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Velm: Hero or Traitor in Disguise?

by ladyofthexweetoks


Imagine this. One of your pets slips a note under your door saying that he/she will be spending the day playing Neoquest II and 'earning money for the family.' You chuckle to yourself and go to sit down inside your Neohome. It's almost morning when your pet returns, and you find something different about it. Then you spot him; Velm, the famous Techo healer from Neoquest II, clutching your precious Neopet and demanding your neopoints for its release.

Velm has grabbed almost all the attention of any Neoquest II player. He is more important than Rohane, Mipsy, or Talinia, or so his reputation goes. But let's take a moment and swing our chair away from Neoquest II and your Velm obsession for a moment. Why does Velm get all the attention? He seems to be holding the top trophy, when everyone down below are of the same importance.

Why is this? You wonder.

I will tell you, but it may shock you out of your Velm fanship. Are you braced up against a wall with a bag in your right hand?

Velm is a traitor.

You heard me. A traitor. He joins you because you are well-known, powerful, and have goals of saving Neopets. There is a glint in his eye because he sees world fame. Now think harder. A healer. If he falls, there is a chain reaction. He makes sure that the team depends on him so he is protected. He can sit back and relax while the other team members fight to protect him while he lazily casts spells to heal them.

That doesn't sound like a team player, does it?

I have gone to interview my starry Shoyru, Diarianna, who has been hooked on Neoquest II until she met Velm. She quickly flipped the game off, grabbed her neopoints, and ran home when she read about Velm in a Neopian Times issue.

"So, Diarianna, what really made you turn of Neoquest II?" I ask. Diarianna doesn't turn her head from reading her A New Day book.

"I quit it because he snatches all the attention. 'Velm, cure me!' He has all the players and characters rolling at his sticky little feet!"

"Well, he is very famous because--"

"Because he is the 'most important part of the team.' Talinia rules," she added, slightly smiling. I was temporarily lost in thoughts about Talinia until Diarianna closed her book. "So, you want a story? Well, there I was playing Neoquest II, nodding my head and cheering as Velm healed my team. As Memories (My Christmas Kougra) handed me the Neopian Times issue she had snatched from the Safety Deposit Box, and as I read it and glanced at my game every now and then, then I fell upon this article about Velm's greatness. How he is the best character in the whole game, the healer, the lifeline!"

There was a small, "Hey, gimme my Neoquest II Velm plushie back, Evergreen! He's the most expensive plushie! I spent a lot of my Neoquest II earnings on him!" My two pets, Memories and nicknamed Evergreen, were fighting over Memories's home-made Velm plushie.

Diarianna looked at the doorway. "And he is the most treasured plushie."

I nodded and quickly wrote down what Diarianna had said. Diarianna giggled, "Besides, Talinia is so much more cooler! She is an archer, a loyal Eyrie--"

I slipped out of the room as Diarianna talked about Talinia. What can I say, she's a big fan of Talinia! And I will admit I am too.

Well, back to the problem at hand. Now can you see what Velm is really made of? We have revealed his true colors, indeed?

Now I believe everyone will see what a threat Velm really is. But Neopia has not gone beyond the point of no return! All we have to do is simply let Velm's greatness lessen a little. A little per person is enough. Then Velm will be right down there with the whole team, and there we can rest peacefully knowing that Velm will not continue to overthrow Neopia with his fans by his side.

But for those who still stubbornly say, "But Velm is the best of the best! The most loyal of the most loyal! No one is better!" I can only offer one piece of advice, and that is getting another pets' opinion. Surely you love your pets and want them to be safe, yes?

Then let me see if I can find my major Velm fan that I am currently treating: my Red Xweetok, who we call Dex (his real name is far too long to pronounce). I pull a key out of my pocket and turn the lock on a steel door, then carefully step inside my treatment room. There's Dex, staring at a picture of Velm on the wall. I tapped him on the forehead.

He turned towards me with big eyes. "Velm is the best, Lady! And I'm his number one fan! Of course you aren't going to turn me away from his awesomeness!" Then he returned to staring at the picture.

I sighed. Clearly Dex had a severe Velm obsession. I reluctantly pulled down the picture and smashed it on the ground. Dex shrieked, "But that was Velm's portrait! Oh, Velm! Don't go into the light!"

As you can see, Velm obsession can really hurt your pet. You have a wonderful Velm plate and then one day you bump into the table and it crashes onto the ground. Your poor pet will then go crying into its room and likely won't ever come out unless you get more Velm in the house.

Then I pulled out a keychain with a picture of Mipsy on it and handed it to Dex. He snatched it from my hand and examined it. "Who is this?" he asked, sniffing at the toy.

"That's Mipsy. She's a heroine from Neoquest."

"Mipsy? Mip-sy?"

I nodded. "Mipsy. That's right. She casts spells and can do a huge amount of damage with her famous spell Obliterate!"

Dex looked interested in Mipsy. My heart felt light as I bid farewell to my Xweetok and closed the door. Hopefully Mipsy would sink in and I could let Dex out of the room without having to worry about him going into stores and stealing anything that had the letters V, E, L, or M in them.

There you have it. Several cases of Neopets that have either completely anti-Velmed themselves or have a huge obsession. So help your pets, and protect them from total Velm obsession!

Do not blame this article for any severe damage to your Velm items that may follow after reading this to your pets.

My first article! And yes, I am a BIG Talinia fan! :P Happy Neoquesting!

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