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The Secret of the Giant Omelette

by aliiwa


You know the drill. Every morning, you and your neopet go off to Tyrannia to grab some omelette. Maybe you go to some nonexistent place and get some jelly, too. And some mornings, Coltzan decides to give you Lost Desert food. But have you ever wondered the secret behind the huge egg cooking in Tyrannia? Sure, they say a giant dinosaur laid it and it started to bake, but hey! We all know that Grarrls have always been the biggest dinosaurs... *cough* according to them, that is. So each Grarrl in Neopia that we have interviewed took the liberty to tell us that no, that is not how the Giant Omelette got there. For example, after a grueling round of Cellblock with Galgarrath, my Grundo and I asked him if he knew anything about the Giant Omelette. Of course, at first he just gave us death glares, but he finally cracked and merely said this:

"Do you ever read the text below the picture?"

Suspicious, no? It wasn’t surprising that a frequent Cellblock player gave us a riddle.

Now, at first it seemed like he was trying to say "read between the lines," but the Darigan air had gotten to his head so he messed up the catchy phrase. But upon later inspection, we found the meaning of his answer. Did you ever notice that while the story of the Omelette claims that a giant dinosaur laid it hundreds of years ago, it also says that a new egg will reappear when the other is gone? Well, the biggest dinosaurs left now are Grarrls-- or maybe a certain jelly Chomby after it's eaten a lot...in the game that doesn't exist. And neither does that jelly Chomby. *cough* Anyways! The point is, no dinosaur of today’s Neopia could lay an egg that size. Even the Grarrls will admit they can’t lay something that size. So what is the secret?

We decided to search Neopia for one more Grarrl who seemed like they’d know the inside scoop. There was one battling in the Tyrannian Arena, but neither I nor my neopet felt like bothering it when it was in the zone. No Grarrls were playing in the Concert Hall that day. After trekking to the jungle, the Grarrl running Keno didn’t want to talk to us. It seemed that there was nobody else who might know the secret of the Giant Omelette. Then it hit me—let’s ask one of the Tyrannian elders! There, we found Grarrg bragging about his accomplishments as Battle Master. Luckily, Sabre-X was off duty, because he was guarding the Omelette. This meant we could freely talk about the Omelette in the Town Hall without worrying about getting in trouble! We approached Grarrg so we could ask some questions.

“Grarrg,” I had asked, “do you know anything about the Giant Omelette?”

He snorted. “Of course. But Sabre-X is the genius when it comes to that. Have you tried asking him?”

My neopet and I paused. We were worried that Sabre-X would get angry—but why would he? We were just asking questions. So off we went, straight to the source. We made our way... to the omelette.

We approached Sabre-X carefully. He looked angry. My neopet and I had already gotten our piece of omelette for the day, so we wouldn’t want him thinking we were trying to take another piece. That always seems to get Sabre-X very, very mad.

“Sabre-X?” I started. “Do you know where the Giant Omelette really came from?”

He glared at me, then answered. “The first Giant Omelette was the result of a huge egg baking in the sun, that was laid by an enormous dinosaur.” He paused. “But you two seem like you know that’s not why it’s here today.”

My Grundo and I nodded quickly.

“Well,” Sabre-X continued, “after the first Omelette disappeared, we had to make sure a new omelette replaced it. If not, all of Tyrannia would go hungry. So we had to—”

Sabre-X stopped short and howled. Me and my Grundo backed up and looked around frantically. What had happened? Sabre-X was licking his back ankle... a tiny bite mark had just been made! But the culprit was nowhere to be found. Nobody saw who did it, and nobody saw where they went. My neopet and I decided we would have to go and investigate ourselves.

After walking past Sabre-X towards the back of the omelette, my neopet and I scanned the area. Was there a secret trap door? Maybe a giant oven? Or maybe... was Bonju hiding here, cooking the omelette all along?!

Nope, I didn't see any of those things. Neither did my neopet. But behind the Giant Omelette, we saw something very, very strange. It was... Tyrannian petpets working? An Angelpuss and a Doglefox chased after each other, a Noil snarled at the other pets, and a Babaa-- well, the Babaa just sat there looking grumpy. But one thing they all had in common. They were cooking! Spyders carrying around the eggs, a Bearog trying to balance a spatula on its many heads, and a Kadoatie just eating the omelette almost as fast as it was being made. (No wonder they always seem to be asking for eggs. Kad feeders, did you ever wonder why there were always some leftover eggs after you fed them? They probably brought the leftovers back to the omelette.)

Was this the secret? Sabre-X was forcing petpets to do the work? He did look pretty shady, come to think of it, but would he really resort to forcing poor petpets to work for him? That was probably why he had howled before. He didn’t want to have to tell us the truth, so he pretended he was being attacked!

But then we saw the real culprit. The real mastermind who ordered these poor petpets around, forcing them to cook all day and all night. It was a Tyrannian meep--


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