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The Mistaken Identity: Part Two

by lemonlovingcutie


Edward slept for two days. Meals were slipped under the cell doors at rare times. The petpetpet infested meals consisted of a slice of bread and a lemon, only there to aid the smell of the pet’s breath.

      The Pound was kept at a constant chilling temperature; no heating or cooling ever happened in the pound. Snow had fallen outside of Edward’s small window. Now and then he found himself staring out at those who dared to venture outside in the cold.

      Those who were outside, he decided, were abnormal. Some walked outside in the snow; they had scarves and hats on. Others slid across the icy patches with gleaming smiles on their faces. They held warm biscuits and steaming hot breads in their hands. They played in the snow and made snow faeries and they threw balls of snow at each other.

      The pets outside were actually happy with their structured life. Could it actually be as horrible as Ace had made it out to be?

      Edward had once again lost hope of leaving; no family would want a pet that had a history like his, not that he even wanted a family.

      What had families done for him in the past? He had been stuffed with fattening food, and he had been dressed in horrid clothing. Nothing good had happened. Right?

      He could not think of such things for any longer. He needed to find a way out, and he needed a way out now.

      He scoped the scene with his keen eyes. There was a family at the registration desk; they were applying for an adoption.

      “ I was saying,” the woman, who appeared to be the owner of the family, continued, “my friend could not house Edwin any longer so she placed him in the pound and alerted me. I just could not stand back and not do anything to help. The more the merrier, I always say. I am not sure what species he is, but I know he was blue. Does that help any?”

      “Mhmmm. Sure, sure,” the Techo answered absentmindedly.

      The angry Techo was filling out some papers in a wild fashion. The writing quill he was using was battered and was creating a mess on the paper. He handed the papers and the quill to the woman and she began to scan them, and she signed where needed.

      He took out a large book that read “Captives”, and flipped through the pages, scanning the names. He turned for a quick second and his tattered tail knocked a mug of Borovan onto the papers. An angry shout echoed through the hallways of the Pound.

      The sound woke the Green Tonu that had been placed in the cell in front of Edward’s own this morning.

      The woman, a human, who had been filling out a small stack papers looked calm; she withdrew a napkin from her pocket and began dabbing and blotting the papers. The Techo pushed her hand away and grunted.

      “What was the name again?” he asked, as he rubbed his hands across the page, smudging the names and writing.

      “Edwin,” the woman answered quietly, somewhat taken aback from the Techo’s rude behavior.

      “Yes, yes. It appears he is still here.”

      Edward pushed his nose to his cell door and looked into each of the cells. There was a Yellow Mynci, a Green Tonu, and various other pets, but there were no other blue pets.

      This is my chance, Edward thought to himself. If I can convince this family that I am their beloved Edwin, I can save myself, and escape before they find any foul play.

      “May I meet him?” the woman urged in a very agreeable voice.

      “Sure; it will cost you, though.”

      The woman nodded and the Techo ushered her forward.

      Edward sat back and made himself look as presentable as possible. He tucked his mottled tail under his belly.

      The footsteps came closer and closer to Edward’s cell, and shadows soon appeared before his nose.

      “Hello there, Edwin?” The woman extended her hand in a delicate manner to offer a handshake then quickly retracted it when she realized there was a cell door between herself and Edward.

      Edward nodded, he was not quite sure if he should speak.

      “Alright Miss, if this is your Edwin, then you will have to pay me 10,000 Neopoints. His level is decently high and he seems to be extremely intelligent.”

      “Y-yes, here, this should be plenty. Keep the change.” The woman handed the Techo a bulging bag of coins. Edward estimated that the bag had at least triple the amount of coins the Techo had asked for.

      Then suddenly, as if a light bulb went off above his head, Edward devised a brilliant plan. A devious and malevolent plan formed in his wicked mind. It would work perfectly as long as he could create a new persona.

      He concluded that this family had a lot of wealth from the size of that coin pouch and the woman’s also bulging pocket. He also concluded that this woman did not know what type of pet this “Edwin” was supposed to be.

      Obviously Edwin was no longer in the pound, or may not have ever been. If Edward could mold his personality to fit this family, for even just a matter of hours, he could gain a pathway to their heart, and even more importantly he would gain a pathway to their pocket full of coins.

      This could work out to be the best thing that ever happened in Edward’s thieving life.

      “...Edwin? Can you hear me?” The woman cocked her head to the side and observed Edward in his trance.

      Edward shook his head to clear his thoughts.

      “Yes. Yes, I can.” He spoke for the first time. He was careful to speak slowly and effectively.

      “Are you ready to go meet your new family?”

      Edward sent the woman a gleaming smile and nodded. His tail began to flick in anticipation. He was finally getting what he deserved in life! That foolish Eyrie did not know what he was talking about. Thieving was what made Edward’s life complete.

      The Techo turned on his heels and retreated to his desk. He poked on the underside of his desk and retrieved a rusty key that was hidden on a hook.

      The Techo walked slowly back and placed the key in the lock.

      Edward could barely hold in his excitement. He was getting out, and he would be rich in a matter of hours.

      “Come on!” he muttered to himself.

      “Excuse me?” the woman asked, baffled.

      Edward mentally kicked himself for thinking aloud. “Nothing, Miss, I am just eager to stretch my legs.”

      “You can call me Quinn.”

      “Quinn, then.” Edward’s flippant remarks seemed to ooze out without any intent.

      Finally the locked clicked open and the door swung slowly out. Edward snaked his way out and grinned at the woman. For the first time in his life he was quite grateful.

      “Are you ready to meet your new family, Edwin?”

      “Yes, ma’am.”

      The woman led Edward, now called Edwin, to the waiting room that sat in front of Techo’s Desk.

      In the chairs sat three pets, three extremely different pets that seemed to mesh together perfectly.

      The most shocking introduced herself first. She threw a bottle at Edward and it missed his head by mere inches. She was a baby Lupe.

      “Edwin, meet Jane. She is the newest member of our family; she does not speak much.” Quinn retrieved the bottle and tucked it in her back pocket.

      The second most shocking family member stood, in full pirate attire. Edwin had never met an actual pirate before. No pirates willingly ventured off their ships and into their family life without just cause. This Quinn lady must have some major hidden riches; Edward made a mental note to keep tabs on the pirate pet just in case he too was out for Quinn’s fortune.

      “Now this is wha’ I’m talking ‘bout!” said the Pirate Eyrie, with a salute, “Finally another brother!”

      “Nice to meet you... erm?”

      “Call me Max or it will be off the plank for yer!” With that statement, the Pirate Eyrie started to chuckle.

      Edward grimaced at the now familiar Krawk Island twang accent. It was strange; another Eyrie?

      Brother, Edward thought, not for long, buddy. That must mean the other pet is a girl?

      Edward continued down the line of his new acquaintances and to his surprise he saw another Lupe, much like himself, except she was outfitted in Royal garb and her fur was colored a pink hue.

      “Nice to meet you Edwin. I am Isabella.” The Royal Lupe extended her paw and patted Edward on the cheek. “Your complexion could use a little work. I will have you fixed up in no time.”

      “Nice to meet you too, Isabella.” Edward cringed at the contact; he never liked being touched.

      The quicker he could find out where this family’s fortune hid, the sooner he could be out of this horrid situation.

      “Well, Edward,” Quinn smiled at him, and her dimples pressed deep holes into her cheeks, “welcome to the family!”

      Good gosh, Edward thought, feeling both glee and dread, they really mean it.

To be continued...

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