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The AC Games

by neo_gurly48


NEOBOARDS - After spending time on the boards of the avatar chat, I have noticed two types of boards popping up quite often. No, not the ‘Lend me MSPP for free!!’ boards, but the two most popular forum games! Avatar Simon Says and Avatar Survivor. While both sound like easy to play games, there are many rules, which tend to leave most people confused. Lucky for you, Neopian Times Reader, I have decided to write this very helpful guide on both of the games, explaining the host, the rules, and some general “manners” to maintain during the game.

Let's start with the less confusing Avatar Simon Says! Generally the host (the person that runs the game) likes to allow 5 to 7 players. Some will accept late joiners; others will not. A late joiner is a player who comes in after the game has started. Anyways, once you have posted and entered yourself into the game, the host will start the game!

The host posts with an avatar of his or her choosing, and the players then change their avatars (if they have them) to the current avatar the host is showing. It’s so nice to post “1/1... 2/2... etc...” because it helps you, the host, and the other players let others understand where you are in the game. Some hosts will allow as many strikes as possible; others will allow three before you are out. A strike is what you get when you don’t have the avatar to match the hosts. Some games are run, generally, a lot easier than others. Some hosts use tons of item avatars or game avatars, and others like to use retired, high score required avatars, and pet avatars. Overall, Avatar Simon Says is a user-friendly and easy to understand game.

My personal favorite, Avatar Survivor, is a bit more confusing that Avatar Simon Says. The host takes on full and complete responsibility for running this game properly. The host generally accepts, again, 5 to 7 players; this is solely to their own discretion because the more people playing, the more organized they have to be. The first round of the game always tends to be a little hectic, if not completely confusing. The host picks a topic that needs to be accessible for up to 7 players, a great first topic for example would be pets, girly, or the color purple. After the host posts the topic the players then post which avatar would pertain to that topic. If, for example, if the topic was girly, I would probably choose the avatar Queen – Fyora. Sometimes it is necessary to choose which avatar is considered the most rare, or one that isn’t commonly used on the boards. The player who posts with the avatar first can use that avatar, the person who happens to re-post an avatar (post the same avatar somebody else had already posted) MUST post using a different avatar that nobody else has used.

Now, one detail during a round that tends to get on my nerves that will earn you my vote quickly is when people change their avatar in the middle of the round because they didn’t like their first avatar they used. Some hosts allow this; others do not. Unless you have to change because of a duplicate avatar, do not change during the round. It makes it very confusing to all the players. After every player has posted with their avatar on the board, it is time for the players currently playing to vote! You vote for who you want to be out of the game. You can vote based on the avatar not pertaining to the topic, the avatar not being as rare as others, and maybe just trying to vote someone out because they seem like a threat! You send the vote to the owner by neomailing them. It is EXTREMELY useful to make the title of the neomail the person you want to vote out.

Now, just like regular survivor, you can choose to make alliances, if you wish. You can neomail everybody you wish to have in your alliance and ask them to vote a certain way. It is completely to their discretion if they go along with the alliance, however! As the host, it is very exciting to see who is voting for whom, and who they’re making friends with on the board! In the case of a tie during a round, many do not know how to handle it. Some people continue on and do not eliminate anybody at all while others have some sort of contest. An easy and fair way to determine the winner of a tie is by picking a number between 1 and 20, then the two that tied neomail you their number, and whoever is closer wins the tie and continues onto the next round.

The next rounds are run the same way as the first, and will run much smoother than the others, until the last round. The last round will always involve two players, most hosts pick a very hard topic, such as wheels, or the host will make players explain why they are using their avatar and how it pertains to the topic. For example, if the topic is the least favorite avatars, somebody could post Emo Usuki and say, “This is my least favorite avatar because it’s ugly.” The voting process is completely different from the other rounds. The host, the players voted off, and the lurkers are the only players that can vote on the last round. The two players remaining may not vote for themselves. On the last round you vote for the player you want to WIN the round, not lose. And that is the extremely in-depth guide to playing avatar survivor!

I would like to remind everybody that giving out gifts to the winner isn’t allowed! I really hope you understand these games a little bit better, and know how to play and host them effectively! Don’t forget to stay nice, and make lots of new friends while playing! Happy playing, Chatters!

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