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Slorgerize Your Way to an Avatar

by tyleraapje


GAMES ROOM - Attack of the Slorgs is a relatively new game, but like many other avatar collectors, I did not waste time in trying my hand at ridding the garden of those icky, slimy Slorgs. In this game you play the role of a Yurble farmer that has decided to take matters into his own hands by building a strange contraption called the Slorgeriser X4, a machine that shoots balls of Slorg-B-Gone, to rid his garden of those squishy pests. In this guide I will cover some of the basics, like power-ups that you will come across, and provide tips to help you through to at least level six of the game and hopefully to a high enough score that will earn you a snazzy new avatar.


There are several types of Slorg-B-Gone balls, that when used will either work to your advantage or disadvantage in the game. The special types of balls will be accompanied by a brief flash of its name right over the Slorgeriser machine. So be sure to pay attention to what kind of ball is loaded in the Slorgeriser before shooting it. The following list covers those "power-ups" that I came across during my game play (up to level 6).

Colored Balls - These are the regular balls of Slorg-B-Gone, of assorted colours, and basically adds another Slorg to the growing line of Slorgs.

Slowdown - This will cause the line of Slorgs to slow their slimy pace for time. Very handy if you are *this* close to making a good score and need those precious few seconds before the line reaches the garden.

Block - This one will cause all Slorgs behind the block to cease moving. Once a new ball of Slorg-B-Gone is shot into the stopped line, movement resumes.

Multi-Slorg - This will add a number of Slorgs in varying colours to the end of your line, causing it to grow rapidly.

Super Slorgeriser - This will cause a small number of Slorgs to explode.

Slorg Destructor - This will destroy all Slorgs behind it. Use it at the end of a lengthy line for best results.

Puddle Water - This handy ball of Slorg-B-Gone will change all Slorgs currently in line to the same colour.

Revenge of the Slorgs - Basically when this is activated, the controls for your Slorgeriser gun are reversed, left is right, right is left. Fun, huh?

Laser Failure - On each level you start out with a handy laser, to help guide you in aiming your balls of Slorg-B-Gone, but after a certain amount of time it will begin to fail and eventually will go out. So it is important that you practice on your aiming skills so that you need not rely on it.

Controls and Other Game Features

Left/Right Arrow Keys - Aims your Slorgeriser left or right

Space Bar - Fires a ball of Slorg-B-Gone

Quiggle - This little critter always pops up on the left side of the yard in the same spot. If you can hit him with a ball of Slorg-B-Gone, you get a nice point bonus.

Marrow - Typing "marrow" will gain you an extra life. You can only use it once per game. If you use this in one game, to be able to use it again in your next game you'll need to close the game window and reload it.

Tips and Strategy

Now that you know some of the "power ups" and other goodies that you will encounter in the game, you need to work on a strategy. With each level, the number of Slorgs that you must repel from your garden increases, and the path that they follow becomes increasingly difficult to manage your shots, etc. It's important in the early levels to work on getting any bonuses that you can. Aside from the Quiggle bonus, the best way to stack up points is working to get multi-bonuses.

Essentially, each time that you are able to make a line of three or more Slorgs of the same colour, they are removed from the line. As they are removed, the line compresses and if new lines of three or more of matching coloured Slorgs meet, they too will be removed, like in a chain reaction. Your objective is to try to set up your Slorgs in a way that will cause more of these chain reactions to occur, as the more you can make happen, the better your bonus. A good way to do this is to begin by filling your line with pairs of same coloured Slorgs Once you get a good amount of them, then start adding the third Slorg to these pairs and if you are lucky, you can watch them disappear, group after group.

Part of your strategy is knowing which "power ups" to use and when to use them, and which ones to avoid altogether. In my playing experience, I've found that the Block and Multi-Slorg balls are undesirable, as they more often than not hinder you from finishing a level successfully. My advice is to toss them to the side without using them on the line of Slorgs I do this as well with regular coloured ones, if I haven't a good place to put them right away. If you have mostly blue and red Slorgs and a black ball is loaded, best to toss it and hope you get a colour that you could use to remove more Slorgs from the garden.

One of the most helpful "power ups" is the Puddle Water ball. It doesn't show up all that frequently, but when it does it could be the deciding factor in whether or not you finish a tough level and/or get a decent score. Next to that, the Slorgeriser and Destructor balls are important aids to helping you keep the Slorg line small and manageable. As for the Quiggle, while the bonus for hitting is it nice (25pts, I believe), the window of opportunity to hit it is relatively small, so consider yourself lucky if you manage to get him and his bonus.

And finally, don't accept defeat if your first few games are poor, as a lot of it will come from practice, especially your aiming skills when the laser has failed. The rest is luck at what kind of "power ups" you get in each level, so keep at it and eventually you'll be clearing those Slorgs without too much effort. Once you score 1000 points or more, the avatar is in the bag. Hope you found this guide helpful and good luck!

Alternative Strategy

This way is a bit different, but may be more suitable to your style of play. Basically you *want* to use the Slorg Block balls of Slorg-B-Gone. The way it works best is if you can stop the line without blocking the area that the Quiggle pops up in, get rid of any moving Slorgs so they don't end up reaching your garden and ruin your real goal, that being hitting the Quiggle as much as you can for the bonus points. Since he pops up in the same place, aim isn't too much of a factor and with the Slorg line frozen, you can wait for him at your leisure. I got this strategy from a Neofriend of mine and it worked for her, but I cannot confirm how often the Quiggle pops up for each round, but it certainly sounds like a promising way to get the points you need without too much hassle.

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