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Fourteen Days with a Grey Neopet

by _coolies_77


Trading Post

Grey, what a color. Where else can you find a paint that tells so little just by looking at it? But to the trained eye, like my own, Grey is one of the most mysterious and beautiful colors found in all of Neopia!

While some may declare that Grey Paint Brushes are not worth their price tag, I believe the Paint Brush is worth every hard earned point. Grey Paint Brushes help to bring out a rarely seen emotion in Neopia, which is sadness.

Tired of having an excited, content, over the top Neopet? Dab some Grey paint on them, and watch them become gloomy and miserable. But be forewarned, a Grey pet will take much more of your attention then any other color.

Living with a Grey Neopet

Not only have I seen a Grey Neopet before, but also for a few weeks, I was able to live with one in my Neohome. The follow report detailed our daily activities, and anything else of interest. But then again, living with a Grey Neopet can sometimes be very, uninteresting…

Day 1, Week 1 – Gloomy the Cybunny is moving in with me today, and I can’t wait! My Neohome is a spacious two floor condo, with a nicely decorated guest room on the second floor, where Gloomy will be staying for the fourteen days she is with me. I hope she likes the color pink, since the walls, and furniture are of that color!

Day 2, Week 1 – Well things are off to a good start. After unpacking her belongings she brought with her, Gloomy accompanied me outside to help me tend my garden. She was dressed in a Medieval Shirt and Seasonal Jazzmosis Hat, and didn’t care much to assist in pulling the weeds around my lovely pink and purple flowers. In fact, she mostly sat around and stared at the clouds with a cheerless look on her face. I’ll have to cheer her up!

Day 3, Week 1 – Gloomy closed herself up in her room today, and listened non-stop to her Wock Til You Drop Album. The only time she came out was for a quick bite to eat, and I wouldn’t even of noticed her, if not for tripping over my Petpet, Rocky the Rock.

Day 4, Week 1 – Today, I ordered Gloomy and myself to a Solid Stone Pizza! Actually, now that I think of it, the pizza didn’t have much of a taste to it, but Gloomy didn’t seem to mind, and that’s what counts. After lunch, Gloomy wrote a letter to a friend using my NeoQuest II Sword Pen, but mistakenly used my Vanishing Ink, and when she accidentally spilt some on her, disappeared into thin air! I couldn’t believe it at first, but now I’m searching the Neohome for her.

Day 5, Week 1 – Still trying to find Gloomy.

Day 6, Week 1 – The Vanishing Ink’s effect finally wore off, and I helped Gloomy finish her letter. To make up for the mishap, I treated Gloomy to some Mecha Icy Cones, but to no avail in making her happy. That night, we spent some time together, rolling a Stone Snowball around for her own Petpet, Heartbreaker the Meowclops.

Day 7, Week 1 – Great news! I finally got Gloomy into the gardening spirit! She planted her first flower today, but I was surprised to find it wasn’t one of my own, but a Gloomacinth. At least it’s a start…

Day 8, Week 2 – Gloomy invited a friend over for dinner, which was unexpected, but I remembered her letter she wrote from earlier last week. Blue the Grey Lupe came by around seven, and we all enjoyed some Jelly Covered Greycorn, or at least I did. Later, Blue, Gloomy and I sat around in the living room and listened to a new track from the Jazzmosis band. It was nice having Blue over, but to my disappointment, he had to leave at nine.

Day 9, Week 2 – Today, Gloomy and I talked about life in her own Neohome. She tells me that all the furniture is either Stone or Iron, and from the way she describes it, the place sounds miserable. Gloomy tells me her own room is decorated with Jazzmosis decor, which I can easily believe, since I’ve seen the outfits she dresses in. This conversation gives me an idea to cheer Gloomy up!

Day 10, Week 2 – I’ve decided I’m going to try and get Gloomy and I a pair of Jazzmosis tickets to their next concert! Hopefully, the tickets will make Gloomy happy, but who knows what’ll happen. Sadly, after much searching, I found that the Jazzmosis concert was sold out, and could only get tickets to Twisted Roses.

Day 11, Week 2 – Gloomy didn’t seem to mind that I couldn’t get the Jazzmosis tickets, but on the flip side, she didn’t seem to be in high spirits about the Twisted Roses. After the concert, I was able to grab some souvenirs! I hope Gloomy likes her new Twisted Roses Mug! But then again, does she even drink Coffee?

Day 12, Week 2 – Blue the Grey Lupe joined us for lunch at the local bakery in Neopia Central. We all had Grey Sandwiches, which I can say were neither good nor bad. The topic of conversation was mostly the Twisted Roses, but I could tell Blue and Gloomy didn’t much care for chitchat. After paying for the lunch with my Neopoints, Blue headed home, as did Gloomy and I.

Day 13, Week 2 – I’m starting to feel sad. Gloomy is leaving in two days, and I’ve yet to make her happy. I spent most of the day planning activities and things to do for Gloomy’s last day, so I don’t exactly know what she did today.

Day 14, Week 2 – Gloomy's leaving today! I helped her pack her belongings she had brought with her, and no one really talked. I felt bad that she was going so soon, since we’d become good friends in short time. She thanked me for everything I did for her, but her usual sad face was the same. She told me even if she looked cheerless on the outside, she loved every minute we spent together. After saying our goodbyes, Gloomy left back for her own Neohome, and I didn’t feel so bad for not making her smile. There’s always next time!

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