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In-Depth Guide to Training Your Neopet

by scalibur777


Battledome—So, you are flipping through the Battledome chat one day, to look for advice on a weapon, when you stumble across a topic that says “Challenge me!” You take a look inside, and the opponent’s pet looks easy enough to beat… but when you enter to battle, they destroy you. This is probably because the opponent had far better stats than your pet does.

How do these players get stats so high? How do they beat you with weapons that never worked for you? This guide to training your pet should help a bit :) You will never again ask how to train :P

Section 1- Why train?

Sure, you think training may be pointless, with your line-up of Hidden Tower and Smuggler’s Cove weapons. Well, you are quite wrong. Training has a substantial effect on how well you perform in the Battledome. A pet with high stats does more damage than a pet with lower stats, and can easily withstand more than other pets can dish out. Also, training is usually cheaper than the huge weapons (such as the Attack Peas, Monoceraptor Claws, and many other weapons that come out of the famed Hidden Tower). These weapons easily cost millions, while some effective training can make the cheaper weapons just as effective as the big ones. Also, there are many ways to train… there will always be at least 1 kind that can fit your budget.

Section 2- Training Methods

As stated previously, there are varied forms of training that may work for you. These will all be stated, along with approximate cost.

Method 1- Mystery Island Training School

This is probably one of the most effective methods of training, and one of the cheapest that doesn’t rely on luck. To use this school, you enroll your pet in a course and pay with Codestones. These codestones are mystical artifacts that can be found randomly throughout the site, or on the Shop Wizard/Auction House/Trading Post. There are multiple courses that are based on your pet’s level. To finish training here, you must go back to the school after the time is expended and press the button that says “Course finished” to raise the stat. You can train up to level 250 here.

WARNING: You may only use this method of training if your pet’s level is at least half of any of your pet’s stats. If any stat exceeds twice the level, you may not train stats unless you train your level first.

There are also the rare instances you will get a “Super Bonus”- The gaining of more than one point in the stat you wished to train. Don’t count on getting these constantly… they are very rare.

Course Type 1- Grasshopper

Level requirement: 20 or less

Cost: 1 randomly selected Codestone (Approx. 5,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 2 hours

Overall- Try the other school at this level… it’s slightly cheaper.

Course Type 2- Basic

Level requirement: 21-40

Cost: 2 randomly selected Codestones (Approx 10,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 3 hours

Overall- At this point, the Mystery Island School is cheaper. Use this if you have no other alternatives.

Course Type 3- Intermediate

Level requirement: 41-80

Cost: 3 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 15,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 4 hours

Overall- Here is good. Use this school if you have no other alternatives.

Course Type 4- Adept

Level requirement: 81-100

Cost: 4 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 20,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 6 hours

Overall- Since you can’t use the Krawk Island School (mentioned later) after level 40, this is your only Training School option.

Course Type 5- Advanced

Level requirement: 101-120

Cost: 5 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 25,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 8 hours

Overall- At this point, the training takes a while and is getting mildly expensive for 1 stat. Start to look into other alternatives…

Course Type 6- Expert

Level requirement: 121-150

Cost: 6 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 30,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 12 hours

Overall- Too long for 1 stat. Find another alternative at this point.

Course Type 7- Master

Level requirement: 151-200

Cost: 7 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 35,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 18 hours

Overall- Pointless training here at this level. Find another alternative, you’ll get more for less with more speed.

Course Type 8- Grand Master

Level requirement: 201-250

Cost: 8 randomly selected Codestones (Approx. 40,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 24 hours

Overall- Never train here at this point. Too expensive and takes too long.

There are also various types of Red Codestones… these have very different markings from the normal codestones. There are rumors that these allow you to train past level 250 at the School, but I believe these do nothing as of right now.

My verdict: Good for training at the earlier levels. As you get higher up, there are other alternatives.

Method 2- Krawk Island Swashbuckling Academy

This is the alternative to the Mystery Island Training School, for the lower level pets. The Academy is similar to the Training School in many ways, with a few exceptions-these being the max level for training here is 40, it takes Dubloons (The official currency of Krawk Island), and usually takes slightly longer than the other school. Once more, this is run on courses and you must press a finish button on the status page to finish. The same rule about level applies here. It is also possible to get a Super Bonus from this school.

