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Abandoning Your Neopet - The Right Choice?

by umbreae


So, you are bored with your pet. It isn’t as smart as that other owner’s Wocky, and it can’t fight very well in the Battledome. It isn’t painted a cool colour like that faerie Pteri. It isn’t a rare species either - in fact, you are considering abandoning it. Is this the right choice?

You enter the pound with your pet, who is happily content, having been told that it was getting a new brother or sister from the nice pink Uni. You, however, enter the abandon door, with Dr. Death rubbing his hands together. Your Neopet suddenly starts panicking, crying and screaming. You slam the door behind it, and it is gone. The pet is now shivering, cold and scared, in the clutches of Dr. Death. It doesn’t understand why you abandoned it. It is confused and miserable, locked up in a damp cell, along with many other sad pets - some were sitting there for weeks and months.

You change your mind, and come running back for your beloved pet - only to find it has already been adopted. You search its name in the toolbar and find that it has found a loving new owner, and has forgotten all about you. You regret the decision you made and leave, petless.

Now, that is not what you want to happen to you and your own Neopet, is it? Abandoning a Neopet, even for a good cause, can be painful. I remember abandoning a pet. I adopted her from the pound, gave her a Petpet abominable snowball, fed her and abandoned her again (credit for that idea goes to champ100543, from issue 361). I felt awful for abandoning her for the second time; she was saying things like leave me to die and other things. I almost kept her, but I knew she would find another owner. I searched the next day and she had; she was now happy with a kind and caring owner.

But, back on subject, do you really think that you could take that? I could never abandon Roslay, Tuikee or Taemii. They are my pets, my whole life in Neopia - what would Neopia be with Neopets? Nothing. You couldn’t play half of the games; what good is Snowball Fight without Neopets to throw snowballs at? What is the point of Better Than You without any Neopets to be better than?! What would the National Neopian do without any Neopets as customers (or to run it for that matter)? Life here in Neopia would be nothing, and Dr. Sloth would have taken over long ago if it wasn’t for all the Neopets and their kind and loving owners’ support.

I think you get my point. But next question. Would you like it if you were abandoned yourself and left in uncomfortable conditions with hardly any hope of getting out unless you are a fancy colour? No. Imagine if it was the other way round: Neopets were the owners and we humans were the pets. Imagine walking around with your owner and stopping at the pound. Being thrown in and being stared at by lots of random Neopets that you don’t even know, wondering if they should pick you or not. Just the fact people would be staring at you all the time would be agonising - not to mention the pain that your owner put you through with the abandoning process. We could go on to write a whole book series on this. You should understand by now.

Neopets are for life, not just for Christmas or Birthday or Halloween or whatever. You need to take care of them. If you are abandoning your pet because you can’t afford to care for them then here are some tips -

1. If you have under 3000 neopoints, then you can ask the kind and generous Soup Faerie to feed your Neopets for free - your Neopets can have as much as they want and they love it just as much as any expensive gourmet food. If you have over 3000 neopoints, you can try some free omelette or free jelly. Omelettes feed your pet three times and the jellies feed your pet twice. That should be enough to feed your pet every day, without paying a single neopoint.

2. If you are having trouble because your Neopet has caught a nasty illness and you either can’t find the cure or can’t afford the cure, then you can visit the Healing Springs. You can visit every thirty minutes and eventually the Water Faerie who lives there will get the spell right and heal your pet for nothing at all. It might take a while, but it is worth it. Roslay got sick once and I couldn’t find the cure. It took me a long time, but when she finally got cured, it was worth it, and I didn’t even have to pay a single neopoint.

3. If your Neopet is bored and grumpy, you should buy a toy for it to play with. Whenever you sign up, you get a free Blue Ixi Plushie to play with your Neopet. This toy makes your pet very happy! If you sold it, however, you can always buy cheap toys in the toy shop anytime. Keyrings are especially cheap and they can easily keep your Neopet happy. If you can’t afford the toy, then you can haggle with the shopkeeper to get it for a cheaper price. If a toy breaks, be sure to take it to the repair shop up in Terror Mountain. You can get it repaired for a small price of 250 neopoints and it will keep your Neopet just as happy as before.

I hope that you have reconsidered abandoning your Neopet. Thank you so much for reading. I’m sure your Neopet will thank you for reading too. Goodbye, and thanks again!

P.S.: If you are reading this, then I got in! Yay! That you, TNT!

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