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Neopia's Toast Countdown

by cholate2soul


Ah yes, toast. There is nothing quite like this simple, yet sensible breakfast delicacy. Through the years, I have traveled to the farthest corners of Neopia just to taste a crumb of exotic and rare toasts. Do you wish to taste these culinary wonders, but do not have the time nor will to travel? Then fear not, because I have devised a countdown of the most delicious toasts of Neopia.

#10. Snow Toast

While I was hiking through the frigid climate of Terror Mountain, a kind local offered me a piece of Snow Toast. My first assumption was that toasted snow wasn't possible. But this is what I soon discovered: Snow Toast is not made of snow at all. In fact, it is actually a slice of bread smothered in luscious Terror Mountain snow. I highly recommended this frigid delicacy. It is low in calories, and quite refreshing on a hot summer's day.

#9. Buttered Toast

This piece of toast is simply mouth watering. It is easily obtainable from the Bread Master's shop, so you should have any trouble tasting it. This particular slice of toast may seem too simple to be in the countdown. But it is actually an affordable and wonderful breakfast treat. For the full experience, slather the butter on every corner of the toast. Be sure to eat it slowly, and savor its delightful flavor.

#8. Garlic Cheese Toast

This dish is perfect for lunch and dinner, or even a quick afternoon snack. Six miniature slices of toast rest snugly on a fine platter, and they are coated with extravagant garlic butter which is simply mouth watering. Melted cheese laces the crust, which adds an extra dash of flavor to this savory tidbit. This toast selection is perfect for those who crave a tangy and flavorful treat.

#7. Peanut Butter Toast

This is a simple delicacy with a beautiful array of texture and flavor. Why settle for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you can have something even better! It is a perfectly toasted piece of bread, applied with the perfect amount of peanut butter, just enough to ensure that it does not stick to the roof of your mouth. The crunchy texture of the toast contrasts with the smooth creaminess of the peanut butter, making this toast the perfect breakfast surprise for your favorite Elephante.

#6. Toasty Jam Surprise

You can't eat Peanut Butter Toast without its equally tasty sister! A mix of berries and fruits creates the delectable jam that is spread atop of the toasty treat. It's a fresh and healthy alternative to strawberry Chia pop! But many will ask, what is the surprise? You see, the blend of juices and berries makes it hard for some pets to digest. Just be sure you have a Neohome with indoor plumbing at the ready!

We're almost halfway done! Which toast shall be named the finest in Neopia? The suspense is killing me! Hurry, read on to see!

#5. Fried Egg on Toast

Ah yes, simplicity at its best. Two pieces of freshly cut toast would make anyone's mouth water. But this breakfast delight has added a special twist. What's that, you ask? A fried egg is placed atop the two slices of bread, adding an extra bit to this already appealing meal. This toast is by far the best breakfast selection in the countdown, quite simply because it is two meals in one!

#4. Disco Toast

Nothing is more of a crowd pleaser than Disco Toast! Its tropical and bright colors are a perfect change from the bland brown of a regular slice of bread. Any pet that loves music will adore this slice, namely the Disco pets themselves. For many, this toast almost seems too beautiful to eat. Toast lovers often refuse to put butter or jam on it, fearing that they might ruin its spectacular coloration. So if you're looking for a change from the norm, Disco Toast is for you!

#3. Pumpkin Ghost Toast

Many of you might be wondering why this particular slice of toast is even in the countdown at all. After all, it's a piece of ghost toast. Can't you feel the malevolence wafting around it? Indeed, my friends, this slice is very unique for many reasons. The Haunted Woods grows the best pumpkins in all of Neopia, making this bread exceptionally tasty and sweet. Halloween and Ghost pets adore it of course, but it is also the perfect holiday treat! Instead of passing out candy, try giving a trick-or-treater a piece of this toast. It's sweet and healthy, But just be warned, strange things have occurred to those who have been brave enough to eat it.

And now, for the final two toasts! It was very hard to decide who the winner would be, but both finalists deserve a round of applause, for they both worked very hard to get this far.

#2. Toast

Yes, my friends, I'm sure this was certainly a surprise for second place. But after all, you can't have a toast countdown without including toast itself! You can customize your toast in anyway you like. Smother it with Jelly, Butter, or perhaps coat it in fluffy marshmallows! The possibilities are truly endless. It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It also makes great sandwiches! Add crunchy texture to your PB&J by using toast instead of regular slices of bread. One slice of plain toast is perfect for any time of the day and can add a special twist to a plain meal. It's inexpensive and delicious; how could you possibly go wrong?

Drum roll please! It's time for the final toast of the countdown, and the moment you've all been waiting for! The winner is…

#1. French Toast!

Congratulations to the #1 toast in Neopia! Now why did I choose French Toast as the winner? Just look at it… It is a dainty piece of cinnamon bread, perfectly toasted by the Bread Master himself. It is covered in powdered sugar, melted butter, and patterned with regal cinnamon swirls. Just the thing to satisfy a sugar craving! It's perfect for spoiling your favorite pet, and a great alternative to twelve slices of birthday cake! Eat it for breakfast or dessert, or whenever you have the need to indulge yourself with a sugary treat. This is simply the best toast ever created!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Now you have ten breakfast ideas for any time or season. Toast should not be taken for granted, and if I have turned just one of you into a toast fanatic, then my work here is done. ^-^

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