Course Type 1- Sea Urchin

Level requirement: 10 or less

Cost: 1 Dubloon Coin (Approx. 4,500 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 4 hours

Overall- Slightly cheaper than the Training School, but takes double the time. Use this school at this level if you are a real cheapskate :P

Course Type 2-

Level requirement: 11-20

Cost: 2 Dubloon Coin (Approx. 4,500 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 6 hours

Overall- Same as the Sea Urchin course… cheapskates only :P

Course Type 3- Pirate

Level requirement: 21-30

Cost: 5 Dubloon Coin (Approx. 13,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 8 hours

Overall- Now this school is slightly more expensive than the other one. Do not use the Academy unless you have a lot of spare Dubloons and can use the Dubloon-O-Matic on Krawk Island to make a 5 Dub. Coin.

Course Type 4- Cap’n

Level requirement: 31-40

Cost: 5 Dubloon Coin (Approx. 13,000 NP)

Time used before training will be completed: 10 hours

Overall- Pointless training here at level 31-40. Too much for too little gained… and too much time wasted.

Only the preset Dubloon coin will pay for any particular Training course (As in for Pirate level, you must have the 5 Dubloon coin, not 2x Two Dubloons and a single 1 Dubloon. Also, the larger coins (10-1000) will not pay for training.

My verdict: Don’t use this school unless you have a boatload of dubloons.

Method 3- Negg Training

Everybody loves Neggs, right? :P As well as being an easy-to-sell Food item (And trading them in at the Neggery in the Ice Caves) there are certain Neggs that will raise stats. However, be forewarned that Neggs can get quite costly, so if you can save by using the Schools (and you don’t mind waiting) use those over Neggs. Any stat-raising Negg will bring your pet’s hunger down one level (Meaning if your pet is Bloated, you can’t use a Negg).

Negg Type 1- Cool Negg

Cost: 247 Negg Tokens or approx. 550,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1 level and 1-3 Strength, HP, and movement.

Overall: The best stat Negg out there. If you have the 500k to throw away (and the Training Schools are ineffective for you) I highly suggest getting one of these.

Negg Type 2- Faerie Queen Negg

Cost: 57 Negg Tokens or approx. 110,000-120,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1 Hit Point.

Overall: Not really worth it for the price. I don’t suggest getting one… there are other methods of getting 1 HP.

Negg Type 3- Ferocious Negg

Cost: 124 Negg Tokens or approx. 250,000-270,000 NP

Effects: Raises 2-4 Strength and gives your pet a random disease

Overall: Decent if you train in strength over the other stats. Most diseases are fairly cheap to cure (and the Healing Springs can eliminate it for free), so I think this is a worthwhile Negg.

Negg Type 4- Kaleideonegg

Cost: 52 Negg Tokens or approx. 100,000-130,000 NP

Effects: Same as the Lab Ray (Explained later).

Overall: Not worth it… just get the actual Lab Ray, where you can get the same effect every day for free.

Negg Type 5- Power Negg

Cost: 79 Negg Tokens or approx. 200,000-300,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1 Strength

Overall: Not worth it at all… same as the F. Queen Negg, but 3x as expensive.

Negg Type 6- Silver Knight Negg

Cost: 72 Negg Tokens or approx. 100,000-150,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1 defense.

Overall: Same as the Faerie Queen Negg and Power Negg… too expensive for too little gain. However, you may want to look into these if you solely Negg train… these are one of the few Neggs that raise defense.

Negg Type 7- Snegg

Cost: 126 Negg Tokens or approx. 270,000-300,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1-3 HP and 1-3 movement

Overall: Sort of pointless for the price… OK if you can’t afford a Cool Negg.

Negg Type 8- Spiked Negg

Cost: 195 Negg Tokens or approx. 470,000-500,000 NP

Effects: Raises 2-3 HP

Overall: Never get this Negg. Does less than the Cool Negg for almost the same price.

Negg Type 9- Super Negg

Cost: 210 Negg Tokens or approx. 350,000-450,000 NP

Effects: Raises 1 level, 1-3 HP, and 1-3 Movement.

