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Becoming a Responsible Petpetsitter

by errion


So, your neopet is pleading with you to get them their first petpet for their upcoming birthday? Tired of constantly reminding them how big of a responsibility petpets are? Not wanting to be put in the position where YOU are the one changing, feeding, and playing with their petpet? Have no fear! Neoschool has brought to you a brand new course: a guide to Petpetsitter.

How is this in any way related to your neopets owning their own petpets, you say? Studies suggest that those neopets who have previously cared for other petpets are themselves are a better trained owner and more responsible for their own petpet. Let us begin.

As a side note to all owners of petpets, this course and those who teach this course are in no way responsible for the damage of your petpets done by the trainees (...or graduates) of this class. -shifty eyes-

First off, we will now teach you the basics on petpet care – what their needs are.

1. Duty calls!

Is the petpet you are caring for making distressed whimpering noises? Desperate barking? Are they dancing and making incessant and annoying cries? Whisk them away to the bathroom as quickly as you can! If left for too long, they’ll wet themselves and you’ll have to clean up the after-mess. Yuck!

2. Sleeping.

If the petpet is nodding off, or has even fallen asleep and is making soft snoring or purring sounds, it must be time for their nap. Gently pick them up and tuck them in the bed.

3. Eating.

When the petpet starts licking their chops and whining softly, fix them up a quick snack to keep them satisfied in the kitchen. It doesn’t need to be fancy – the owner you are sitting for should have left instructions!

4. Playing.

The fun part of sitting! If the petpet is wagging their tail, waving their arms around, or wiggling their ears while barking/chirping excitedly, time to go outside and play some games!

5. Robot Petpets

If you happen to be sitting these unique pets, you’re in for an easy job! Robots do not need anything to sustain themselves – sleep, play, food? Nahh. However, sometimes there will be a malfunction of their system and they will break down. Just wheel them quickly into the garage and do a few fix-ups. If you just leave the petpet, you will have to clean up the filthy oil puddle they eventually leave behind and then you’ll have to explain to the owner why their beloved petpet is broken. Uh oh!

So now that we know how to recognise a petpet’s needs visually and by the noise they make, time to get on with preparation!

Petpets are generally shy of strangers first – you will find that they will hide from you until they are used to your presence. Use this short time to your advantage! Try and position yourself directing in the center of the room (place your game screen directly in the center of your computer screen). This is important so you are able to listen to what side of the room a petpet will need help. For example: a petpet trying to get your attention on the left side of the room you will be able to hear out of your left ear. (Turn your volume up and listen carefully to your left or right speaker – or, and easier way is to plug in your headphones to hear which side the sound is coming from). This will make things so much easier for when you have mounds of petpets trampling over one another and you can’t see them all clearly!

After having done this, the petpets will slowly come out of hiding to explore. It will be one at first, and then slowly more will join in the fun. For a while just care for the petpets and use a mop to wipe up any mess they make. They tend to run into bottles, pails, and pots, so watch carefully! Keeping a clean neohome while you’re sitting is key. You don’t want the owner coming home to a mess. However, petpets come first. If you find yourself becoming too busy to mop, just leave it until the craze for attention is over. Things will start to speed up at around roughly 2000 points – use all your energy taking care of those troublesome creatures! After things start to die down, though, at around 3500, you can take the mop out again in between petpets to get some extra points. Eventually the room will become insanely crowded with petpets tripping over each other! This is where the sound trick comes in handy. Sometimes, through all the rush, a petpet could be crying for your attention while its peers are blocking your view. Look carefully for a petpet through the gaps who is remaining still and rescue it before it is too late.

Remember: Practise makes perfect! After a while of sitting, you’ll be a pro and you won’t even have to think about where the petpets should go.

So, owners, if you see that your pet is successfully caring for other peoples’ petpets, maybe it IS time for your pet to have one of their own. Maybe they’ll even sit a species that they particularly like, which makes shopping for one easier. ;) That is... if they aren’t sick of petpets by now.

Of course, there are other rewards for practise of this activity! There is the possibility of unlocking the elusive Petpetsitter avatar - show it off to all your friends on the neoboards! They'll be dazzled by your skill, and you'll be envied by many! Or, even better, you could earn yourself a Petpetsitter trophy and rub it in the faces of all your fellow trophy collector friends! Or, you know, just the fuzzy feeling you get inside when you help a poor creature out is enough... maybe. o_O Best of luck becoming the next top sitter!

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