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by iloenchen


How often do you travel to Kreludor? When asked this question, most people will offer a reply similar to ‘once or twice a month’, or maybe even less. I understand. Why would anybody want to travel all the way to Kreludor more often? Not only is it far away from Neopia, there is not much to see there either. A few people have built their houses on the moon; you can buy a snack at the Café Kreludor or insert a token into the Neocola Machine. If you decide to explore the small planet, you get chased away by a robot from the Mining Corporation, or if you’re lucky, you find a meteor, but that’s about it. Not many reasons to travel to Kreludor, right?

Wrong. Besides the places listed above, there’s one more that is worth going to. Hidden in a corner of the orange complex, you can find the Booktastic Book Shop. Once you enter, an orange Grundo clad in yellow clothes will greet you. His name is Bernard and not only does he own the shop and carefully selects all the books he sells, he has also founded the Booktastic Book Club.

Yes, you heard correctly. For pets that have read many Booktastic Books, Bernard has started a club where they can get together, discuss their favourite books and also get awards if they are among the pets that have read most Booktastic Books. The leading pet has currently read 82 books, which might not seem that much but is still impressive considering the size of the shop.

The first thing you will notice upon looking around that is how small the shop is. You will not find as many products as you might expect from a book shop. Only 89 different books are sold here so browsing through the different titles won’t take you too long, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough choice. Even if you’re picky, you will surely find something to your likening among the Booktastic Books. You don’t believe me? Well, read on and I will help you find the perfect book for your pet.

Does your pet like to read captivating novels? When the Neopian Times comes out, do they always read the short stories and series first? Then you should definitely take a look at Yesterdays Future, The Happy Orange Grundo or Attack On Kreludor. The latter is a high technology book that does not contain pages but instead consists of a small monitor and buttons that you can press to advance through the text. I’d also like to recommend Galactic Adventures, a short story collection about Grundos, as well as its sequel, Galactic Adventures II, which contains stories that are sure to make your pet laugh out loud when reading them.

If stories do not interest your pet because they prefer to spend their day in the kitchen baking cakes, you might want to check out the large variety of cookbooks that Bernard sells. Now that summer is approaching fast, the Kreludan Cookiebook might be the right choice for you. If your pet doesn’t like reading a cookbook while breaking their eggs at the same time, you should try Kreludan Recipes, a book that will talk them through the recipe as they’re preparing their meal. Cooking has never been that easy! 105 Lava Cake Recipes will help your pet choose the right cake to make for their best friend’s birthday and in summer, when it’s time to harvest Kreluberries, they can find out what to do with them in the Kreluberry Cookbook.

On the other hand, if your pet’s rice is always too salty, their biscuits hard as stone and you are looking for a way to keep them as far away from the kitchen as possible, you should try buying Computing the Kreludan Way. After only a few weeks, your pet will be able to write their own programs and therefore be too busy programming to even think about cooking. Practical Repairs will help them fix the door that always gets stuck or repair the hole in the ceiling and combined with Kreludan Home Decorating, your neohome will look more fashionable than it ever has before. You will find your pets staying at home more often because they feel more comfortable in their new environment and neighbours will come over to watch your new lamp construction and find out how to get one of their own.

None of the above interests your pet? They’d rather spend money on something useful, like the latest Battledome equipment? Maybe you can still catch their interest with Defend Yourself. They could learn some new moves that will help them win their next fight. Not only does Bernard sell books that help your pet learn how to fight, he also has special offers that teach them how to use those powers. The Neopet V2 Guide to Revenge is only one of them, the Handy Guide to Neopian Domination another. Be careful when giving them to your pet, though; you don’t want Dr. Sloth to show up at your door one day because they invited him to make a plan for taking over Neopia.

The above is only a small selection of what the Booktastic Book Shop has to offer and there are many other titles about interesting subjects like physics or protection from meteors. As you can see, everybody will find something to their liking on Kreludor. There might not be that many Booktastic Books, but the 89 that exist cover a wide range of topics and will make nearly every pet happy.

Plus, the Booktastic Book Shop is one of the few places where you can get rarity 100 items. Yes, you’ve heard correctly. Nine of those books have the highest rarity that restocks in shops. They might be difficult to find, but once you get your hands upon one, you will be able to show off the copy everywhere and make all your friends and neighbours jealous.

Not to mention that reading books makes your pets more intelligent. Who wants their pets to be dumb? Booktastic Books, with their wide variety of subjects they touch, will help your pets to get a basic education and learn everything they need to know to succeed in life.

So what are you still waiting for? Travel to Kreludor, find Bernard and the Booktastic Book Shop, buy a copy and maybe we’ll meet each other in the Booktastic Book Club one day.

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