paint job and holly headpiece that would look great strolling the Maraquan streets with your Christmas themed outfit? Careful, the teeth are rather sharp.

Number 4- Ice Garland: Such a beautiful edition to a pet’s lookup to have delicate flakes hanging above your pet’s head. This charming garland is a great addition. Both elegant and aesthetically pleasing, it’s the number one Advent pick for a foreground item and is also a great for decorating your neohome for the holidays or for a winter long snowy theme.

Number 3- Seasonal Designer Purse: This item has the biggest fashion lovers of Neopia raving. It looks great with everything red or seasonally themed holiday outfits, and its white fur trim gives that elegant look. It’s a must buy if you happened to miss collection as a prize from the Advent Calendar that day.

Number 2- Seasonal Wings: Every neopet wants to fly, and with these spectacular additions, that is possible. Red and white, with fur trim around the edges and small, soft, multicolored lights gently glowing around the fur make even the tackiest of neopets look pretty. From their flying power, it can also assist you in post holiday chores such as taking down decorations without the worry of falling.

Number 1- Christmas Paint Brush: Although this has been given out in the past, no Neopian can complain about its re-issue. Give your pet that seasonal look this year, and something to match all your newly obtained Advent wearables to the wearables gained with this paint brush. This is reportedly Neopia’s top pick concerning their favorite Advent Calendar Prize this year.

Note: The day this was released from the Advent Calendar (Dec. 17) the Gnorbu can now be painted this seasonal cheer color!

Though some of the Advent Calendar prizes didn’t make into the top ten favorite, it doesn’t mean they are ignored. Here are the nominations for the best in category!

Most Humorous- Snow SPLAT: Make your pet look like it’s fresh from a snowball fight! A pet walking around with a glop of snow on their face is just too funny for words, and I’m sure TNT had tons of fun throwing snowballs at each other to obtain the “splatted” snowball shape.

Best Description- Meepit Carols: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE* This was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9. How true, just what you would expect from a caroling meepit. The horror of all holiday stories naturally, but the description is just hilarious.

Most Disgusting Prize- It’s a dead tie between Hot Fly Cocoa and the Snot Holiday Tree: The Hot Fly Cocoa would make an Alien Aisha proud, but for the normal Neopian it just makes our stomach turn. The Snot Holiday Tree is just gross, and only the snot enthusiast Meuka would even think about putting this in his neohome. Anything where you have to wonder how many sneezes were collected to create this doesn’t belong in the neohome.

And the Prestigious Most Likely to Get You Squished Award goes to- Giant Moach Costume: Don this costume and your neopet is ready to scare! Based on the Journey to the Lost Isle plot, this costume is built to horrify, or start sudden urges to grab the nearest fly swatter...

So there is your guide to Neopia’s greatest and, well, not so great Advent Calendar prizes. A special thanks to The Neopets Team for pulling another year of animations and cool prizes!

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