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10 Ways to Make Your Pet Feel Great!

by limalima500


We all know it; pets love to be pampered and spoiled to the fullest extent. Who doesn’t? There are nearly endless possibilities in which you can make your pet feel like a superstar. Your pet wants to stand out; to be an individual. Anyone can make your pet’s dream come true. You don’t need to be a Neomillionaire; even 3,000 NP can be enough! You just need to know how to do it! So why not take a look at 10 of the millions of ways to spoil your pet!

1. Food. Food is an excellent way to make your pet’s day. Food makes your pet either as poor, or as fancy as you want. At the time, you probably are feeding your pet Omelette and Underwater Fishing items, but that’s silly! Sure it’s cheap, but why not give 1,000-2,000 NP for a Puntec Fruit Pasta? Or what about a Strawberry Usul Shake? You could very easily afford these items, (and if you can’t, there are plenty of great money making guides out there,) and your pet will LOVE it.

2. Grooming! Groom your pet until they are absolutely bursting with joy! Grooming items can even be FREE. Like a Snazzy Moon Comb which you can get for free from the Shenkuu Lunar Temple! They say nothing is better than free! So why not go for it? Why NOT take it the next step and spend a couple Neopoints on some Superstar Bubble Bath? That’s the way to go! Never make your pet look they’re in the pound.

3. You know, when your pet goes to Neoschool, is he/her the smartest cookie? Do they know all there is? Books are a great way to make that eager scholar happy! Once again, it can be free, like the book King Hagan; which you can get at the Brightvale Castle! Or, (are you ready for the craziest thing ever?) GET YOUR PET THE ULTIMATE OF BOOKS; get them… Neopian Structural Engineering! Even though it's practically unavailable and even when it is, it costs 15,000,000 NP, it’s a Neopian favorite!!! Whoa! If I had that money, ever, I might have been able to find one. Better to stick with King Hagan.

4. Now we come to a newer feature; customization. Customization can be cheap or expensive; you can choose. But instead of the disaster of Pile of Dung and the incredibly misnamed Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack, or even advent prizes, get one of those great looking clothes that have majorly decreased in price! For example, Ghostkerscarf. Even though this can reach 19,000 NP, prices are dropping faster than Neopoints are made, making it easy to find your fashion passion. Your Neopet never wants to be underdressed or out of style. The best place for clothes is the NC Mall, but that’s a different story.

5. Then, there’s enjoyment. Your pet can be happy for 50 NP or less. Some examples are, the Roo Island Merry Go Round. Also there’s the Tiki Tours! These can boost your pet’s mood for the better instantly. Not to mention Plushies! They can be cheaper and sometimes even more effective! Try it out for yourself! Games are also great, which leads us into our next topic.

6. Spend quality time with your pet. The best way is by playing games! Your pet enjoys every second of Caves and Corridors’s adventure. The mystery of The Search for Princess Lunara is enough to make any pet use all their knowledge to save her! The names of all of the great games are endless, so play a couple! Games make your pet feel really good when they see their score on the high score list. Even though I’ve never actually made it on there, still marveling at their own special accomplishment and those Neopoints piling up in the bank gives my pets a sense of pride.

7. Have you ever dreamed of getting a battling trophy? That can be difficult without a GOOD BATTLING PET! Equipping powerful items doesn’t have to be expensive. Like the Scarab Ring! It’s seriously effective for its price of 2,500 NP! There are some much more powerful weapons and armor out there, BUT SO MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. If you can afford, why not do it? Get your pet that Golden Handled Katana, or even a Sword of Skardsen!

8. This one is a big one, painting your pet. Your pet never wants to see other pets in Royal and Mystery Island while he/she is stuck with yellow. Give your pet the makeover of a lifetime. Generally, painting is expensive. It requires saving and not spending (I know it’s hard) for a while, but anyone can do it. It took me two years to get all my pets the colors that I wanted! Just think about how much your pet will love to be the most vibrant color of the group!

9. Second to last, (This is going to sound ridiculous) get them a Cheery Blossom. This isn’t necessarily a way to make your pet happy, but who doesn’t like to stare at that little guy? (I know this was a short tip. But maybe because that was just a little teaser for the real tip.) Actually, dress up their Neohome. Make it fancy with themes and special items. It can be anything from advent prizes to a Neovian home of spookiness. But, can you afford the wonders of a perfect room, customized to fit your pet’s personality? If not, can you get something for your petpet? They need to be attended to also. One nice way to decorate is to mix the items up in your own special way. Whichever you choose, make sure it looks like something that you and your Neopet might want to live in and is appealing for others to look at.

10. Lastly, who could forget what’s been there forever; making them a star. Your pet, I guarantee, wants a chance to win a competition, so enter him/her in one! The Beauty Contest, The Customization Contest, The Pet Page Contest, you name it! YOUR PET WANTS TO BE IN IT! Even if they don’t win, they’ll be most likely admired by all.

I’d like to thank those of you for taking time from your day to read this. Hopefully you’ve learned how to make your pet feel great. This would be my first winning entry in the NT. I plan to write more. Have a wonderful day!


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