Overall: Effective for those who don’t want to waste an extra 200k for a few more effects on the Cool Negg. Worthwhile:)

There are other Neggs that raise stats, but those stats have nothing to do with the Battledome.

My Verdict: It's good if you want to spend a few hundred thousand NP burning a hole in your bank and spend virtually no time on the training.

Method 4- Potions

Recently (with the release of the Kayla’s Potion Shop in Meridell) there has been a flood of stat-raising potions. These potions do not fill your pet, are oftentimes cheaper, but are sometimes less reliable than Neggs. Good for the person with a load of extra cash, restockers, but don’t want to spend extra for Neggs.

Potion Type 1- Essence of Drackonack

Cost: 70,000-100,000 NP

Effect: Raises 1-2 Strength

Reliability: About 25%

Overall: Not reliable enough. Just get Ferocious Neggs if you have this much to throw away.

Potion Type 2- Bomberry Elixir

Cost: 28,000 NP

Effect: Raises 1 Defense

Reliability: About 25%

Overall: One of the few potions that raise defense. Get these if you don’t want to buy S. Knight Neggs :P

Potion Type 3- Strength Serum

Cost: 250,000-300,000 NP

Effect: Raises 1-4 Strength

Reliability: 100%

Overall: Decent… if you RS one. Comparable to the Ferocious Negg… try these if you don’t like Neggs.

Potion Type 4- Kauvaras potion

Cost: 550,000-600,000 NP

Effect: Raises Level by 1, Defense by 1, Strength by 1, and HP by 2.

Reliability: 100%

Overall: Nice if you don’t feel like using Cool Neggs… also raises all the Battledome related stats. A very good buy.

Potion Type 5- Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

Cost: 120 Dubloons from the Smugglers Cove or 1,000,000-2,000,000 NP

Effect: Raises 2 levels, 2 HP, 2 Defense, and 2 Strength.

Reliability: 100%, KAUS ONLY

Overall: A worthless potion unless you Cove it. Other than that, too expensive for a Species-only stat raiser.

My Verdict: Too expensive for the effect. NEVER use these unless you RS one :)

Method 5- The Lab Ray

This is the quickest way to gain a huge amount of stats in a short time (without using 1-use items). After you assemble the entire Secret Laboratory Map (These can be bought separately at 60,000-70,000 NP a piece, the pieces can be found as a rare random event, or you could buy the map as a whole for 450,000-550,000 NP). After it is completed, you can visit the Secret Lab once-a-day and zap your pet with the Ray. It can have one of many effects-from stat raising/losing, changing your pet’s color, its species, even it’s gender. Average results from multiple sources are listed below…

Raise HP: 13%

Color Change: 13%

Raise Strength: 11.5%

Lose level: 10%

Raise Movement: 9.5%

Species and Color Change: 9%

Raise Defense: 6.5%

Gender Change: 6%

Raise Level: 5.5%

Lose Movement: 4%

Lose Strength: 4%

Species Change: 3%

Lose Defense: 2%

Lose HP: 1%

(Results courtesy of the iDB)

My Verdict: Great for people who don’t care about the appearance of their pet.

Method 6: Mushrooms

Back in the day, there was a shop in the Haunted Woods called The Apothecary that sold various magical items, among these being stat-raising Mushrooms. Unfortunately, the shop was removed. However, the Mushrooms still have their stat-boosting benefits… but since there is no way to circulate them from an infinite source anymore, they will be expensive. Use at the risk of your own pocketbook…

Mushroom Type 1- Level Up Shroom

Cost: Around 1,000,000

Effect: Raises 1 level.

Overall: Never touch this. You can easily get levels through Terror Trove Scratch cards for far cheaper than this particular Mushroom.

Mushroom Type 2- Mega Power Plusshroom

Cost: Around 250,000-300,000

Effect: Raises 1 level and Around 1 strength.

Overall: For the effect, this is actually cheaper than the Level Up Shroom. However, I suggest the Strength Serum or Ferocious Negg over this if you want Strength.

Mushroom Type 3- Purple Spotted Shroom

Cost: Around 70,000

Effect: Heals 3 HP, raises 1 strength, or raises 1 HP.

