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Hungry Skeith - It's Feeding Time!

by big_brother_deluxe


You've seen it, I'm sure. The Hungry Skeith avatar. How could you not? It must be fairly simple to get, you think, plenty of people have it! So, you head off to play. You're doing great, but by Level Three, the game seems to be moving just as slowly as Level One! But you press on, anyways, in hopes of getting the avatar quickly.

"That's it!" you shout, out of frustration. "This game moves just too slowly and is so boring!"

And then you close the window, right as you're about to begin Level Five. Well, I'm afraid I can't help you with the game speed; I didn't design it. But I may, emphasis on may, be able to help you get that elusive avatar. Can I guarantee it? No, I can't, but I will try my best. You may already know how the game works, but we'll start with the basics for those who don't.

You play as the Buzz Foreman, who I have affectionately nicknamed Buzz Z. Fly (don't ask what the Z stands for; he doesn't like it). You work at the so called "Jelly Factory", and sort the jellies into their respective vats as they make their way down a conveyor belt. You control him by moving him with your arrow keys, and picking up or dropping a jelly by pressing the space bar. If you miss a jelly and let the Skeith eat it, you'll lose one of your five lives. You'll also lose a life if you sort them into the wrong vat. Red jellies (I think they look like carrots, personally!) go in the vat with a red square, blue jellies in the vats with the blue square, and green jellies go into the vat with the green square. If you can't understand that, I recommend playing a different game. Actually, I recommend you go back to pre-school and take a refresher course.

Now, here's the thing that confuses me. They felt the need to hire a Skeith to eat any other foods (such as chocolate cake, ice cream cones, etc.) that may come down the conveyor belt. Now, if this is a "Jelly Factory" why, exactly, are such foods being produced? I don't know. Honestly, though, I don't care, either. Those foods are your friends. You do not bother them under any circumstances. Ever. You do not sort them into vats, but merely let the Skeith eat them. These foods give you a well deserved break. You, that is, not poor Buzz Z. who does not get to rest his wings.

Okay, back to how the game works. Here's how the scoring works:

Red Jellies- These are worth the least. They're only worth three points.

Blue Jellies- These are a little better, and are worth 5 points.

Green Jellies- The best jelly you can hope to get. They're worth 8 points each.

Each level requires you to deposit five more jellies into the vats than the last. In Level One, you must deposit five jellies. In Level Two, you must deposit ten jellies. You see the pattern?

Each level goes a little faster than the last one. Level One seems to go horribly slowly, but by Level Six of Seven, you'll only wish it could go that slow again. Level Ten, the farthest I've gotten, goes amazingly fast. I've only ever been able to deposit five jellies at the most before losing the lives I have left.

Some people advise that you only deposit green jellies on the first level or two to maximize your points. You do this by picking up any red or blue jellies and then placing them back at the beginning of the conveyor. I, personally, don't do this. I find it much too confusing to juggle the jellies constantly. However, if you think you can do it, go right ahead! I find that it doesn't make much difference in my score later on, but that's just me.

However, Level Three and later, do not worry about the color of the jellies (other than to make sure you put them in the correct vat, of course)! You will probably not have time to continue using this strategy, since in the later, crucial levels, the conveyor belt moves much faster than it did at the beginning. Just pick them up and drop them in their vats, then do the same thing with the next jelly.

Okay, the levels that I would level as "difficult" would be Level Seven and up. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to complete Level Eight in order to earn the avatar. You can do it, though, even if it seems difficult! Here are some tips to help you:

Have patience! The first five levels or so might seem so slow, but it will become much faster, I promise!

This is a tip that helps me, though it might not help you. I keep an eye on the side conveyor belt, where you can see the items coming at you ahead of time. The first few levels you can probably do that a lot, but later on you'll probably only be able to do this at the very beginning. It helps me get my fingers ready for the first pick-up and drop-off.

Get your fingers used to the patterns you use to press the buttons. For instance, if it's a blue jelly, have your fingers become accustomed to pressing space, up, right, space, down. Then you can drop the jelly without thinking about it, which you'll have to do later on!

The non-jelly items are your friends, as I said earlier. Especially in later levels, take the time to gather your senses and get back to the game. If you get a long line of them, I recommend paying attention to the side conveyor belt so you can be ready.

Fast. Fingers. Fast. Fingers. I cannot stress this enough! You have to train your fingers and use your reflexes! If you're having trouble with this, I recommend playing one of a few other games. Attack of the Revenge is a similar game in that it starts off slow, and then gets very fast. I also like Grand Theft Ummagine and Ruins Rampage. As different as they are from the other two, they make you move your fingers without thinking.

Take breaks. There isn't a pause button during the levels, but between levels you can take as much time as you want. By Level Eight or Nine my hands start shaking some, so I use the time to relax. Do whatever you need to do, and get back to the game.

Don't give the Skeith the red jellies. Nobody likes heartburn! :(

Keep your eyes on the screen! If you break your concentration, then that's it, and you're done.

And of course, practice. You probably will not get the avatar on your first try, but if you keep it up you will eventually earn it!

These are the things I used to help me earn the avatar. I got it the second time I ever seriously tried for it. By tried for it, I didn't quit after the first three levels because it was super boring! I later even received a gold trophy with these tips, and if I can do that, you can at least get the avatar! (I'm generally a horrible gamer, by the way.) I really hope this helps you, because this is all the help I can really give! Good luck!

If you're reading this, I finally made it in! Whoo!

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