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The Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk: Exposed!

by kacim22_2


For years, deep in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain, a small business has drawn in considerable success. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, I am typing of the Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk. But what is it that is so captivating about this Kiosk that allows it to soar over the others? Could it be the nail-biting excitement, or that happy-go-lucky Wocky? Or maybe even the magical chill of the Ice Cave air? Let's dig deeper.

I did some personal research on the reactions to a win at the Kiosk. To conceal my identity, I disguised myself as a person in disguise. I attempted to approach the Wocky to get a bit of information about his going-ons, so he thought. Of course as we know I was scratching off the ice atop the windshield of secrets! He filled me in on everything.

Disguised Customer: Good Evening, Kiosk Wocky. I may call you that, I presume?

Kiosk Wocky: Bah! No! I'd much rather you refer to me as The Kiosk Wocky. *wink*

Disguised Customer: Ah, yes, of course! Now, The Kiosk Wocky, how are sales today? Any big wins?

The Kiosk Wocky: Oh yes, many! In fact someone's just won the Jackpot! Lucky so-and-so, they are! That number was quite big!

Disguised Customer: Brilliant! Let me ask you, do you have many returning customers here?

The Kiosk Wocky: Handfuls! Neopians just love the thrill they get from winning, and the Caves are such a beautiful area to enjoy the game in...

Though the carefree Wocky continued to conversate over the same question, I had gotten what I had wanted. Apparently Neopians enjoy the rush they get from that winning card, and want to see it happen again, therefore resulting in an addiction-like staying power that massively pulls in every buyer! And the friendly attendant is a nice touch, too. ;) I wanted to know more, so I continued the interview.

Disguised Customer: Would you say some have become, let's phrase it, addicted, to this scratchcard game of yours?

The Kiosk Wocky: Evicted!? But I paid the rent last week! *nervous sweating*

Disguised Customer: No, no, ADDICTED.

The Kiosk Wocky: Oh. Addicted. Yes. Well, I wouldn't say addicted. Maybe an addiction-like staying power that massively pulls in every buyer...

Disguised Customer: Aha!

The Kiosk Wocky: What!?

Disguised Customer: I knew you enjoyed Omelettes as much as I do! You have a bit, in your teeth there.

The Kiosk Wocky: Oh my. *blushes* Here?

Disguised Customer: No, there.

The Kiosk Wocky: Did I get it?

Disguised Customer: Well, most of it...

The Kiosk Wocky: ...Did I get it now?

Disguised Customer: Yeah, you got it. Now, The Kiosk Wocky, there is a quite important question I'd like to bring to the table.

The Kiosk Wocky: Yes? *sigh* A line is forming, you know.

Disguised Customer: Is it honestly just a "lucky dip" according to which scratchcard a person receives?

The Kiosk Wocky: Well, of course! I wouldn't cheat, would I? ...And I certainly wouldn't use favoritism. *clears throat* Nor would I feel obligated to give my super-loyal customers better cards than my new customers, or possibly run a sale every day or so for half-priced scratchcards for seniors, or...

Disguised Customer: Aha!

The Kiosk Wocky: Did I miss the Omelette AGAIN!?

Disguised Customer: No, The Kiosk Wocky. You've given me just what I needed! *quickly* Thank you and have a nice day!

The Kiosk Wocky: But... wait! Aren't you going to buy a...

Those dark secrets came pouring out like the Rainbow Fountain, and that wasn't even my reason for the undercover interview! I had done it. I had found out why Neopians find their way to his stand daily, and I had exposed hidden secrets that had been smuggled in the Ice Caves for years: The Kiosk Wocky loves Omelettes. And that his business could possibly be unfair.

Finding this information had led me to want to carry on in my research. I headed out to Neopia Central and asked a few shopkeepers their opinions about The Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk.

Book Shop Nimmo: "I don't really care for that game. I'd rather relax with a good novel and try and not get pulled in by the hype of it all. I don't particularly like the keeper, but every now and then I treat myself..."

Toy Shop Lupe: "The Wocky won't let me bring my wind-up toys in, but I can't help but keep playing!"

Clothing Shop Uni: "That Wocky disgusts me. His clothes are so tacky, and he's way too perky!"

Second-Hand Shoppe Ruki: "The prices are a bit high, and I seem to constantly get the same cards. Even though I win every once in a while, the common result of losing keeps drawing me back in!"

Neopian Bank Skeith: "I ALWAYS get the same card. I think that Wocky is trying to get revenge for when I collected his long overdue taxes."

It seems that although most people don't enjoy The Kiosk Wocky, they cannot deny the heart-pounding fun that comes with each scratch! Most appear to see him as annoying or untrustworthy.

Combined with my earlier research and the current research, I've uncovered more than all the previous searchers before this day! The Ice Caves Scratchcard Kiosk is armed with a perky, conniving Wocky that is wearing last season clothing. He does not go about his job fairly and gives half-off tickets to seniors. Shame! If you continue to support this beastly scratchcard vendor, the Wocky will eventually prevail and be the ruler of—


In the Ice Caves today, the pleasurable Kiosk Wocky reaped profits from his daily scratchcard stand, like always. But local late buyers are telling us the Wocky is nowhere to be seen. He has apparently fled the Caves and is hidden amongst Neopia. If you have any information...

Oh my folks! From a live feed we're hearing that the Wocky has been spotted! He's at the top of Terror Mountain with... holy Kau, none other than Sloth! Sources say they are...yes; planning to...YES, take over Neopia! Everyone run for—

*signal fails and broadcast ends, leaving everyone in Neopia baffled and alarmed*

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