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Getting Around the "No Petpets Allowed" Rule

by ilovetoread_247


Neoschool is a fun place, just bursting at the seams with learning, popularity contests, obnoxious janitors, and, of course, time with your friends.

However, there are some things that Neoschool is not a place for. The Darkest Faerie. Sloth. Chewing gum.

And, surprisingly enough: petpets.

That’s right- you just spent far too many Neopoints on that perfect, beautiful Maraquan Swabby or Pirate Candychan- and you can’t even show it off at school!

Your beloved Warf or cuddly Plushie Angelpuss can’t comfort you during tests. You can’t scare bullies away with a guard Anubis.

There is no place for petpets.

In fact, red Pteri and Grammar and Language teacher Mrs. Owen had this to say: “Any student with a petpet in my classroom WILL be sent home. Pieces of flea ridden vermin should, in my opinion, remain at HOME, if you must have them there.

This, obviously, is a state of affairs that simply BEGS to be remedied. And thus, I have composed a list of ways to sneak your darling little piece of flea ridden vermin- I mean, that petpet, into classes.

Petpets that you simply CANNOT get into Neoschool

I’m sorry to say it, but there are some petpets that are simply impossible to hide in your backpack or, in fact, get into your Neoschool at all.

These are the Noisy Petpets.

Noisy Petpets include the Tapira, the Gobbler, and the Snorkel, but definitely aren’t limited to these. These petpets will squeal, grumble, snort, and, well, gobble all day. If you own one, you know about this.

In fact, we asked _Fancy_Fluff_, a gobbler owner, to share her story with us.

“Well,” said the blue Uni, “I just love LikeTotally (that’s my little gobbler), and I wanted him to be able to learn about stuff too. Plus, he’s totally my good luck charm. I carried him around the day that I actually managed to spot Boochi! Of course, the stupid little Bruce ran when he saw me coming, but...”

But the gobbler?

“Oh, right. So I tried to carry him to school in my knapsack- it’s got a picture of Fyora on it- I love faeries, almost as much as...”

The gobbler?

“He made this really annoying noise almost all day, and finally in history my teacher spotted him made me take him home. And- what’s worse- I had to come back to Neoschool afterward.”

Enough with the warnings- how are you going to get your petpet in to Neoschool?

Well, it’s quite simple. You just need a:

Normal Petpet

Normal petpets are anything, from an Abominable Snowball to a Krawk petpet, which are quiet, well behaved, and fun to have around during school.

But you’ll need to keep them hidden, o petpet loving Neopian! Neoschool teachers are sharp, and if they spot Fluffy, they will make you send him home.

Here are the best ideas:

The obvious, of course: Hide BunBun in your backpack all day. It’s a bit tough on the petpet, of course, and the PPL may come after you, but a quiet enough petpet can be there all day.

For the petpets that resemble Neopets (Snowbunnies, Krawks, Babycas), you can claim that they’re your younger brothers or sisters, who are very quiet, shy, and who occasionally eat their assignments. The only downside to this is that, of course, it’s very difficult to supervise a petpet who may wind up in a completely different classroom than you.

“Not too fun, I’ll tell yah,” said _Buddy_______ the skunk Gelert. “I tried to bring my little sister’s brown Snowbunny, Bigwig, to school, claimed that it was a brown Cybunny. The teachers all gave me these weird looks, but I thought that it was going great- right up until Bigwig started to chew on my desk.”

The third solution is to disguise your petpet in a more foolproof way- as a hat, watch, or other accessory. This is particularly effective with robot petpets, who can easily be seen as the latest in Space Station school gadgets.

Quoth Pooglerabbity, a yellow Poogle: “I told everyone that my brother’s robot Noil was a lunchbox. Worked like a charm; I got home without getting into ANY trouble.”

Carry your Angelpuss as a purse, wear your Feepit as a hat. Claim that your Miamouse is in fact a Neopoly token.

In fact, the disguise option is probably the best option so far. Tell us YOUR stories, however, and we may do another article.

But before we’re done, there’s one more important thing to know. And that’s that some petpets are actually permitted on school grounds without a disguise.

Two species, to be exact.

Weewoos and Meepits.

That Weewoos are even actively encouraged in some classes may not come as much of a surprise. This petpet species is in fact the mascot of the Neopian Times. Weewoos are a symbol of writing, and writing is important to school.

This is a petpet that you can get into arguments with your teacher about. This is a petpet that you can take to Neoschool with pride. In fact, two teachers at Neoschool even have class Weewoos.

“I love them,” said Mrs. Green, the brown Wocky who teaches History. “Our class Weewoo really encourages the pets to write their essays well.”

The blue Elephante Miss Matthews agrees. “They see it glaring at them, and the little annoyances go right to spelling. Really saves me some time- I don’t have to glare at the students myself.”

The problem is, there are only so many Weewoos, and they aren’t the most common of petpets. There need to be more class options. That’s why there’s another species that is impossible for teachers to drive away from Neoschool.

The Meepit.

Be it an Island Meepit, a Snow Meepit, a Starry Meepit, a Disco Meepit- be it any type of Meepit at all, your teachers will let it stay.

They have to. Meepits have very sharp teeth.


And so, fellow Neopians, we hope that you are just as thrilled as we are about Neoschool. We must however, offer the disclaimer that the above ideas may not be effective. Your petpet may be sent home, and you may get into trouble. In fact, we don’t really see that many reasons to bring Fido to Neoschool with you. But if you want to, we are here.

(History’s my favorite subject. Go Mrs. Green!) ~ 247/Lou

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