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Lennies: They Just Want To Be Loved

by sylviau


Stereotyped as the smartest neopet in Neopia, this neopet often spends hours in the library. But don't be fooled, the Lenny's brain capacity allows it calculate your moves before you even make them.

Lennies. What is a Lenny? A Lenny is a bird-like, winged neopet. Most commonly red, when featured on the site. They have a vast capacity of intelligence, so in other words, they are SMART! But then again, hehe, I started buying MY Lenny (ducky_u) all those books BEFORE I found out that they were a very intellectual species.

Now Lennies aren’t the most popular pet. In fact, they are the third least-popular, non-limited edition pet. With only over 1,450,000 ever created, as opposed to the Shoyru, which has over 15,000,000 and every time I refresh there are more!!! And I am PROUD to say that I am the owner of one of those 1,450,000 or so Lennies. (PROUD, I SAY).

So now here is the description of Lennies that you will find if you go to create a pet: “The Lenny is a highly intelligent and curious bird. In time they can learn to master many forms of magic and use their cunning to outwit any opponents.”

Notable Lennies:

Through the worlds of Neopia, many famous Lennies frolic about. Here are five awesome Lennies that you probably know about (or should anyway).

Finneus: This is a very old male Lenny, who comes from Altador. He is a member of the Altadorian council, and was very helpful to everyone in the Altador plot. He is known for always having a meepit plushie around, he keeps a whole box of them stashed somewhere...

Finneus also has his very own window and stamp: Finneus Stained Glass Window and Finneus Stamp. And he is the Lenny Conundrum Wizard's uncle.

Lenny Conundrum Wizard: This male, red Lenny is the mastermind behind the riddles in Lenny Conundrum, the game many love to play for the challenge, the trophy, the avatar, and the 1,000,000 NP prize pool. He appeared in the Altador plot as well.

This Lenny also has his own items. The Lenny Conundrum Bobblehead and Lenny Conundrum Plushie. But doesn’t have his own neopedia article yet. *Pokes TNT*

Lenny Curator: This male, Tyrannian Lenny operates the museum that contains all of Tyrannia’s history. He comes from Tyrannia, and proves that even Tyrannians can have museums. Smarts for Tyrannian Lennies are no exception.

This Lenny has his own collectable card and TCG card, but doesn’t have a Neopedia article. *Pokes TNT*

Lightning Lenny: This male Lenny is a member of DoN (Defenders of Neopia) the awesome team that is called upon when trouble strikes. He comes Neopia Central, and has, as his name might suggest, superneopian speed. It is truly an honour to stand in his presence.

As far as I know there are no items featuring him; he doesn’t even have his own neopedia page. *gasp* *pokes TNT*

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shopkeeper: This Lenny, as you may have noticed, runs the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow shop on Terror Mountain, which, if you haven’t guessed, sells... cold stuff. He comes from Terror Mountain and is not featured anywhere else other than this shop. (No plots, etc.)

He doesn’t have any items, but there is the special silver never-going-to-be-sold-in-shops-again: Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop Card.

Well, there you have it, all the Neopian Lennies. Now all I have to say about that is that there aren’t any FEMALE famous Lennies, *pokes TNT* and that TNT needs to update the old characters, and give them some more items. ^^

But wait! There is also a red Lenny by the name of Panari in NeoQuest 2. You'll know her if you ever take the time to talk to your NeoQuest characters.

Now here are some Lenny facts that I’ve researched:

  • Lennies can only be painted 36 colours.
  • They cannot be painted glowing, snow, Maraquan, grey, electric, desert or disco, which are some of the most popular colours.
  • There are only 14 Lenny plushies and 3 magical ones.
  • There are 5 Lenny avatars.

During the Daily Dare Challenge of November 2007, November 26th 2007 to be exact, AAA gave out split Lenny morphing potions as one of the prizes. On that day, many got them, and morphed their pets for an avatar. This means that there would be a lot more Lennies running around the place; users would rather have a painted Lenny than an unpainted neopet. I as well morphed my Lenny to split; since he was already a Lenny, a colour change couldn’t hurt. And ducky_u was really pleased afterwards when I gave him a split background and kreludan grundo slippers to match his new colour. And now our special guest for this article, a real live Lenny: ducky_u! ...Here to let me interview him!.... Uh, ducky_u, you can come in now.

“But I was in here the whole time.”

Well, it seems like I haven’t noticed my own Lenny, sitting behind the curtain, reading a book. “So will you do this interview?”

“Sure, let’s start.”

Sylvia: “What does it feel like to be a Lenny?”

Ducky_u: “What do you expect me to say? What’s it like being a human?”

Sylvia: “Uhm, yeah, next question. “Why did you take such an interest in books?”

Ducky_u: “I saw you reading on the couch for three hours straight. I figured there must be something more to it than just a bunch of words.”

Sylvia: “Is there more to it than that?”

Ducky_u: “You know that. But I suppose you want a Lenny’s opinion on books?”

Sylvia: *stares*

Ducky_u: “It’s this incredible feeling; you’re being taken into somebody else's world. The thrill of mystery, the bone chilling feeling of horror, the exhilarating feeling, as if you were flying. Exploring new and exotic lands, while never even leaving the room. The world of books gives you an escape when you need to get out of your present lives.” *shifty eyes*

Well, that’s a Lenny’s opinion on books. Here are other Lenny opinions:

Sylvia: “Does it sadden you that there aren’t that many Lennies in Neopia?”

Ducky_u: “It depends on how you look at it. Some may just say we’re unpopular, but you could also say that it takes a great person to love and cherish a Lenny for who they are, and to love them unconditionally, not for looks, which proves how few of these Neopians there are. And there wouldn’t be enough books for all those Lennies anyway; do Shoyrus consume twenty books a day?”

Sylvia: “Also, what do you plan on doing in the future?”

Ducky_u: “I plan to enter the Pet Spotlight, preferably near Lenny day, and enter the Beauty Contest. I might not come in first overall, but that doesn’t mean I can’t come in first in species. I’ll also enter Snarly, my petpet in the spotlight; nobody thought that snarhooks were the prettiest petpet, but look at him now. That elegant paint job; he’s unrecognizable, the rich Maraquan colour, that beautiful radiance...” *shifty eyes*

I’d like to take this time to apologize to all innocent TNT bystanders about the poking, it’s nothing personal.

Well there you have it, some facts about Lennies, and famous Neopians to go with them. Just remember, Lennies want to be loved as well; they’re neopets too after all, and should be treated with the same amount of respect as any other pet. I hope you learned a valuable lesson today, because all Neopians should be ones that respect Neopia and its inhabitants, because we’re living in their world, and I’ve just shown you the world, through a Lenny’s eyes.


I hope you enjoyed this article; all neomails are now officially openly accepted for one of the first times. No TNT staffers were hurt in the writing of this article. Also, just a fact, this article was originally started before Lenny Day '08. It didn't get finished in time, so we're really hoping it gets in!

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