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Tips and Tricks for Solving Arguments

by tinybaby_orange1


Santie: When does it start? I’m getting bored!

Yoko: Yeah, me too! I’m more bored than Santie!

Santie: Are not! I’m the most bored!

Oh shush up you two, I can’t have you interrupting and fighting throughout the whole article! I’m TRYING to write!

Yoko: Oops, sorry mom!

OK, now hush; I’m going to start.

Welcome, fellow Neopians! Sorry for the, err, scene above, sometimes my Neopets just WON’T stop fighting! It’s over the silliest things too, who gets to eat the green jelly, why do you get to play with the Fuzzles first, how come he gets to play hide and seek and not me? Sometimes I just don’t understand it!

Yoko: Hey! We never say that!

Santie: Well, at least I don’t.

Yoko: Do too!

Hey! Guys! I’m trying to write here!

Both: Sorry!


I’m sure you’ve all had some troubles with your pets, maybe not as big as mine, but no ones perfect right? So, in order to help all those first pet newbies (and all you older Neopians too) I’ve created the owners dream:

Tips and Tricks for Solving Arguments

Yes! Yes! Thank you! Thank you! I know I’m a genius!

Santie: Your not THAT smart.

Hey!! Anyway, on with the article.

Tips For The Newbie Owner

You’re excited. You’re happy. You’ve just created your-

Yoko: Us pets prefer ADOPTED to Created!

Fine, You’ve just ADOPTED your first neopet! Maybe it’s a cute little Aisha, or a Grarrl destined for the Battledome. No matter what pet you have, the first pet will be your little baby, your darling, cutie pie, itsy bitsy-

Yoko: Moooooom! Come on! You’re embarrassing me!

Santie: Ha ha!

Sorry honey! So, you love your pet. You play games with them, buy them toys and books, and always remember to keep them bloated! But the day comes when you feel you are ready to adopt another pet. The day when you know you want your neopet to experience the joy of being an older brother or sister.

Yoko: It’s not THAT fun! I should know!

Santie: You’re mean! Mom! Yoko’s being mean!


*sigh* Now, I know that this day doesn’t come for all of us, after having one pet many owners feel that one is all they need! But, for the most part, we enjoy watching our Neopets play with their siblings!

So, you make your way to the adoption center, or click on Create A Pet (sorry guys), and choose yet another little bundle of joy.

You bring home your new born neopet, and introduce him or her to his older brother or sister, than leave the two to play.

Now, there are two different scenarios that can happen at this time. The good and the bad

#1: The Good

You go to the kitchen of your Neohome to grab a can of Neocola. You can hear giddy laughter and joyful chatting going on in the next room.

When you peek in, you two, wonderful pets are playing with some Usukis, when the youngest finally manages to dress the purple haired one in a skiing outfit, and the eldest reaches over and gives his little sibling a big hug! AWWWW!!

#2: The Bad

You go to the kitchen of your Neohome to grab a can of Neocola. You hear the sounds of children playing and smile to yourself.

But, when you look into the room, the elder sibling picks up a Usuki doll and throws it at the baby! The baby immediately starts crying and picks up another Usuki to hit her sibling with!

Yoko: Hey! She’s talking about us! No fair!

Santie: What do you mean US? I would never hit you with a Usuki…I only use Fuzzles!

You dash into the room and confiscate all the dolls, much to the complaint of both Neopets. After sending them both to their rooms, and sigh a sigh of anger, and distress. Are you a bad owner? Or are the Neopets just too violent?

Fear not new owners! You are NOT a bad owner! Your Neopets are NOT too violent! It is normal for Neopets to argue occasionally, but sometimes you will have to take control and split up the battling pets.

The best way to control fighting Neopets is to speak calmly, don’t yell! Make sure both Neopets know why they are being punished, and separate them so as not to encounter further arguments.

If the fighting continues, punishment may be in order, the best thing to do is-

Yoko: Hey! Stop telling everyone how to punish us! I’m gonna have no friends if this gets published!

Santie: He’s right, this article is too helpful!

You guys just stop it, or you’ll have no Meerca Chase for a week!

That’s a good example of a fair punishment. Taking away a favourite game or activity for a short amount of time can often help teach your pets a lesson! Isn’t that right guys??

Both: Yes Mom!

See? Another thing to do is assign extra chores to the neopet causing trouble!

Tips For the Experienced Owner

Some of us just want to share the love, and feel the need to have three, or even four pets. I for one have four, Yoko and Santie (who you’ve already met) and Cutey and Swinger, who are both playing outside. My eldest two are Yoko and Cutey; they get along fine, since they are close in age.

The age difference is a good thing to consider when ADOPTING pets. Neopets very close in age will often get along better.

By the time you have four pets, you often forget to buy new books, toys, or occasionally food, because it is much easier (and less expensive) to shop for one neopet, rather than four.

Always remember to feed and pay attention to each of your Neopets. The most important rule in being and owner is DON’T CHOOSE FAVOURITES! Some people consider painting some pets and not painting others choosing a favourite, but there is a difference!

Here is an example of choosing favourites:

Owner: Hmm, I think I will buy some new plushies for my pet Bob. Hmm…these are most expensive, and they are cool, so I will buy them.

Jim: But mom, I want some new toys! Bob always gets new toys!

Owner: Oh shush up Jim! I bought you a new toy last year, and Bob is older so he deserves more things!

Yoko: Wow, I wish my life were like that!

Santie: I don’t!

There you have it! That owner (who by the way does not exist) was choosing a favourite! She was buying more things for Bob (again, not a real neopet) because he was older, and ignore Jim (not real).

Make sure you always treat your Neopets fairly and equally! They are all the same, but all unique! If you treat your Neopets with love and kindness, they will have no reason to fight…although, even the nicest owner can’t make their Neopets perfect. All siblings are bound to argue every once and a while! Why, if they didn’t, it wouldn’t be human!

Cutey (runs inside): MOM! Swinger fell out of the tree again!

Oh shoot! I really got to run! I hope you take my advice! The most important thing to remember in being an owner is: Love your Neopets, and they will love you back!

(Oh, and also, never let your newborn Mynci climb that big oak tree! You don’t want another trip to the hospital do you?)

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