ORIGIN: Jhudora Quest #26

Overall: You may want to try one or two of these out if you have some cash to burn. Since they come from Jhudora, they will remain cheap (Unlike the other mushrooms).

Mushroom Type 4- Strength Shroom

Cost: Around 1,500,000

Effect: Raises 1-3 strength.

Overall: This has the exact same effect as a Strength Serum for 5 times the cost. NEVER buy one of these, ever.

My Verdict: Mushrooms are far too expensive to use for so little stat increase. Try one of the cheaper alternatives: Potions, Neggs, or just about any other method over these.

Method 7-Miscellaneous Methods

Besides the basic ways of guaranteed stat increase, there are other random things you can do to increase your stats. These are 100% random, but usually have a very low cost, or even free.

Misc. Method 1- Coltzan's Shrine

Cost: Free

Effect: May do nothing, give you a Two Dubloon Coin, give you some Lost Desert food, a Coltzan's Gem, a Serf Lens, or one point of strength, defense, movement, or HP (Unconfirmed).

Usage: Once every 12 hours

Overall: Completely free, but quite random. I still suggest using this every 12 hours though (Because it is free).

Misc. Method 2- Kitchen Quest

Cost: The combined cost of any items the Chef asks you for.

Effect: May give you a random around of Neopoints, an item, or one of any stat.

Usage: Up to 10 times a day

Overall: An OK way to possibly raise stats. Do any quest that would cost you less than the Training School would cost you for any one stat. If the cost of this is above that, don’t do Kitchen Quests.

Misc. Method 3- Muntando Fruit

Cost: Around 15,000 NP

Effect: Has a random chance of raising your pet 1 HP.

Usage: Once per Fruit

Overall: Too random of a method, although not horrendously expensive. As per Mushrooms, try these out if you need some HP and have a huge wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket.

Misc. Method 4- Uber Faerie Quests

Cost: Cost of the asked item

Effect: Has Depends on Faerie:

Water: Raises 2 defense (Required item: Books)

Fire: Raises 2 strength (Required item: clothing)

Light: Raises 1 level (Required item: Trading Cards)

Dark: Raises 2 HP (Required item: Toys)

Air: Raises 2 Movement (Required item: Beauty Supplies)

Queen: Raises 1 level, 3 strength, and 3 HP (required item: Random)

Space: Raises 4 levels (Required item: Random)

Usage: When asked to do a quest

Overall: Oftentimes, a cheap way to train stats. Try to do these if you can.

Added Note: There are 2 more types of Faeries that have effects not pertaining to stats: Earth and Fountain. The Earth Faerie fills your pet to “Bloated” and cures any disease it may have (She asks for magic items). The Fountain Faerie allows you to paint your pet any color at the Rainbow Fountain (She asks for random items). I suggest you do the Fountain Quests, but not Earth ones.

Misc. Method 5- Pocket Lab Ray

Cost: Around 9,000,000 NP

Effect: A weapon that when used, can change your pet’s HP, color, and Species.

Usage: Breakable!

Overall: Don’t try to use this on your opponents, as it has a high chance of breaking and you’d be down 9-10 million NP. However, if you got one from the Smugglers Cove and want to Lab train your pet, find a trusted friend and allow him to use a Sticky Hand on the Ray and have him/her use it on you.

Misc. Method 6- Fake Von Roo Fangs

Cost: Around 2,300,000 NP

Effect: Has around a 2% chance of draining a level off your opponent and giving it to you.

Usage: Breakable!

Overall: As per the Pocket Lab, this weapon is too risky to use on others. However, if you want to take levels off yourself (For cheaper training at the Schools), allow a trusted friend to Sticky Hand the Fangs and use them on you.

Added note: When the Fangs break, it will automatically drain a level off your opponent.

Misc. Method 7- Scratch Cards

Cost: (Depends on Card, but 600 NP from Ice Caves kiosk and 1200 NP from the Deserted Fairgrounds Kiosk)

Effect: Has around a 4% chance (Divided by number of your pets) of giving your pet a level.

Usage: One effect per card.

Overall: Possibly the cheapest way to train levels, even though the chance is small. However, only use the Terror Trove Scratchcard to train for levels.

I hope this guide has taught you a thing or two about training your pet… so don’t ask me anymore x.x

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