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Is Magax Destroying You?

by waning



In this game you play Magax, the destroyer. It is your job to thwart Hubrid Nox’s evil plans and clear out his mobs of ghastly ghost helpers. In each level you will be given a certain number of Ghost Scorchios that are there to provoke you and prevent you on your journey into the next level. You are to fly up to them and blast them with all your power, inevitably making them disappear.

Though Ghost Scorchios are horrid creatures, and the enemy in this game, they are not the only ones out to get your life points. Hubrid Nox himself appears at various times in the form of a floating deadly Cybunny. If you taunt him, he will turn into his normal horrid self and will throw fireballs at you, therefore paralyzing you for a matter of seconds.

As you continue through the levels, there are more enemies to defeat, and more chances to become hit, so you must be careful! Are you ready to wipe that smirk off of Hubrid Nox’s evil face?

Learn the screen

While playing Magax Destroyer, you must take note of several key objects that are placed on the screen, several are there to squash your goals, but a few are there to help guide you through the game:


As you know, in this game you play Magax, the daring Wocky who is out to defeat and conquer the evil plans of Hubrid Nox. While playing as this character, you can travel left or right by using the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also move up and down with the corresponding up and down arrow buttons, also placed on your keyboard. To shoot your gun, all you have to do is press your space bar.

Power vs. Health indicators

Shown at the top-center of you game screen are two oblong shaped indicators. They are labeled “Power” and “Health”.

Your power level simply tells how many blasts Magax, the destroyer, can make as he goes about the game. Do not fret when your power level turns up dry; all you have to do to restore the level is fly around. Most times you will not have to worry about a low level; the only time I find myself empty is when I have taken multiple blasts in higher levels. You will learn more about this later on in the guide.

Your health level tells how many blasts from enemies Magax can handle. You can restore this level by finding floating orbs that inhabit the levels. These orbs appear to be skulls wrapped in a bright lime green glow. To obtain an orb, all you have to do is fly up to it and partial power is restored. If you find a power orb and you have full power, the best thing to do is avoid it and come back to it at a later time.

Do take note that when you end a level, you begin the next with a full health bar. This will come in handy as you play the game.

Ghost Scorchio Count

Listed at the top-left hand corner of you game screen is the number of Ghost Scorchios that you need to destroy. As you continue on through the levels, this number increases significantly.

Hubrid Nox disguised

In each level, Hubrid Nox lurks in the top portion of the screen; he is disguised as a demented Cybunny. He is nearly always surrounded by at least one Ghost Scorchio. If you fly too close to him while he is in his Cybunny form, he will change back into his normal self and throw a fire ball at you, which can temporally paralyze you from blasting. To defeat him, you must blast him, when in Cybunny form, four times. If you are attempting to gain a high score or simply obtain the avatar, my best advice would be to take the time and blast him while you can. There are several of him in each level and they give you a pretty amount of points when he disappears.

Warning: If you touch Hubrid Nox, you will lose a portion of your health level.

Ghost Scorchio

Unlike Hubrid, these creatures fly up and down from the top of the screen to the bottom. They will blow fire out of their mouths in attempts to block your blasting. While these fires cannot harm you, it can make them hard targets, not even mentioning their constant movement. The first few levels only require you to hit them once before they are destroyed; as you advance the number of hits needed to destroy them increases as well.

Warning: If you touch these Ghost Scorchios, you will lose a portion of your health.

Miniature Ghost JubJub

These small haunts are not very common, but you are likely to come across one or two while playing. They are much harder to hit because of their tiny size and quick agility, but they do give a point bonus, so, of course, I would recommend blasting them as well.

Snazzy Tips, Techniques, and life saving strategies

This section is guaranteed to benefit any player. The tips here I have found beneficial when playing and in gaining the avatar. These tips helped me to gain the lovely Magax: Destroyer avatar, so what’s saying that they will not help you too?:

Flight Line

When playing, I found that if you divide the screen in sections, you can get what you need out of the game, and remain unscathed. When playing I tend to stay near the top portion of the screen. After countless times of being hit by a fireball, I decided to do anything possible to avoid this happening. I found that when I stay towards the top portion of the screen and shoot at Hubrid Nox, I can get a better aim at him and the Ghost Scorchio at the same time.

When Hubrid gets agitated and decides to throw a fire ball at me I quickly stop progressing forward and I dart to the very top of the screen. Nine times out of ten I am able to dodge the fireball in time and therefore not miss any blasting time.

Time Limit

What? Why is this section here? There is no time limit in this game, which makes me want to give the game creators a giant hug. Unlike most games, Magax is not burdened with an after practice tea party to attend, so when going for a high score you can take all the time you need.

Just Push Play

While playing this game, which is somewhat tedious I can honestly tell you, it helps to not concentrate too much on what you are doing. You can listen to the sounds provided when playing the game or you can provide your own playing tunes. If you do not have a music system of your own, why not strike up a humming session and try to hum the lyrics to your favorite song or even to the happy birthday tune?


Thank you, readers, for taking the time to walk through the general game play of Magax: Destroyer with me. This guide was created in hopes of helping others gain the same satisfaction of receiving a hard-earned avatar as I was given when I accomplished my own goal of doing so. Good luck; and good game playing!

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